Kuro No Maou Chapter 123

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Chapter 123 Assault Team Vs Heavy Knights Squad (2)

That was truly a wall of silvery shining steel.

The heavy knights holding their tower shields, as they approached in a single horizontal line formation, were truly giving off an incredible amount of pressure and intimidation.

“Let’s take the first action, Magic Bullet Arts—-“

The [loaded] bullets appeared around me and the target of these psedo full metal jacket bullets was of course, the wall of silver.

Now, let’s test which one is stronger? My bullets or your prided full plate armour.

“—–release all bullets – Full Burst!”

As I swung the [Black Ballista Replica], with black muzzle flashes in mid-air, rushed towards the approaching enemies.

“Iron Guard.”

The heavy knights that quickly sensed my attacks activated defensive martial art skills.

Before the bullets could reach, the already hard and strong armour became even sturdier due to the magical energy released as an effect of the martial art skill.

Unlike the shield, its effects last only a few seconds but if such a defensive skill could be activated in such a short time then they wouldn’t have much trouble in defending against most of the attacks.

“To remain uninjured—–Magic Sword Arts.”

The thousand bullets I fired were defended against by their Tower shield.

Although sparks and the sound of metal clashing rose as the bullets struck the shield, there was barely any scratch on them.

Since the bullets had no effect, next I brought out my blackened long swords.

The 10 swords that appeared from my [Shadow Gate] were deployed around me as per my orders.

“It’ll be bad if I’m unable to deal any damage even with these—–Pierce through!!”

Rather than materializing items from scratch, it was more effective to enchant existing items through magic.

Even Sariel had to use her own hands to stop my Sword Arts, that’s the proof that it would have been that dangerous to take it head on.

Then, it should have some effect even against these heavy knights with MAX defence.

As per my will, the blackened swords flied like hawks aiming for their prey.

“It works.”

The clash was over in an instant.

The heavy knight in front of me fell and sunk into the river.

Each and every sword took different trajectories and aimed for 1 knight. Even if their shields are strong, that doesn’t mean that their defence is the same from 360 degrees. It was impossible to perfectly protect everything.

And my magic swords cleanly pierced through the helm and pierced through his brain.

“But, the amount of consumption is really high……”

Unless I use 10 swords at the same time, it was impossible to take down even a single heavy knight.

Even the fallen heavy knight had been able to deflect all other 9 swords, except the one that struck his head, with his shield or halberd or even his armour.

The sword that struck his armour had been able to leave damage but it had been unable to pierce through in a single attack.

I guess it’s a relief that at least the armour is weaker than the shield, if only slightly.

“In any case, it doesn’t change the fact that this is going to be a difficult battle.”

Even with the [Kuronagi] of the cursed hatchet in my right hand, I don’t think I’ll be able to cut them into two easily.

The magic bullets of my baton; if I were to boost its hardness rather than the number of bullets, 3 bullets should be able to pierce through the weakened portion of the armour if I hit with perfect accuracy.

And behind me, once again, 10 blackened swords appeared from within my shadow. I still have quite a lot of stock of blackened swords left with me but I can’t be reckless with their use.

Among the 10 swords I used, half of them were chipped when they struck their strong guard and the blackening affect was removed.

If the black magical energy covering the sword got dispelled, obviously I lose control over those swords. And in such a situation, it’ll be quite difficult to pick them up and enchant them once again.

“It’s a formidable enemy, but——“

The heavy knight squad covered the gap created by me in their formation quickly without getting flustered and kept on advancing with the same pace.

Soon, we’ll be in a distance where we can clash our blades with them. After that it’ll come down to a close combat battle between us, assault team and the heavy knights.

“Bring it on! Don’t move back even a single step! Let’s show these scrap iron knights the will of us adventurers!!”


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