Kuro No Maou Chapter 103

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Chapter 103 Adventurer Alliance Vs. Crusaders (2)

Seeing the heavy knights drown in the river in front of them, the Crusaders’ advance had completely stopped.

They actually wondered whether they should continue or not. Seeing the heavy knights being annihilated in front of them had caused them to think of retreating for now, but,

“Attack! We’ll cross a river of such a level without a bridge!!”

Norz chose to attack.

“Bu, But—-“

“I’ll be the vanguard! Follow me!!”

Before his subordinate could even say anything, Norz started moving towards the river.

Since the commander himself had taken the initiative and moved, the troops couldn’t just stand and watch.

“Follow the Priest!”

“There are no more traps! Attack!!”

“Revenge for the knights!!”

“Kill the enemies!!”

“Kill the demons!!”

“In the name of God, exterminate the demons!”

The troops resolved themselves and jumped into the river.

After confirming the advancing soldiers, Norz gave further orders.

“Magician squad use Boost enhancements and magic shields to protect the soldiers crossing the river. Let the Pegasus Knights sortie as well!!”

Everyone of them obviously understood that they’d be defenceless while they were crossing the river.

Rather than forcing the magicians to cross as well, Norz decided that it would be better to use them to help the soldiers through Force Boost to stop them from drowning and by putting up defensive magics to protect them from long ranged attacks.

“Priest-sama, will we able to break through their gate without the magicians?”

“It’s just some wooden fence and some iron wire spread out for no reason. We need neither castle siege weapons nor magicians squad to break through something like that. Once the soldiers charge, the gate will immediately fall.”

Norz thought that they were lucky that this village didn’t have a stone wall like Kuar.

There was huge difference between a wall of wood and one of stone. Robbers or bandits might be stopped by the wooden fence but it doesn’t have the strength to stop such a number of soldiers.

“Also, I’ll destroy the gate myself so there is no problem, right?”(norz)

Norz gave a confident smile towards his subordinate.

And the troops knew that it was neither a joke nor was he overestimating himself. He clearly had that much power.

The monsters that had attacked them in villages had been dealt by Norz himself after all.

The whole occupation army had already deemed Norz as a hero of great valour and strength.

“Oi, incoming!! Put in all you’ve got and advance!!!”

Literally, a rain of arrows came down upon Norz and the soldiers that were moving through the river.

From the other side of the protective wall, or maybe from the black guild, the demons had fired arrows from their bows.

The sound of cutting air resounded and sharp arrowheads rushed towards the troops who had no choice but to advance steadily.

“جدار الضوء الأبيض لمنع انتشار المرض— Light wall – Lux Wall Defence!”

Norz’s defensive magic was deployed and a shield of white light covered around 10-odd meters area around him.

Also, the defensive magic casted by the magicians on the river bank also took effect and protected the troops from the rain of arrows.

But it was unable to protect every soldier crossing the river, and those who were unluckily out of the range of the defence magic had their bodies pierced by numerous arrows.

(“Quite a lot of casualties are appearing, but, there is no other way!”)

Without even glancing towards the soldiers falling one-by-one, Norz kept on moving forward without any regrets.

When Norz and others reached the middle of the river, the depth of the water had already become a bit more than their heights, and they began to gasp as they swimmed while bearing the weights of their armours as well as their weapons.

From there onwards, the attack became even more violent.

Along with arrows, low level fire, ice, and wind attack magic also came raining down on them.

Seeing various elements raining down felt like as if it was a natural disaster but it was very normal for a battle in this different world. And of course, even Norz had been expecting that.

(“But still, the amount of lightning magic used is much higher…….is it a coincidence?”)

A magician could not use all the elements. Usually it’s 1 or 2 and in rare cases at most 4 elements.

The affinity of an element depended on their personal constitution and did not have anything to do with someone’s talent as a magician.

Basically, if a large amount of magicians were gathered and asked to fire together, they all will not be able to attack with the same element.

Since they are fighting with their lives on the line, it should be obvious that they would use magic that they are most used to. It was the same for even demons. Just as how a beast would use his claws and fangs, they would use the most familiar magic without any doubt.

That was what  Norz was thinking but, the fact that almost half of the attacks were of lightning element, he had no choice but to rethink again.

(“No doubt the enemy is using lightning magic on purpose!”)

And the reason behind it was simple enough that even a soldier who had no knowledge of magic could understand.


“Oi, don’t come closer to the point where it falls!”

“You goddamn idiot, do you think I can dodge inside this river!?”

“Even if it doesn’t hit directly, you’ll still be struck by electric shock!?!”

“Get, get away!! I’ll drown——“

After all, the number of soldiers falling due to lightning magic was too big.

(“The enemy is clearly aiming to shock us with electricity.”)

Norz quickly realized the intent of the enemy.

Flames would disappear when they hit the river, ice would end up floating, and wind would only raise a splash.

But lightning would affect the surrounding area as well by scattering in the water. Damage will be dealt just by being close to the point where lightning falls.

Thus, even if the soldier avoids death or fatal blow, if their limbs become paralyzed, they’d drown in the river.

Everyone could only take care of themselves and could not help each other in such a situation. In fact those who were drowning were taking other down with them as well.

In this place every single lightning magic had the same effect of a wide range attack magic.

“Shit! Damned demons! Just how long will you continue your insolent tricks!!!”

Norz shouted in anger. Behind him the pitiful sounds of those who had become unable to move and were drowning came.

(“Bear with it, we must bear with it for now! We’re almost at the opposite shore!”)

The vanguard group had already crossed the centre and could once again reach the bottom of the river with their feet.

Although, the number of victims that died from the enemy attacks or by drowning, just kept on increasing.

Also, the defensive magic of the magicians will not reach on this side. It was going to be a severe battle where they’ll have to face the enemy attacks directly with their bodies.

Still with the enemy line (goal) in sight, they moved without faltering.

(“They’re just a small force after all. Even if they attacked us inside the river, it’s still far from completely defeating us! As long as we land on the other side, we can break through their petty defences and then raise a bloodbath!!”)

The number of adventurers in Alsace village wasn’t big enough to overturn the number difference.

The amount of blood that has flowed was already too big but victory was still in their hands. Norz was still confident of that fact, that is why he didn’t even look back and kept on moving with anger.

(“Just a little bit more!”)

Only 50m were left till the opposite shore.

In the next half hour, they’ll break through the gate and will rush inside the village, Norz predicted so.

But the Crusaders still did not know that two dark magicians were lying in wait for them while holding absolute will and power in their hands.

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