Kuro no Maou Chapter 147

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Chapter 147 Pitiful Winners

(PoV is 3rd person)

The girl with wavy light pink hair,

“11th Apostle Misa, the great me shall kill you so be grateful alright!?”

Said that to Kurono with a face brimming with confidence.

“The 11th Apostle, you say……….”

An already impossible situation had occurred when an Apostle had arrived but now another one of those Apostles had come here. He couldn’t keep up with the situation.

But, without minding such a Kurono, the 2 Apostles began to talk.

“I’m telling you not to lay a hand on them, didn’t I? Just go back obediently Misa.”(ai)

“Haa? Are you serious? Why do I have to let some demons get away alive? As an Apostle, if you see them you’re supposed to deal with them at that very instant right?”(misa)

“My God didn’t say anything like that to me.”

Killing intent and magical energy flew from both sides suddenly.

It was an explosive situation. Kurono who knew he had no way of facing a fully serious Apostle could simply shut his mouth and stand their while holding his breath.

“Well fine. I’ll give you face since you’re my senpai here.”(misa)

After a few seconds of time, Misa pulled back and the situation calmed down.

“So, why is Misa here?”(Ai)

“nfufu, there were people who wanted to borrow my power you see. Not Sariel but me. They pleaded me to help me no matter what!”(misa)

Fun, Misa puffed her chest with pride. Her chest was much bigger in volume than Sariel’s and were pretty good.

“Even pigs can flatter—–no, so, what’s that request? Did you finish it already?”(ai)

“Well it was supposed to be finished after I killed that uncivilised looking guy and those two girls lying around here and there but since Ai senpai said to not do so no matter what, I’ll stop here.”(misa)

“fun, so your job was—-“(ai)

“Yup, to annihilate all demons who were crossing this road!”(misa)

As Ai gave a pretty weak reaction since she expected that, Kurono froze the moment he heard that.

(“She, just what did she say just now? Annihilate? The demons who were crossing through this road?…..That means…….”)

“Say, that man over there seems to be glaring at me right now—-“(misa)

In Kurono’s line of sight, Misa’s figure had already disappeared, no, he only felt that it had disappeared.

It was not something like teleportation, she had simply moved too fast. It was just a simple movement.

And, Misa who had moved way beyond Kurono’s perception,


Smashed her hard heel into his abdomen.

As MIsa’s kick smashed deep into him, Kurono’s body flew in the air.

“He’s irritating me, should I kill him after all?”(misa)

He finally fell face fist to the ground.

Since he was lying face down he could only see the ground but he knew that currently a blade was being pushed against his neck.

“I just said that’s not allowed. Now c’mon, quickly put away your armament scriptures already.”(Ai)

“Tche, killjoy!”

The sensation of the blade disappeared from his neck.

In its place, Misa’s heel pushed stabbed into Kurono’s back.

Although he was simply being casually trampled upon, the attack from an Apostle’s power and a mithril heel was similar to having a hammer being smashed into him.


Holding on to his consciousness that felt like it’d fly away beyond the horizons, Kurono held onto his awareness.

“Or rather, won’t it be bad if you move around so freely here? Pandora is under Sariel-chan’s control. They won’t allow the intervention of another Apostle right?(Ai)

“You really are talking as this doesn’t concern you at all.”(misa)

“I’ll be fine. That geezer Pope, that Hero wannabe second Apostle as well as God will completely forgive me ‘kay?”(Ai)

“I am definitely not convinced with that!!”(misa)

“Yeah yeah, I’ll hear your complains if I feel like it later so let’s return for now.”(Ai)

Misa didn’t try to hide her dissatisfied expression but she complied with Ai’s words.

“I guess that’s true. If I am not allowed to kill these ones, then there’s no reason to stay here any longer.”(misa)

As Misa snapped her fingers, a white magic circle appeared in an instant with just that.

Kurono who was still lying down couldn’t see that but Ai knew what effect that magic circle possessed in a single glance.

“A Griffon familiar servant!”(Ai)

As Ai’s sparkled, in front of her a monster with the upper body of an Eagle and lower body of a lion was summoned.

Its size was obviously much bigger than both normal eagles or lions.

The 10m large Griffon certainly gave off a monster like ferocity but its pure white feathers and fur also gave it a sublime divine-like presence as well.

It was truly befitting for a mount of an Apostle that had been granted the Divine Protection of their God.

“So nice! I’ll also make  my next Tsumiki-chan a Griffon rather than a Chimaera. Oof!”(Ai)

“Right, it’s nice right, my Griffon—–wait, don’t climb on it on your own!?(misa)

Disregarding the summoner Misa, she tried to hold down Ai who was trying to climb on top of it.

“eeeh, it’s fine if you let me ride it, or rather let me ride it! It’s fine even if its just till Alsace village.”(Ai)

“Where the heck is this Alsace Village…….fine, Ai-senpai will sit behind me! Come on, let go of the reins already!”(misa)

The two girls squabbled over the luxurious stirrup of the Griffon, they really seemed to be having fun but,

(“What the f*ck, is this…….Don’t f*cking mess with me………”)

It had already become a disgusting memory for him.

“Wa, wait…..8th Apostle Ai.”

Putting his strength, Kurono raised his body.

He shouted towards Ai who seemed like she’d fly away any moment in this evening sky.

“What happened to the others! Weren’t you going to let them run away!!”

Ai showed a quite surprised expression towards Kurono who had stood up once again but she quickly answered with an impish smile.

“ahahaha, sorry, it seems, they ended up dying. Moth those refugee demons as well as those adventurers, right?”(ai)

As Ai struck Misa’s shoulder, she opened her mouth in an irritated fashion.

“Ah, un, one week ago some villager like demons had come in hordes so I did exterminate them all. Also, those ones who were going by those carriages were quite tenacious. I really got irritated, seriously.”(misa)

“Well, that’s how it is so too bad even though you fought so hard. Work harder next time as well!”(Ai)

It was a cruel truth pushed upon Kurono.

He couldn’t reject it as a joke. After all, he knew the strength of the Apostles.

The 6 days he had bought after trying and fighting so hard against the Crusaders; even though the refugees were already dead when they were fighting—–


And, even the adventurers he had fought with, while he had been going along with this ridiculous game of this Apostle was killed by another ridiculous Apostle.

“No, way…….”

Power left Kurono’s body.

The cursed hatchet that he gripped so tightly had already fallen to the ground.

“If we were to meet again, I’ll face you again. I won’t lose next time though! Now then Kurono-kun Bye bye!”(ai)

Till the very end, leaving behind nonchalant words, the 2 Apostles finally left.

The giant white Griffon disappeared into the evening red sky.

The only one left was the pitiably victor of the battle against the 8th Apostle Ai.

“No way……it’s a lie, right?”

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  1. Jack says:

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    Why does this keep happening to him.

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    The author sure is a sadist, putting kurono through all that suffering
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