Kuro No Maou – Chapter 58

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Chapter 58 – March of Greed

The time goes back to several days back to the time Kurono has his reunion with Sariel. The Crusaders had departed to occupy the villages.

The centre of the army was the the private army of either the church or a nobility departed from the home country.

The already occupied Daedalus, at the time of occupation, tried to skillfully tell about the situation to village heads of other villages.

And the Crusaders stationed troops, they would be able to get the villages both in name purpose and their real purpose. If the remnants of defeated army won’t start a rebellion, then blood won’t be spilled.

But everything doesn’t work so easy in real life. The Crusaders composed of many purposes individually, acted just as Kurono suspected.

Stealing, Destroying, Killing, the Crusaders did the cruel acts under the name of divine punishment and continued doing it without any remorse and hesitation.

From now on numerous villages within Daedalus territory will be massacred and looted and in the end destroyed. Furthermore the one village walking on the cruel path of fate with those villages was Irz village which Kurono loved.

Along with the sunset in the Gallahad mountain range, the army of people wearing white costumes start marching.

Wearing cross around their necks, wearing chainmail under their long white surcoats, donning broadswords and spears in hand is the infantry equipment of Crusaders.

They formed a line and marched, the one leading them is a young priest sitting on a conspicuous black horse named Kievan.

The appearance with white skin, blond hair and blue eyes, is very common in Syncrea Republic.

As he is a white magician, his robe is decorated with various magic items and it’s appearance stands out.

“It has gotten considerably dark.”

Running parallel to Kievan’s horse, his aide Corvus speaks.

“What is it? Are you scared about marching at night time?”

“No, the highway is also maintained well, I doubt there will be problems.”

“Yeah, it’s nicely done even though they are demon races.”

Inside Kievan’s speech there is obviously scorn included.

There are many countries in Pandora continent and they without exception call humans along with other races collectively as ‘people/person’.
But however, in Syncrea Republic it is common for all races to be denominated differently, and the believers of cross discriminate others with their ideals of ‘human have the supremacy’.

It was natural for Kievan a fundamentalist of Cross Religion to have hostility and evil intention towards all those living within Pandora continent. [ET: wut is he, huh? Doesn’t he know that people like him always get their ass beaten]

“According to plan, we will reach Irz village soon.”

“No need to rush, just to gain control of a small village in the countryside, we have plenty of time of 1 whole night.”

The mission given to Kievan’s force was to seize control of Irz Village, but it wasn’t something important that it was to be done fast.

Because, this mission of Crusaders going along the north-west highway seizing control of various other villages was not a job for being conspicuous neither the results were important. On this Kievan said “Please leave it to me!” and that’s how this missions was forcefully established.

A normal priest won’t burden himself with such a needless job, but Kievan who made it to the priest’s position in young age the so-called ‘elite’, couldn’t remain patient and wait for an opportunity for him to show his deeds.

In short, he was eager to do good deeds. [ET: Good deed here mean the deeds that seem on good to him.]

The Crusaders current situation was to to possess all of the large Daedalus territory. When he thought that the soldiers and clergymen will take away all the good opportunity for accomplishments, it couldn’t be helped that he panicked.

“With this, I can now stand with the priests with one accomplishment. If I can get a much bigger accomplishment, then Cardinal Mercedes will also remember me, isn’t that right?


“By the time this expedition is concluded, I would at the very least be promoted to a High Priest. Naturally, I would grant you, my right hand, a suitable position too… In addition after that, depending on my accomplishments the seat of Archbishop , no, the Cardinal will also not be a dream anymore. This mission will become a great stepping stone towards my big goal–” [ET: Police! Psychopath escaped & Spotted in Pandora Continent !]

Kievan expresses a daring smile. At the same time, in the front of highway faint lights of Irz village was present.

17th day of Shinyou Month, Late at Night.

“Uue, did I drink too much.”(incompetent)

The members of Irz Blader as usual don’t speak a words towards him due to sympathy.

“Nyarko-san is looking at you Nino.”(Aten)

“Don’t lie Aten, today is an off day so she hasn’t come to Guild today”(incompetent)

“Why do you even know that?”(Aten)

“It’s because I heard it the previous time we talked!”(incompetent)

“Ah, that time when you tried to ask her out for date, but in the end, you got scared and couldn’t ask her–”(aten)

“Don’t REMIND ME!”(really REALLY big incompetent)

“Well it’s good, we were worried that Nino had changed to the rumoured ‘STALKER’ class.”(aten)

“What the hell is a stalker.”(Incompetent stalker)

“It seems like it’s used for the creepy ass males who chase after a girl without being noticed and observe them the whole day and night”(Harry)

“That is neither a class nor a job”(incompetent creepy ass stalker)

“They even say that those creepy asses, even scavenge through the girl’s garbage. It’s really creepy ah scary~~”(Harry)

“Eeh, that really is creepy and sick”(Aten)

Aten and Harry look with worried eyes towards Nino

“Don’t look at me with those eyes! I haven’t done it yet!”(……..[I don’t have words to name this ‘person?’])

