Kuro No Maou Chapter 101

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Chapter 101 The Black Building (Black Box)

The next day, on the 1st day of the month of Hatsuhi (new flame), inside the conference room of the guild that had become as dark as the night itself through Kurono’s blackening, all the representative members of The Adventurer Alliance had gathered together.

“Firstly, let’s hear the reports. Was the MPK tactic in Vato village also broke through?”(kurono)

“Yes, the priest who is probably also the commander of the army killed the Garuda.”

On Kurono’s question, Irina, the representative of the scout squad gave her report.

“Garuda was able to damage the infantry a lot but unfortunately it was unable to hurt much of the heavy armoured knights or the Pegasus knights. The Priest who uses light and earth magic led the vanguard himself and killed all the monsters in Vato village.”(irina)

“I see, so the result wasn’t good even after making them face a rank 4 Garuda.”(kurono)

“What, does that mean that this MPK tactic failed?”(Vulcan)

Vulcan, who was also a part of the MPK tactic, was currently sitting cramped in his sit due to his giant 2 meter body.

“If it was able to reduce even a little of their strength, then it was a success. Since we don’t have the exact numbers of how many of them got killed or injured, you might not realize it though. Also, the main gain was that we were able to delay them from the expected 3 day time till today.”

Thanks to that, they were able to finish up a lot more preparation than they could have in only 3 days.

Kurono and the others didn’t know how much effect the scorched earth and MPK tactics had caused on the Crusaders but the fact that the enemy had taken 1 week to reach here was important.

“I hope you have once again become aware of the fact that the enemies can take down even a rank 4 garuda easily. Do not underestimate them just because they are an army of only humans.”

Through the reports of the scout troops, the equipment, appearance and other such things about the enemy had been told to the adventurers but if they know that the enemy could even kill a high ranked monster they would be able to understand the enemy’s strength even better.

Although, due to the hectic preparations, all of them here had a sense of tension and won’t be careless against the human opponents.

“In the end, just what the hell was Em Pii Kay?”(T/N: Vulcan obviously doesn’t know how to write MPK here since it’s a game slang)

“Eh, I didn’t tell?”(kurono)

“You didn’t!!”(Vulcan)

Vulcan gave a roar.

“I don’t think you’d understand even if I told you though. Monster Player Killer. By taking the letters used at my home, the initials would be MPK.”


“It is a tactic that involves using ‘Monsters’ to kill ‘Players’. No need to think too deeply into it since there’s no other meaning to it.”

In the first place, MPK was a type of prank (?) used in a net game that Kurono played in his own world.

Since in that game, players couldn’t attack players, there was no way for one player to kill another.

But using the traits of Active Monsters that would attack the player as long as it entered their range, they could make many monsters target themselves. And they would move towards another player who might be in a different battle or was afk while taking a break. And then that player would teleport away from the place and the monsters would end up attacking the player remaining there. And as a result, they would be killed.

By the way, one of Kurono’s friends was an expert at MPK.

Anyway, MPK tactic was a tactic influenced and adapted from such a useless game and was used to lure wild monsters and make them attack the Crusaders.

To lure the children of monsters might sound like an inhumane tactic, but luring monsters and using them as decoy wasn’t problematic for the adventurers who would take any method to complete a quest. At least, it wasn’t something like a taboo that might have made Vulcan and the others doubt Kurono’s character and nature.

At the same time, the adventurers that kidnapped the monster children (or eggs) were made to wear the costume of Crusaders to make the enraged monster possess clear hostility towards the Crusaders that came to the village.

“The important part starts from here onwards. If the Crusaders have occupied Vato village, then that means that they will definitely come and attack this place by tomorrow.”(kurono)

On Kurono’s words, the adventurers realized that the decisive battle was nearing close and a sense of tension hung inside the room.

“Just now, a few enemy scouts had appeared nearby the village. The enemy will be aware that we are preparing to counter attack and are lying in wait here.”(irina)

Kurono gave a slight nod to Irina’s report and continued speaking.

“Probably, no, definitely, the Crusaders will attack Alsace village tomorrow morning. Bean-san, how much has the construction been completed?”

Alsace’s guild master Bean, who had been appointed as in charge of the construction and fortifications, cleared his throat once with a *uohon* and began his report.

“Defences have been prepared as much as we could. Thanks to the iron barbed wires, the infantry will not have it easy invading this place, but stopping the Pegasus knights and the heavy armoured knights will be the job for you guys.”

“That’s enough. We’ll stop both of those definitely.”

On Kurono’s strong reassuring answer, bean gave a hearty laugh and said that he will be depending on him.

“oo, also, the installation for that was also finished earlier.”

“By that, you mean the giant Ballista?”

In Kurono’s mind he remembered the big wagon pulled by the dwarves that was carrying the ballista that was the same ones as those on the walls of Daedalus.

“For the time being I have positioned it at the main gate so use it well.”

Kurono didn’t know from where he got something like that but Kurono decided that it would be insensitive of him to ask something like that and decided to just accept it gratefully.

