Kuro no Maou Chapter 107

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Chapter 107 – Soldier’s Role
“No good!? The gun barrel is overheated! It won’t shoot unless it’s cooled down.”

Kurono after hearing this message, he thought ‘Finally, the time had come.’

He knew from the start that the cross fire will not keep on continuing for always, some crusaders who are unhurt will reach near the unreliable protective wall.

“Understood, Mossan is to be on standby till the cooldown time is over and after it’s complete, immediately start firing.”

The adventurer given the role of messenger, runs towards Morzun to relay the message given by Kurono.

After giving the instructions, Kurono stops his Gatling Burst and takes a deep breath.

Along with taking the breath, Kurono shouts with determination.

“Open the gates! I’m going outside!!”

That voice was heard by the adventurers standing near the gates and even by the archers confined in the Guild.


The loud war cry by the adventurers gives the answer to Kurono’s command.

Particularly, the adventurers standing near the main gates were boiling with more excitement due to them eagerly waiting to cross swords with the enemy.

Seeing the large number of enemy heading towards them caused their blood to boil strongly rather than being intimidated.

“Hahahaha! Finally our time to show off!!”

In front of main gates, is the platoon made from strong swordsmen and warriors starting with Vulcan as their head.

They are, the reckless platoon which will jump out of gates and kill of the enemy.

The platoon is made up from many different species such as human, beast-man, elves, lizard-men, orc and golem.

But they are all waiting impatiently for the gates to open.

Before anyone knew it, Kurono was already in front of them with the ‘HaraRetsu’ in his hands.

“Listen well everyone, this is the first turning point.

We have buy time for the cross fire to restart, during that time protect this line of defense at all costs.”

It’s not much of a problem to cool down the barrel with ice and fire magic. But the problem is to keep on repeating it as fast as possible for the firing to keep on continuing.

This maintenance is the most important, they can’t just destroy the machine gun on the first day. They have to keep on using it for the battles coming tomorrow and day after tomorrow for stopping the enemy.

“Let’s go—”

Kurono wears his robe, and faces towards the main gate that is about to open.


The sound of door opening and the war cry of adventurers resound simultaneously.

The platoon made up of 24 people jumps at the crusaders coming towards at them like some wild animals that have been freed form a cage.




Kurono’s orders reach to the ears of sniping pair of Simon and Susu encamped on top of guild.

“Assault already……If I had time, I would’ve made  a more decent gun barrel.”

Simon understands that this assault is to buy time for the restart of cross fire.

Conversely speaking, if the gun barrel can keep on firing, then there is no need to take risk and assault.

Simon regrets the fact that he couldn’t complete a more durable gun barrel and due to that they have to add such a high-risk assault plan to buy time.

When the gun barrel was complete, Kurono gave him the words of praise and gratitude that ‘It’s well made’, but he doesn’t think that his work is worthy of that praise.

“But, there is no time to regret right now, let’s start our next job.”

Susu speaks those words as if she had guessed Simon’s heart and returns her slime hand which had been acting as a scope till yet back to human hands.


Simon removes his hand from ‘Yatagarasu’ and stands up from his sniping position.

Originally, they had to go down from the pedestal using the ladders, but

“It’s better to hurry up, jump off like this”


Before Simon knew it, Susu took Simon in her arms and dived from the pedestal together.

The height of pedestal is just 3 metres, therefore, before Simon could say anything they both landed on the roof of guild.

Simon didn’t notice since there was no shock of landing felt.

“T-Thank you very much……”

For the time being, she just gave words of gratitude.

“We’re on our own from now on, be careful Simon. Especially since some of the Pegasus Knights might  come inside.” [ET: She doesn’t know my favourite Yandere Lily’s power.]

“Yes, Susu-san should also be careful.”

“You don’t need to worry about me. I’m a thief, so even if I went to the front line, the enemy won’t realise my presence at all.”

‘That is the skill of assassin not a thief’ Simon wanted to say that but stops because there is no time for useless talks.

“Well then, see you later”


After saying those words, Susu jumps off from the rooftop of guild.

She looks like a human but don’t be disillusioned she in truth she is slime. If she returns her hands and legs to slime form then she can climb on the walls as easily as if walking on road.

Simon thinks while seeing his running off that he can do such a thing without any rope or martial arts skills or magical assistance.

“Alright then, I also have to give cover fire for Onii-san and others.”

Simon starts running while shouldering his gun. He ran towards the ideal position for sniping above the main gate of guild.

Till now he had been sniping the enemy magicians but now her role is to do cover fire to support the assault platoon.

The targets are right besides guild building, so she doesn’t need the scope, in other words Susu as a spotter.

(The commanding officer of enemy can use lower-grade magic too, eliminating him is top priority……)

Simon decides his main target for sniping and once again set up the ‘Yatagarasu’ while standing on the rooftop. [ET: For those not understanding it….the guild’s rooftop is really long and he was running on it till before.]