“What do you mean by not yet!?”(Aten)

“AH no, right now, just left the mouth, it’s that, erm—”(:|)

Aten and Harry get away from Nino, even the always cool Claydor also left his seat.

“If you do perverted deeds towards guild receptionist, the party will also be dissolved.”(Aten)

“Worst case, we will be banned from entering the guild and have to take collective responsibility”(Harry)

“That will be a problem”(Aten)

“You bastards what are you worrying about!! I won’t do something like that!!” (:| :|) [ET: will he remain convicted on his statement yes or no, find out more by scrolling down.]

Nino stomps the table with *bam* and stands up in anger.

“Calm down Nino, It’ll be bad if we get seen by Nyarko-san”(Harry)

“Like I’m saying Nyarko ain’t here!”( :|:|:|:|)

“Is there something about with me?” (Nyarko) {ET: sorry for many of my notes, but O.O. this idk wut species got doomed}

The moment the voice entered Nino’s ears, his tail and ear get started and stand up

That was the reaction when a werecat is Surprised!!

“Wh,Why, are you here?”(:|)

“‘Why you say, isn’t it because it’s my work.”(Nyarko)

“I know that much!” Nino couldn’t say that.

“Ah, now that I think about it, my sister said to change her shift with Nyarko-san as she was ill.”(Harry)

“Harry! Tell me that thing first.”(let’s go back to incompetent ass hole)

“Do tell senpai, to get better soon~”(Nyarko)

“Yes, I’ll tell her”(Harry)

“Now, Nino-san”(Nyarko)

“Y,Yeah!? what is it!” (Nino)

Aten quietly stares at the Nino who looks really pitiable with his voice quavering.

“It’s alright to make noise at the completion of quest, but please try to refrain from being too excited that you would unsheathe a sword.”(Nyarko)


Looking at Nino dejected and lowering his tail and ears, even members decided to follow him up.

“Well, Nyarko-san we both drank too much ,It’s not NIno’s fault can’t you forgive him”(Harry)

“Ah, sorry, I was going with the flow and—”

Somehow fixing up the situation, Nyarko left towards the counter.

But Nino’s high spirits were falling down to death, as he showed his uncool side to Nyarko. [ET: was he even cool to begin with!?]

“It’s over. Let’s head back for today.”(…………….)

Nino speaks after drinking a cup of alcohol.

HIs mood and face color both are not good looking.

“Nn, well, Don’t worry about it too much”(Harry)

“It’s alright, you would have forgotten it by tomorrow, right?”(Aten)

Nino left his seat while staggering.

“Shall I send you home?”(Claydor)

In contrast to Nino, Claydor stands up firmly and steadily.

“Yeah, sorry for all the troubles.”(Nino [I felt bad for him.])

“Don’t worry about it.”(Claydor)

Both left a lot of silver coins on the table and left the guild.

“Fuu~, the night wind feels good.”

While saying such words, Nino and Claydor walk.

It’s not unusual for them to be going back home together , it’s normal in their everyday life.

It was supposed to be like that, but Claydor notices something different from usual first.

“Isn’t it a little noisy ?”


Now that he said, there definitely are voices of people.

Once they know that something is happening they can easily find it’s source. With curiosity they both walked towards the source of noises.

That was the door of the village where they had just completed the quest.

“What happened here? Did some monster come here?”(Nino)

In the vicinity of the gate, the vigilante corps were running with torch in one hand.

Nino gets that something bad is occurring here, and loses his intoxication and looks towards the village with the same seriousness that he shows in dungeon.

Claydor who also felt the same as Nino, finds his father’s figure between the vigilantes and calls out to him.

“Pops, what happened here?”(Claydore)

“Oo, Claydor and Nino are here too.”( claydor’s pops)

“Uncles, it feels dangerous around here”(Nino)

If they both were kids, they would’ve been sent home in this situation but, right now they both are fine adult who contribute for the peace of the village.

Grint as a vigilante corp leader, as a father, looks towards his son and his best friend , and told about the current situation without any deceit.

“Some unknown army is approaching the village through the north-west highway.”(grint)


“Are they bandits?”(Claydor)

“We still don’t know, we have send out the fast runners for scouting but they have yet to return.”(Glint)

Shivers run down both their spines.

Even though they are rank 2 adventurers, they have passed the stage of a rookie and their instinct of sniffing out danger can’t be compared to a normal person.

“I’ll go and inform Harry and Aten. Claydor, you stare here with uncle and guard the gate.”


“I request you Nino, there is no time for giving a request to the guild right now, so appeal to as many adventurers you can for cooperating in this case of emergency.”(Glint)

“Leave it to me!”(NINO!)

Nino like a gust of wind runs through the road he was just walking playfully.

“Damn it! I can only feel something bad’s gonna occur goddamnit!!”(Nino)

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