“Thanks for the fantastic romantic weapon, Bean-san.”(T/N: By romance, here Kurono is referring to a man’s romance involving cool thing etc. and not the usual one.)

“What, it’s fine! Use it till it turns to waste in this battle.”

Leaving its history aside, Kurono was happy for the increase in their firepower.

He wasn’t expecting the completion of ballista on time so it was an unexpected gain but he also asked for the increase in firepower that he was expecting, that is, the[Machine gun].

“How is on Simon’s side?”(kurono)

“Ye, Yes!”

Maybe because a lot of adventurers had gathered here, Simon stood up with a nervous expression.

All gazes focused on him, and among them,


Lily’s hostility filled gaze was also included.

“Um, Onii-san.”

“What happened?”

“Somehow, Lily-san seems to be glaring at me……”

“He, Hey Lily, are you still minding that!?”


Seeing Lily puff up her cheeks, Kurono recalled Lily and Simon’s first meeting.

Destroying the door of the lab (storehouse), Lily walked towards Simon with max magical energy and Kurono tried to frantically stop her.

After that event, even in her child form, Lily seems to be hostile, or rather vigilant, towards Simon.

Kurono didn’t understand why Lily, who was gentle with everyone, was so severe only against Simon but he had been trying to mediate between those two, although any good result was yet to be seen.

“Sorry, continue.”(kurono)

Kurono who put Lily on his lap made an awkward expression and asked Simon to continue.

“Ah, yeah, um, for the time being, the machine gun has been completed. All that’s left is see how many barrel replacements and bullets we can procure.”(simon)

“Good job. I’ll create the bullets. As for the gun barrels, we have very few replacements so now choice but to use magic to cool it down and use them.”

In fact it was amazing, that the machine gun was completed in just one week.

“Un, as expected, we don’t have the time to create a cooling mechanism starting from now.”(simon)

“It’s enough. If we have even 2 machineguns, we can definitely stop the enemy’s advance. Mossan, you have learnt how to use the machinegun right?”

“Ou, leave to me!”

Mozrun gave a confident thumbs up. As expected of a rank 4 adventurer, he was always in a good form, so Kurono judged that he should be fine.


After that, Kurono heard the reports regarding supply and replenishments and the arrangement and deployment of the members. At last he said this,

“Finally, tomorrow the enemy will come here. Since we only had a week, our defensive line had to be created in a hurry but right now, we have no choice but to endure it by ourselves.”

The last batch of refugees, that is Bean-san and others would depart today. If the enemy breaks through in 1 or 2 days all the refugees will definitely perish.

“We need to hold off the enemy here for at least 1 week. It’ll be a painful and hard battle but everyone’s life depends on us. Fight with all you’ve got!”

Kurono spoke determined words. It was unknown what the other adventurers were thinking inside their minds.

“Fight on! O!Ou!”

Lily raised her small fist and shouted.


Fiona also continued after Lily with her usual expressionless face, and the next moment,




Every adventurer here stood up and raised a war cry.

The roaring sounds of the adventurers resounded inside the guild and their wills became one.




2nd of Hatsuhi, from beyond the Rone river, that was slightly covered with mist, an white army wearing the flag of the Cross finally appeared.

“Is that it—-“

The one leading the vanguard of the west Daedalus occupation troops was the devout believer of the Cross, Norz Preist Head.

“It’s as per the reports. The guild building seems to have been enhanced and fortified through magic.”

The one who answered was his subordinate beside him.

“I see. I see now why the scout troops had given it the nickname ‘Black Box’. What an ominous and sinister dark building it is.”

The forest alongside the highway became thinner and the banks of the Rone river spread here. On the river, a single bridge leading to Alsace village existed.

Beyond that, as if reject any intruders, a fence of wood and bush like fence of iron wires had been created.

And close beside the main gate was the ominous black building of the guild.

“But, in the end, it’s all just for show.”

Norz felt no fear against the demons that were lying in wait for them.

No matter how many the demons have gathered, they will not be more than 300. It was a number that could not even be compared with his own troops.

With such an overwhelming difference in numbers and strength, he only needed to charge straight and break through the enemy defences with sheer numbers.

Due to the rivers, it would be difficult to complete an encirclement considering the terrain. Even if they were able to successfully surround them somehow, it would take a lot of time.

If they take too much time, they’ll end up letting the demons run away. So in the first place, they could not take a detour to cross over the rivers like usual.

Also, the cavalry is needed for pursuing the enemy so they are not normally used in attacking.

Though they had such ‘constraints’ , and even if the demons were not just 300 something, just with their heavy armour knights and Pegasus knights, they could easily destroy the hurriedly made defences of the demons easily.

Norz  who was confident of his victory, gave the long awaited words.

“Commence attack!!”




But fortunately, he still doesn’t know.

That the hatred Kurono has for the Crusaders, his knowledge of the modern world, and the fortified guild and the Alsace defensive line would become a kill zone that bring out countless sacrifices and deaths to them.

And thus the battle, where blood was washed with blood, between the Adventurer Alliance and the Crusaders, finally began.



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