Kuro no Maou Chapter 173

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Chapter 173 – The Fluffy Army Threat! Bear-Rabbit Punpun!!
After being shaken by the dragon carriage from Spada via Dacia to Avalon, I finally reach the starting point of the northern Galahad mountains, the Village of Dacia.

Incidentally the dragon carriages are, the dragon-sized version of horse-pulled carriages, but the puller is a dragon here.

Though it’s a dragon but it’s herbivorous, its speed is not to that of horse, but still it traversed the road while kicking rapidly on ground with its thick legs.

This land dragon which is pulling this large cube-shaped carriage, has incomparable power to that of horse, and it’s body is like that of an elephant, short and stout.

When I first saw it seemed like a bus to me.

「Well then, I need to work fast」

I landed on the bus stop, and just like that started heading towards the Galahad Mountains.

The time is afternoon, if I enter the mountains from now on it would become evening.

Normally it would be NG for entering the mountains at this time, but thanks to my uselessly tough body I can keep on walking without sleep or food.

It might take more than 3 days for me to remain in the mountain, so I’m not willing to waste my half day of the first day by sleeping.

I start walking in completely opposite direction from the Guild of Dacia, where many other adventure-esque people are going.

If I complete my quota of 5 bodies of Punpun and Goblin, I would be able to wrap this up by today only.




Near my feet, a light-blue colored skin lizard is lying down with its head cut off.

It’s size more that of a crocodile rather than a lizard, and its silhouette is like that of a newt, having suction pads rather claws in front of its legs.

This monster called as Minatokage, a rank 1 monster, inhabits the waterside I’m currently at, and just like their appearance they control water attribute of magic.

The water itself can deal no damage even if it comes falling at you, unless it’s got a water pressure of a water cutter or a laser, it won’t become any threat as an attack magic.

Of course, Minatokage who have been classified as rank 1, have no way to fire a water pistol that can pierce through iron plate too.

The only nasty part in this monster is, the fact there is corrosive venom mixed in the water currents and water that come out of its mouth.

It has no power to corrode a chain upon touching, but the thing that would get acute damage from its touch is not the body but weapon.

Though it’s the low concentrated corrosive liquid, it would easily make a low-grade weapon’s iron blade into a dull blade.

Due to this, even a good high-grade article would get damage, and is like a monster that makes low ranked adventurers cry for buying new weapons.

By the way, it’s all from the monster list.

「It seems like even my hatchet would be fine taking this much」

I judge it upon touching the corrosive liquid mixture sticking to the now severed head like drool with my finger.

Before it could launch its water pistol or anything, the match got over with my one attack from『Cursed Grudge Hatchet「HaraRetsu」』, in the end the blade itself has no contact with the liquid.

But, it’s better to know its power, right.

A high-grade weapon can take on some venomous attacks, so there is no problem in using this Cursed Hatchet.

Or rather, the blade can restore upon drinking blood so even if it gets somewhat worn-out there isn’t any big problem.

8th Apostle Ai had opened a great hole in the dead centre, but I took it out today only to find it in wonderful healthy condition.

「Well, let’s tear the materials」

The proof of Minatokage subjugation is the most biggest crystal like thorn on its back.

The scales and the organ for refining the corrosive liquid can also be taken out and sold as monster materials, but the current me has neither time nor the skill to do that.

The difference in the class and experience as adventurer get’s out here, eh, thinking that I take out the thorn while making crisping sounds.

This Minatokage is the first monster that I have met after getting lost in the mountains while searching for traces of monsters.

It showed hostility and got defeated, but it’s not a target for subjugation.

I thought to once again search for Goblins and Punpun while tearing off the thorns,

「Looks like I don’t need to do more labour」

But I’m glared at with hostility filled eyes, they got lured in the till here by the smell of the lizard, it seems.

By straining my ears I can hear the heavy breathing and ferocious groaning sounds too.

I can tell that many other presences are in my surrounding to enclose me.

No doubt, I’ve got no choice of running back here, they themselves came here, shouldn’t I welcome them gently.

Right hand equipped with『Cursed Grudge Hatchet「HaraRetsu」』, charging Bullet Arts completed, preparations all completed.

