Kuro No Maou – Chapter 29

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Chapter 29 – Return to Ordinary Life

A month had quickly passed after meeting Lily.

Even in this world the terms like a week, a month, and a year, is correct. Because even though the naming is different, this world also follows the same solar calendar as earth.

I met Lily during the first week of the [month of Ryokufuu (lit. Early-summer breeze)] which would correspond to April.

Right now it’s May or [month of Enrai (lit. distant thunder)]. The second week will start from tomorrow.

Even in this calendar, the month of February [month of Hyoushou (lit. ice crystals)] is made up of 28 days and has 29 days in every 4 years.

Thanks to this, I was quickly able to learn the calendar. The day is also of the same length i.e around 24 hrs. Unfortunately, I don’t have a watch so I can’t be sure though.

Also, I learnt about the surroundings of the village as well. The village of Irz and other surrounding villages are agricultural villages with wheat production as the focus.

But in this world, a danger known as monsters exists so even the smallest of the villages have a pretty big population and they also have a wooden fence as a bare minimum defence.

So, people aren’t spread all over the place in small groups. And thus the various villages are clearly marked and known even though it is like the middle ages here.

I also saw a rough map of the surrounding area at the village head’s home so I now roughly know the locations of the neighbouring Kuar village, the forest of fairies, Kuar caves, Media ruins, and other mountains and rivers in the area.

The surroundings of the Irz village are located in a country that was recently raised by Gavinar of the dragon tribe. The capital Daidalos, that was also taken as the country name as well, is the territory where the dragon king resides.

Gavinar is apparently a young one even among the dragon tribe but holding strength and high ambitions, he became the king himself and built a country.

Aah, by the way, the Pandora continent is currently under attack by humans.

I did hear things like pioneering and colonisation at the port town, but it was true apparently. Also, the place where the facility was located is known as the Arc continent.

In my world, it’s already recorded in history as to how those who crossed seas conquered the various countries. In Africa and India, the natives were subjected to slavery and ruled and were allowed to trade with their home country only.

In South America, the countries that had ruled from a long time like Inca and Aztecs were both destroyed and the people faced annihilation.

Then, will this Pandora continent also head towards slavery or annihilation some day? Well, it doesn’t seem that way.

The colonisers in my world were able to do this because they held overwhelming difference in power. A simple logic even a child can understand, i.e. the strong shall rule the weak.

But the elves, dwarves, goblins, and other beastmen races possess strength enough to repel the invaders. In this magical world, guns are not the ultimate weapon; even a small dagger raptor could easily face gunfire. Of course, considering the weapons I saw in the facility, it seems guns haven’t been even invented here.

Incidentally, during this one month, I have understood how much strength a normal human in this world possesses.

When I was escaping, I could kill those masked men and those in light armour in a single attack not because they were weak, but because that is the average strength of a normal human.

I don’t think they can create an army of 10,000 or 100,000 of people with strength like that of Sariel.

I guess Sariel really was an exception. The humans in this world are basically similar to the ones in my world.

Although they may have magical energy, and army of humans does not have any advantage over a group of monsters. In fact, in individual strength, humans will lose.

And if they have Sariel, then there should be someone with the same level of strength on this side as well. An example would be the dragon king Gavinar who governs Daidalos.

The landing of the people from the Arc continent was unfortunately, no I should say fortunately, in front of Daidalos. As such, they had to face the fearsome army of Daidalos led by the dragon king. Due to this, they have been unable to continue their conquest further inside the Pandora continent.

The Daidalos army has currently completely trapped the people of the Arc continent and are threatening them to return back in the name of negotiating.

All this was heard from the village head, but considering what I had heard from the conversation in the port town, it’s probably true that the conquest of Pandora continent is not going well.

It seems, I was pointlessly worried that I’ll be dragged into a war. I’ll be able to continue my peaceful life as adventurer here.

Once again, another normal day of my life in the different world began.


“Ah, Vats-san. Good Morning.”(kurono)

“Yo, good morning. Oh? Lily-san is not together with you today? That’s rare.”(Vats)

“She is going stay in the house and make medicines. I don’t have anything to help there either.”

“Is that so? She is usually together with you all the time so you must be lonely. But, I see, the day of selling medicines is coming closer.”

“This time she’ll be making more than usual so please come and get some. Though we’ll charge for it.”

“Ahhahha you’re becoming more like a merchant.”

“Well our livelihood depends on it after all.”

“Aren’t you earning as an adventurer as well? I heard you were quite talented too.”

“No way, it’s just that my black magic is rare.”

“As long as you can exterminate monsters, anything’s fine. You’re going to the guild again today right? Work hard!”

“Yes, see you then.”

Greeting Vats-san early morning everyday while going to the village had also become something like a habit.

Even though I was surprised seeing a goblin like him at first…….it’s amazing how you can get used to things. The figure of Vats-san working in field along with his wife and children really looks just like a group of monsters from afar, but still they are splendid members of the Irz village.


“Grint-san, good morning.”

“Morning, huh, Lily-san is——“

I’m being asked that by everyone, well I certainly am usually seen with Lily. Explaining shortly, I go through the gate as usual.

“Oh right, many people have noticed Wind wolfs, so it looks like a pack of them has appeared.”

Wind wolfs are monsters like wolves that can use wind magic. They are the lowest rank 1 monsters that hunt in packs similar to dagger raptors but for the villagers they possess enough danger.

“I see. Then I’ll exterminate them if I see them.”(kurono)

“Yeah, I’ll leave it to you.”(Grint)

Listening to the movement of monsters has also become a part of my life.

Grint-san is the leader of the vigilante corps of the village so it has become his duty to also be the gatekeeper as well.

Still, he is well aware of the information and news regarding the area from talking with other villagers; especially regarding monsters.

Although humans have been invading, the only direct danger to the village is from the monsters only.


“Good morning. What book are you going to look for today?”(shione)

Coming to the village head’s house for reading books has also become my daily routine.

Shione-san always receives me who keeps hanging in her library everyday pleasantly. No, seriously, thank you for giving me tea and stuff everyday……

“Is there any book related to transfer or summoning magic or any info about ruins with ritual equipments of the same type?”(kurono)

“Though there are no grimoires, let’s see, there should be logs and records of adventurers who have gone into historic ruin type dungeons.”

“Then that please.”

I have obviously not given up returning to my own world.

But, I have no idea what I should do about it, so I can only research about summoning magic written in the books.

“Books specialising in magic or dungeons can only be found in the Daidalos library, I think.”(shione)

“So it really is like that. I’ll try travelling there someday.”(kurono)

Well its fine, no need to be impatient, I’ll solve this problem slowly.


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