Kuro No Maou – Chapter 50

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Chapter 50 – Media Ruins

Currently I’m sitting in the guild lobby, staring at a certain request.

As I was pondering, once again today, Lily was playing with that fat cat in the corner of the room happily.

“You seem to be in deep thought Kurono-san.”

As I turned to look back, the brains of the Irz Blader, Harry was standing there. Since he didn’t have his bow with him, he probably came to either see some quests or to have lunch.

The other members might have gone to the item shop or blacksmith for other preparations probably.

“Yeah, this quest caught my eye so I’m thinking whether to take it or not.”(kurono)

“—–Investigation of the new area in Media ruins, is it?”(harry)

Sitting opposite of me, Harry read through the document.

“I did hear about a new area that had been discovered around last month.”(harry)

There’s barely anything left of the Media ruins above the earth except a cliff, but its true worth lies underneath it, in the underground centre.

The underground centre was not made by using a cave or cavity but a geofront made through the sole work people.

In this different world, an ancient civilisation that possessed super technology once existed.

The current Pandora continent does not have the capabilities to create such a geofront, but it did exist in the ancient times. By the way, this ancient civilisation wasn’t an advanced one in the science field like making flying cars etc. but was advanced in the field of magic.

And thus, only in the ruins of such a magically advanced civilisation will I find a magic big enough to send me back to my home.

“Come to think of it, Kurono-san was searching for ancient transfer and summoning magics, right?”(harry)

“Yeah, I was thinking maybe I could find my objective there.”(kurono)

Such items haven’t been discovered in the Media ruins yet, but, nobody knows what’s there in the unexplored new area, so the probability isn’t zero.

“Then, isn’t it fine to accept this?”

“That may be so but, the fact that even rank 1 adventurers are allowed is kind of bugging me.”

The danger rank of Media ruins is rank 4. The highest dungeon I have ever entered is at rank 4.

Although, if I am together with Lily, then we could even defeat a salamander so danger level is not really a problem, but………

“Well, it certainly is suspicious.”(Harry)


It’s a rank 4 dungeon, and an unexplored area to top it off (Though, it has been 1 month since it was discovered so I’m not going to be the first one.), so the danger would be even higher. Normally speaking, even a luggage carrier would have to be at least rank 2. But instead, they are basically saying anyone is fine, so it feels a bit unnatural.

“I don’t want to get involved in troublesome things after all.”(kurono)

“ahaha, Kurono-san is unexpectedly a cautious person.”(harry)

“What do you mean by unexpected? Do you really see me as an idiot?”

I’m still a magician you know! Shouldn’t that give me a naturally intelligent image?

“At the very least, you don’t seem like an actual magician. After all Kurono-san, you have a pretty big and sturdy body. People with body like yours would usually be a swordsman or warrior.”(harry)

As I looked around, I see lots of well built warriors drinking tea with other adventurers wildly.

“Even though, I’m not really training my body specially either.”( kurono)

In fact I’m working hard in studying magic.

“But, looks really do matter, yeah.”(kurono)

“No need to lament so much about it, hey, at least you won’t be made fun of with that aggressive face of yours.”(harry)

“Nah, I would’ve preferred to be slender like Harry.”

“I’m a harpy so this the standard type of body though.”

Maybe because they are meant to fly, Harpies usually have slender bodies.

Compared to humans, they certainly have less muscle and fat. Differences in races can be seen in other things other than outer appearance as well it seems.

Incidentally, Harry’s magic speciality is wind magic. With the assist of wind magic, Harry’s bow can rapid fire and strengthen arrows.

“Returning back to the topic, what do you think about this quest?”(Kurono)

“Hm, I think it would be fine if it’s Kurono-san. And if Lily-san is also together, then there’s no fear of getting tricked either.”(harry)

Apparently Fairies don’t associate with a bad person. That’s not just a legend but actually somewhat true. They are able to read the opponents heart and feelings and can also use telepathy, so they can see through a person by meeting just once.

“I guess. In the worst case, if the client runs away, the guild will deal with it so I’ll get the reward at least.”

Even if a dangerous monster appeared, I’ll be able to run away at least. Although, I’ll be helpless if something like a cave-in occurred. But over thinking is not a trait of an adventurer.

Holding a little hope, I decided to accept the quest.

“Ah, but Kurono-san, you have to worry not just about the quest.”


“Do you know about the location of Media ruins?”

“Although it’s my first time actually going there but—-“

According to the map, it’s quite near the capital Daedalus.

“About that, it seems, coming and going out of Daedalus is being restricted now.”

“What do you mean?”

“I don’t know the details but, the human army from the Arc continent is currently fighting with them.”

“What? Weren’t they blockaded inside Virginia?”

“That was how it was supposed to be but, I wonder what happened?”

“Could it be that the situation has changed?”