「Come out, I will play with you all」

And as if answering my words,

SFX: Gaooo—–oon!!

Various black shadows jumped out in the riverside I stand while bellowing.

「So this is, Punpun……」

Seeing it’s figure, I can only consent the name to be written as Bear-Rabbit.

It is of a kind of dark brown hair color, there are white fur growing on it’s stomach, hands and legs, in particular the coloring on its base of throat is closely resembling the Asian black bear.

It has big red eyes, and rabbit like ears protruding.

Having the appearance of both Bear and Rabbit, this is without a doubt a Punpun.

But, I’m not worried about that,

「It feels like cosplay costume, what if there are humans inside it?」

But it’s the body and head which is deformed in truth.

There are 4 of them, all four with strangely too big head, moreover it’s hair seems to be as soft as that of hair that is tuck on teddy bears.

The are walking on two legs, and are waving their thick arms for appealing the strength, but it kinda looks like they’re drumming.

Let it be it’s appearance or it’s pronunciation, this Punpun name does has a comical sense hidden inside.

I feel a little sense of guilt while subjugating it.

SFX: Gooooaaaーー!

But, being ungrateful to my feelings, they try to intimidate me with their appearance as though I broke their hibernation sleep.

Each time a voice resounds, more and more Punpun start coming to the riverfront.

2, 3, 4, hey just how many of these cosplay costumes are here, huh!?

While I think that, finally a different one appears with the height of 3 metres and has it’s head bigger than other Puns.

From the scar on its one eye and the intimidation in air, it’s easy to guess this one is the boss of this crowd.


When that Boss Pun cries out in a conspicuously loud voice, the other Puns surrounding me start moving at once.

「Bullet Arts Full Burst」

This time, without hesitating neither panicking I release the load of bullets.

I don’t have『Black Ballista Replica』so the power is 1 level lower, yet more than enough to kill a rank 1 monster.

All the Punpuns attacking me from all sides meet with the storm of bullets without exception.

Thanks to the fluffy fur it has a more physical defense than compared to Goblins, but it can’t stop my Bullet Arts.


The Punpun who came attacking in high spirits, took the bullets head-on, and are falling down in high spirits too.

At this point 3 are dead, the rest 4 are still injured.

There are still 6 Puns or more remaining in the surrounding, but the Boss Pun raises his voice, and the 4 inured ones too leap to the back.

At the same time, Boss Pun picks up the stone lying on the riverfront, no it’s a boulder you can say from it’s size.

「You going to try stone throwing!?」

It takes an excellent pitching form and throws the boulder at 200 kmph in a straight line.

I evade it immediately by jumping to the side.

Upon landing, the place I was standing before is the only the ruins of boulder.

But more than the sound of explosion, I am more surprised seeing two Punpun carrying the corpse of decapitated lizard and running away.

These are horribly familiar actions.

SFX: KaoooOOOーNN!!

The Boss Pun raises his bellow, on the contrary to their entrance, this time more than 10 Punpun start plotting for escape.

「I’m sorry, but I would take 2 more of you all」

I can’t let them escape like this.

There are only 3 dead on the riverfront, there are still 2 less to complete the quota.

While feeling the guilt that I never felt in killing the Crusaders, I throw the Sword Arts towards the Punpun jumping inside the forest.




Before I knew it, the sun had already set down.

I throw the corpses of 5 Punpun just like that into『Shadow Gate』.

The demand for Punpun meat and fur is more, therefore the price of its materials too is high.

But here treats it as only either bear or rabbit, while thinking, I put the proof of subjugation right rabbit-ear into another slot.

「However, they were more formidable enemies than Goblins」

I subjugated them the day I met Lily, but no matter how much sword arts (It was Gatling that time) I used, they just kept on coming like idiots.

However that Boss Pun looking at my first attack judged me not as an enemy and ordered the retreat.

And they even shrewdly took back the lizard, impressive.

I can’t help but think that they have more intelligence than Goblins in contrary to their appearances.

If they use items too, no doubt they would become rank 2 monsters.

「There are various types within monsters, eh」

Once again thinking that, I walk in the dark and silent mountain road of Galahad Mountains to search and kill my next target, Goblin.

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