Kuro No Maou – Chapter 7

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Chapter 7 – Freedom

From the time I came to this hellish magical world, this was my first experience of sleeping so deeply. After killing a boy similar to me during the maneuvering experiment, I indifferently kept watching without returning to my self-consciousness as my body faced various experiments daily.

That is why I didn’t feel anything even when many other experimented boys and girls were done in by these hands. But this faint overlooking consciousness would soon disappear as my deep sleep continued, and I thought my memories of Kurono Maou would also disappear.

Still, the pain, the agony and killing of similar humans was beyond my limit of tolerance. Slowly disappearing like this was in fact what I wished for.

I have had enough. I cannot return to where I was once. I can’t even remember the faces of my parents anymore. All that comes in my mind are the faces of geezer and the masked men wearing that cross and the monsters and other experiments I had killed.

That is why it’s fine now. If I disappear now I’ll be at ease. There is no need to further cling to this any longer—-

And, it was the moment I had given it all up inside my faint consciousness.


With a thunderous sound, and shocks as if the heaven and the earth were overturned, my consciousness rapidly came back.


The moment I woke up, I was on the usual hard floor.

But, my head was clearer than ever before, the usual haziness inside my brain and consciousness had completely disappeared. ‘Feeling refreshed’ maybe felt like this?

My self-consciousness returned after a long time, my head is clear, blood and magic both were circulating smoothly, and strength filled my whole body.

“This is…….the lab?”

I must have fallen down from the pedestal in the centre. How did it happen was unknown, but the other 2 masked men had also fallen to the floor.

Did they have an accident during an experiment?

I obviously don’t have any obligation to help these guys at all. As I looked around the room while wondering what to do, a certain thing caught my eyes.

I had only seen it once but I soon understood what it was.

“The white…ring……”

The item with 7 needles which had forced me into absolute submission. The item which once attached, can never be removed was lying in front of me.

I slowly touched my head with my hand. No matter how much I carefully felt around, all that I could feel was my hair and my scalp.

“Not here……….the ring, it’s not here.”

Naturally, the ring in front of me was the one that had been attached to my head up till now.

“Ha, hahahaha– –“

The ring was not connected to my head.

The one thing restraining me didn’t exist anymore. Before I realized, the ring in my hand had already been crushed by my hand.

“ahahahahaha! I am free!!”

That’s right, if I am free, I don’t have to obediently die anymore!

Maybe due to my excited shouting, the 2 masked men had started getting up using the wall as support.

I approached the masked man near me,

“What, no.49—-“

Whether realizing the situation or not, he raised his voice towards me.

“Don’t call me by that name.”

With my left I grabbed his collar and lifted him up.

“guha,ha, st, stop it…….no.49……..”

“My name is—-“

I raised my right hand.

My condition is perfect. Black magical power instantly focused in my right hand.

“—Kurono Maou!!!”

With all my might I released my Pile Bunker on that annoying white mask.

Without even raising a single voice, his head was smashed to pieces and he became a headless corpse.

“What are you doing no.49?!”

The other mask came running towards me.

Even if he didn’t raise his voice, I could clearly feel his presence. Dealing with him was not a problem.

The masked man tried to stab me with a syringe made of glass as I caught it with my left arm.


Stealing the syringe just like that, I held it in a reverse grip and took a stance.


Aiming the nape of the neck I slammed the syringe there.

Maybe I hit a blood vessel, but the poisonous looking liquid inside the syringe was completely injected inside him.


Holding his neck, the man groaned and fell back on the floor again.


Already materialized near my finger, I fire the black bullet on his forehead. With a splash, blood and brains spread all over the floor and the masked man was dead. Since I didn’t know what that liquid was, I would have been troubled he revived after getting stronger like me after all.

“Well then—- I don’t know what’s going on but this is a chance for me.”

The absolute restraints of ring don’t exist anymore. On top it, thanks to the experiments they did on me I have become strong enough to kill even a dragon.

Also, the taboo of murder, though unknowingly, I have already committed. I have absolutely no hesitation while killing these white masked bastards. I was easily able to kill these 2. Just researchers alone would never be able to stop me.

You reap what you sow. The ones who made me into such a monster was them after all. Now that I am free, there is nothing that can stop me from getting out of here.

“Let’s do this!!”

Shouting my usual words to cheer up, I broke through the door—-


“——Even though I told you to be careful during the baptism so many times!!”

An angry roar resounds in the conference room.

“Bu, but, the restraint measures were taken as prescribed. He should have been completely powerless.”

“Could the drug resistance be higher than we thought…………?”

“Due to the earthquake, he must have regained his consciousness while the baptism was interrupted.”

“Then call all the guards and capture him!!”

The one who shouted that was the Priest. He came to the conclusion that all the guards must be used to capture no.49 who held a high amount of black magic.

“My humble apologies your highness, the situation is critical, please proceed to evacuation—“

“Calm down Priest-dono, did you not realize why a Cardinal like me came without even a single guard?”

Ars himself knew that the experiment no.49, who had gone out of control, held a high amount of power able to defeat many monsters. But still, he was not worried about a power of ‘that level’.


The Senior Priest looked towards Sariel who was standing beside Ars. He realized the intention behind Ars’ words.

“But this all sue to our mismanagement. We cannot cause trouble for Lord Sariel—–“

“Your worries are unneeded. Lord Sariel, can I leave this to you.”

Sariel gave a small nod.

“It seems it is a dangerous one, there is no need to capture him alive.”

Giving another nod, Sariel left with small steps.

“Well shall we go then? There is no need to panic. Soon Lord Sariel will return with the head of this no.49.”


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