The ones he will be shooting are not on the other side of shore but right below the guild.

“I don’t feel like missing a target at this distance.”

Without any hesitation Simon pulls the trigger, and the bullet flies towards her target.




I haven’t had any close combat after fighting that priest in Irz Village.

I still don’t think I’m cut out for close combats.

(Chop, Chop—-Kill—-Chop, Blood, Kill —–Death, Kill, Chop, Chop Chop Chop)

“And you remain the same, eh?”

Thanks to the bloodlust being transferred to me from the HaraRetsu in my right hand, I’m not feeling even a bit of nervousness.

Sure enough, it’s odd to have a relaxation effect from a curse, but there is not time to think about that because the enemy is heading towards me.

The Crusaders are coming separately so as to not meet the same fate as that of the soldiers that started marching first.

But still, their numbers are hell lot more than the number of people that came to conquer Irz Village.

They are full of vigor due to being covered by the white shadow while crossing the river.

“Really great, I will give you more than enough blood to drink for you to evolve one more time.”

For the time being, I have no other choice than to keep on killing them starting from the ones in front.

After closing a lot of distance between the enemy, I load the magic power and increase the physical power in leg and leap in one spurt.

I jump above the spears they are attacking with and attack at their heads while being in mid-air.

“Black Calm!!” [ET: Attack name!][SK: Kuronagi sounds cooler really]

I release martial art in mid-air and cut the heads of soldiers in 3 pieces.

The heads and chainmail both get cut cleanly without any resistance. As always this does have really terrific cutting ability.

The blade emits a resonance as if being delighted to taste blood after 1 week of wait.

I land in front of the three headless corpses and head towards the centre of the enemy. They suddenly cover me from all directions without leaving any gaps.

The soldiers after sensing I have closed a lot of distance between them already, throw the spear and don the broadsword hanging on their waist.

But those movements seem really slow to me.

Now that I think about it, I have killed 10 high-class soldiers when escaping from institute and that so very easily. In that case, the soldiers in front of me who haven’t learnt either magic or martial arts skills, in other words ‘normal human being’ don’t have any advantage other than the difference in numbers.

While the soldiers are taking their swords from their scabbard, I chop them all together.

The ‘HaraRetsu’ just like its name says, cuts the stomach of the soldiers cleanly and scatters the blood and entrails.

After I cut of some soldiers covering me, the left soldiers finally take out their swords.

“Die you Devil!!”

Everyone speaks the words of revenge and start to assault me.

Even for this hatchet, it’s is impossible to kill many people coming at me in one swing.

They attack at me in large numbers—–but, I have already learned how to cope up with attacks like these during the mobility experiments.

“’Shadow Gate’    ‘Sword Arts’”

A black shadow spreads below my feet and a jet black sword appears from it.

“—-Pierce Through”

10 blackened swords are deployed and fly towards the soldiers coming to attack me.

Without even looking at all soldiers that are in my blind spots of vision, I somehow know that my swords have pierced through them.

Though I’m not moving my hands but I’m controlling the swords, So the sensation of cutting gets transferred in my mind.

The soldiers coming at me all get purged and now I can finally concentrate on new enemies coming at me from front.

I jump to the interior of the spear that is pushed towards me and cuts the soldier diagonally from shoulder.

After killing him, I realise that after 10 seconds from landing, the impact I have given the soldiers by killing all the soldiers coming at me from all directions is massive.

The soldiers point their spears at me and are standing in the deadlock position which is just some metres away from me.

“This damn Devil—-Uoooo!!”

After breaking the silence of some seconds, a single soldier extends his spear from right behind me.

But the 10 swords that have been released from Sword Arts are still in good condition and so deal with the attack that is coming from behind me in a flash.

I don’t have to look back, just instruct a single sword to fly towards the soldier at my back.

The speed of my sword piercing through the soldier’s chest is more than the speed of his spear coming towards my back.

Raising a voice of agony, one more soldier falls down.

As if the soldier got cold feet, they moved even further back and then encircle me.

“If you’re not coming, then I’m coming.”

Having hatchet in my left hand, and the baton in right, while having 10 blackened swords protecting my back, I take a step forward.

Having the HaraRetsu that can cut clean even the defensive magic, while deploying Bullet Arts that can rapid-fire like a machine gun and having 10 swords from Sword Arts that cover my blind spots. I can easily fight against many enemies by alone.

I am a magician, So it’s natural for me to do close-combats with the support of magic too.

It didn’t work with Sariel, but it will work out with normal soldiers until I pass out by the lack of magical power.

“Don’t let them break!!”

For now, it’s more than enough to hold down the enemy at front lines as an adventurer.

Trampling the corpses of soldiers, I deploy all the swords I have towards the soldiers remaining in my surroundings.

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