Kuro No Maou – Chapter 61

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Chapter 61 – Irz in Flames (3)

The scene that occurred in front of him, Nino, no every adventurer of Irz village that had remained in the guild, were unable to understand what happened for a second.

The moment a man on a horse, probably the commander, came, every one suddenly lifted and readied their weapons.

Without even trying to listen to their pleas, the army fired flame magic and arrows upon them.

Arrows pierced their bodies, and the moment they fell on their knees, innumerable fire arrows  – Ignis Sagita rushed in and burnt them all to smithereens.

That included Nino’s crush, who he just talked to, Nyarko as well.

The always cheerful poster girl of the Guild, her lovable figure was nowhere to be found.

“A a——–“

Surprise, sadness, anger, all sorts of emotions swirled inside their heads, and nobody was able to say a single word.


All that left the throat was a violent and furious scream.

The adventurers here finally realized that the opponents neither had any compassion nor did they leave any scope for negotiation, they were simply murdering demons.

And we will also be killed by those demons, but,

(“that guy”)

The commander that ordered to attack those defenceless people who had surrendered.

(“just that guy”)

“”””I’ll kill him!!””””

Adventurers twisted with anger and madness, picked their weapons and jumped outside.

Without thinking even a single bit about what would happen next, about their own deaths, they simply swore in their hearts to kill that commander of the demons.


It was daybreak.

The light of the sun shined on the Irz village but the black smoke covering it had not yet cleared away.

Underneath that cloud of smoke, was a painting of hell filled with the stench of corpses created in just a single night. In the burnt down houses, piles of corpses had been created, but compared to a few hours ago during midnight, it had become a mountain of corpses.

A mountain of corpses was created, meaning not a single death cry resounded in the village anymore.

Currently the army was hurriedly collecting the valuables and also searching for demons that might have hidden till now.

This situation was seen by Priest Kievan, who was also the commander of this force, with a somewhat satisfied look from the window of the conference room on the top floor of the guild.

“And, what did you want to talk about?”

Kievan looked back at his aide, Corvus, who was standing in attention.

“Yes. Near this village there exists a place called as Fairy Garden.”

“Fairy is it?…….Then”

“It is as you think. Most probably there is a fountain of holy water there.”

Holy water was a famous item that every follower of the church was aware of.

Water that holds the power of god. Strictly speaking, it was fresh water that held large quantities of white magical energy.

Normally, it is a magic item made my white magicians for Priest and above rank, but occasionally, places where it naturally exists also appear.

In the Arc continent, places where holy water ‘naturally’ appears is treated with extreme importance.

White magic was equal to the power of god but a place where it is naturally appearing meant that a power other than the god’s was also working there. Basically it was a holy place.

But, the religious reasons aside, being able to collect large amount of holy water had many benefits.

Holy water was required in rituals, if used with white magic, it could display various effects as well.

From a magician to a simple believer, everyone had many uses for it.

Thus, a place where holy water naturally came was equal to finding a gold vein for the church.

Kievan who was seeking achievements in the conquest of Pandora continent, he had no reason to leave it alone.

“It seems to be called the fountain of light around here, and is located in the deepest portions of the forest, also it seems any race other than fairies are not allowed to enter.”(Corvus)

“hmm, then there is no doubt.”(Kievan)

Places where holy water comes forth is a place fairies live is a legend even the children in Arc continent know about.

And, that it was not just a legend but an actual fact, Kievan had once read it somewhere.

“I believe we should quickly depart to secure it.”(Corvus)

“Corvus, I’ll leave this case to you. Take those necessary for the search party from among the force.”(Kievan)

“Thank you very much, but, I’ll end up taking most of the magicians. Would that be fine?”

“Of course, Swords won’t work much against fairies after all. Most of them have healed up too. As long as my two disciples are here, it’ll be more than enough. I don’t care if you take all the rest of them. It’s an important matter after all.”

“I understand. I shall definitely gain control over that place.”

Both Kievan and Corvus knew that they would need to fight the fairies living there.

In the Republic, compared to other demons, the feelings of contempt towards fairies was still common even though they looked pretty. But the fairies held much more magical energy than humans.

If you underestimate them, you would be attacked by magics of various elements and will be pathetically blown to pieces.

But if they were to use trained magicians, and gather a big force as well, humans would not lose to fairies who are not used to fighting.

And, Kievan judged that the numbers required could be obtained from the force he had.

“Oh right, who did you hear this info from—–“(Kievan)

“A man named Kische, he used to have an item shop in the village.”(Corvus)

“Ah, deal with him as required, alright?”

“…..but he is a human, is that fine?”

“Nobody will buy a man in his middle-ages, right? He is of no use. Above all, I can’t let a fiendish heretic who interacted with dwarfs to stay alive. It’s disgusting.”

“Yes, it is as you say.”

“Oh well. I’ll give the orders to deal with the man and his family. You should start towards the securing of the holy water.”

Acknowledging, Corvus left the place. Kievan looked outside the window again and smiled faintly.

Beneath him, in the centre of the village, a line of wooden crosses were standing.

On the crosses, foolish ‘demons’ who went against god, that is Nino and the other Irz village adventurers’ corpses were crucified as an example and warning.

The mountain of corpses was tragic already, but they were ones to have been burned and buried. It was much better that being stuck on a cross as an example.

It was truly the death filled painting of hell itself, but Kievan it was nothing more than the first step towards his bright shining future.

The subjugation of Irz village, although a few causalities were taken, had been completed successfully and on top of it, finding holy water was an extremely big bonus.

Things were moving so well that he truly believed that he had been blessed by God.

Thus a smile, a smile had naturally come on his face.

Kievan, with a satisfied mood, made the sign of cross in front of his chest, and gave a prayer.

“Let my faith be seen be the heavens—-“


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