Yaho~ It’s Kookie from Ohanashimi.
Kookie is a girl (and part kookaburra) with no life and a lot of free time, so here she is translating Japanese webnovels for you guys to enjoy.

Kookie was born and lives in Australia and does almost all the translating and editing herself, with the help of Rikai-chan. She is not fluent in Japanese but English is her native language so while there may be a few mistakes, the quality of translations should be fine. Chapters are released when they have been completed and have no set schedule.

Kookie is the translator’s avatar and is separate from the translator herself. She doesn’t exist anywhere but the internet and is just a figment of the translator’s imagination (but that doesn’t mean she isn’t real~)

If you have any questions, you can email me at [email protected] or leave a comment below.

12 Responses to KookieDreamer

  1. Jahaad Peterson says:

    Saying “I love you” once a day in your favorite translator’s About Us page has a 1% chance of the next chapter’s release coming out earlier than you would expect it to. So “I LOVE YOU”

  2. Mrow says:

    I love you Kookie as well!!!! (and your translations! – especially No Fatigue)

  3. nicholas knapp says:

    love the latest story you are translating

  4. cspradlin says:

    I love you and the stories you are translating!

  5. Vk says:

    I love you kookie! Please do more No Fatigue 😀

  6. Nicholas Knapp says:

    like your work. how do I donate to you. wish to support saint healer.

  7. Oroan says:

    Ch60 of No Fatigue is currently linking to ch 60 of Nekomata so there is nothing there.

  8. Kiko says:

    I love your name, Kookie!

  9. Kiko says:

    I love you! Please translate “cultivating to become a Great celestial”

  10. Sivartius says:

    I love you! Please translate more “Cultivating to Become a Great Celestial”

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