“Yes apparently. The elites of the army have been practising and the dragon king is also the there. To fight against a dragon they must have brought something of equal strength to a dragon.”


My strength is a bit more than a rank 4 salamander. If it is a dragon that could become a king, it would be atleast rank 5, that too among the strongest even in that rank.

Although I don’t know exactly how strong that is, but maybe at least 100 of me would be needed to face something like that.

“Probably, they are undergoing some negotiations is the general rumour.”(Harry)

Negotiations can be done only among those of equal stature.

If the rumour is correct, then does that mean that the human army possesses the same level of strength as Daedalus army?

Did they put the military strength in their own nation at lower priority? No if that was the case, then it would have ended when they attacked half-year ago.

That means, in that half year, there was a change in the situation of Virginia or of Daedalus.

What kind of change was it? I won’t be able to understand considering it hasn’t been long since I myself came here.

“Anyway, the atmosphere around Daedalus isn’t very good right now. Although I don’t know what exactly is happening, but you should be cautious of this more than the quest.”(harry)

“I see, Thanks for the warning. If I learn something on the way, I’ll tell you.”


Having decided to accept the quest, I made my preparations during rest of the day, and left the Irz village the next day.

“—–Yes, well then, please work hard Kurono-san.”

Having accepted the quest officially, Nyarko who was standing behind the counter, accepted the certificate.

When you accept a quest of a far away land, such a certificate is issued.

Something like this is a first time for me, but since I’ll put the certificate in the shadow space anyway, it doesn’t really matter much.

“But Media ruins are pretty far away~You won’t be returning to the village for quite a while, right?”(nyarko)

“Yeah, if I’m unlucky, I might not return until next month.”

“That’s not good. Please be back by the festival!”

“n, yeah, I want to take part in the festival as well.”

“That’s right! We are aiming to finish the complete menu of all the stalls after all!”

“Are you trying to sponge off me?”

“How rude! I’m a woman that can totally pay half the bill! But if you treat me a few times you will raise your favourable impression, don’t forget that.”

What will I do after raising something like that? Will she become able to play ‘hand’ with me?(T/N: I couldn’t explain this better but Kurono is basically joking about how owners teach their pets to raise their hands and shake with them. Those who own dogs or cats should understand better.)

“If this quest goes well, I’ll treat you to drink one time.”(kurono)

“As expected of Kurono-san! It’s a promise alright!”

“Only if it goes well, alright?”

“It’s fine! Kurono-san can do investigations quests easily!”

“I hope so. Now then, I’ll go now since Lily is waiting for me as well.”

“Yes, take care Kurono-san.”

Once again with Nyarko’s energetic voice behind me, I leave the guild.

As I opened the door, the members of Irz Blader were coming here.

“Leaving for the quest, Kurono?”

“Yeah, to Media ruins.”

“This time it’s to an unusually faraway place, did something happen?”

If it’s a good quest then tell me, implied Nino with his eyes.

“It’s a personal search. On top of it, the quest itself seems suspicious. If I didn’t have my own reasons I would have ignored it.”

“Is that so? Then be careful. Will you be able to come back by the festival?”

“That’s the plan. I ended up promising Nyarko to treat her once as well after all.”

“I see—–wait a second, that means you’ll be together with Nyarko during the festival!?”


I realized it now. Crap, it’s as if I stole a march on Nino and invited her.

“You IDIOT!!!”

Nino, who had started crying, threw his cat punch which I decided to take head on.

“Sorry, about Nyarko, well, try to invite her yourself with all you have got.”(kurono)

“You just made it even more difficult!”

“If she refuses, then I’ll help you on that day somehow.”


“Leave it to me.”

We shake hands. I’m still rooting for your love you know.

“haah, as usual he becomes pathetic when it comes to Nyarko. Well leaving that incompetent aside, Kurono treat me to something too~”(aten)

“Don’t call me an incompetent, Aten.”(nino)

“Kurono please~”(aten)

“Don’t ignore me!!”(nino)

Aten pushes Nino away with her staff and looks at me with upturned eyes. Those eyes seem quite serious.

“…..just once, alright?”

“Yay! It’s a promise alright!”

She gives a wide smile. But I can’t get fooled, Aten is definitely looking for the costliest sake in the village in her mind right now.

Maybe I was rash……..

“Kurono-san, you’re going on that quest, right?”(harry)

“Hm, yeah.”

Different from the incompetent leader and the money-minded woman, Harry asks with a serious face.

“Media ruins are filled with high ranked monsters not found near here. Be careful.”(claydor)

Claydor advised with a serious face.

Probably because these 2 are both serious type, Nino and Aten are usually like this other than during battles. Maybe this is also a kind of balance………probably. Right, let’s leave it at that.

“Well then, see ya.”

“Ou, work hard!”

“Kurono! Don’t forget the promise!”

“Yes yes.”

Waving my hand without looking back, I walked towards the village gate where Lily was waiting for me.


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