KENS Chapter 0

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Chapter 0

As I woke up, I felt a bit nostalgic.

As I raised my head from the wooden table, the joints of my body ached a bit. Probably because I slept in a weird position.

I stretched my body muscles which felt really nice.

Next, I shook my head as an unpleasant *gokigoki* dull sound came. Due to that sound, the old man shopkeeper behind the counter gave a frown and looked towards me.

“You’re finally awake.”

His words sounded especially harsh as he polished a cup in his hands.

Envying that behaviour a bit, I opened my eyelids heavy due to alcohol and turned my face towards him.

“Yeah, the sake here is really delicious. I was able to see a really good dream.”

I think it was a dream of the past.

I felt something inside my chest become a bit warmer.

I wonder if my old comrades were still doing fine.

Thinking that, I once again shook my head.

I had shared everything with those guys and girls.

Summoned as a Brave, expectations as a hero, and was wished to kill a god.

—-It’s really nostalgic. In my chest dwelled nostalgia about those days and a slight bit of regret.

Behaved like a brave, returned triumphantly as heroes and were envied as God-slayers.

I wonder how my comrades think about me who ran away from that pressure.

They would probably resent me, I concluded.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the courage to ascertain that.

And I had no intention to do so either from here onwards.

On the counter dimly lit by a candle, I brought out a copper coin from my almost empty purse and spoke with a dried voice.

“I’ll leave the calculations to you.”

“Yeah, just go back already. Don’t get drunk and fall asleep on the side of the road alright?”

“haha. I’ll be careful.”

Getting up from my wooden chair, I ended up stumbling a bit. I can’t move my legs properly due to the alcohol.

Looking at me like that, the shopkeeper once again gave a sigh.

It seems the time has already become quite late. Even though it’s night, there’s no other customer who is still drinking here.

Well, another reason might be that there aren’t many inhabitants in the first place as well though.

I once again bowed towards the old shopkeeper who kept the store open till I woke up and left the store.

The cold wind stroked my body and I felt sobering up a little.

Actually, my steps are still quite unstable.

Thinking that this is the end of a man who was once a Brave and had been cheered as a Hero, I could only laugh.

It has been 3 years since we were summoned. It took 2 years to defeat the Demon God.

The past 1 year, I parted from my comrades and drew back to this village to live leisurely with money received as the reward for killing the Demon God.

Maybe, they might have already forgotten about me.

When I thought that, rather than feeling miserable I felt relieved instead.

I was not someone who had the capacity to become a Brave or a Hero.

A different world—-13 people who were summoned from Earth to become Saviours.

To defeat the ‘Demon God’ that wanted to destroy the world, 12 people with cheat skills were summoned along with me.

I was not a magician that could easily defeat the world’s strongest magician easily, neither was I swordsman that could cut up a 10m golem with a single slash.

It’s not like I have good mind, neither am I good at strategies nor am I good at healing people. I’m not skilful enough to make lots of items either.

It was painful to be with those guys and girls who could do that/

Different world summoning. Saviour. The Divine Protection of the Goddess. The trust of the royalty. The expectations of the people.

I really think that those 12 who moved forwards while bearing all that are really amazing.

But unfortunately, all that was too heavy for me.

“Ah…..I’m sleepy.”

In the night sky, the moon shined with a reddish tinge.

That colour was the proof that this was a different world. I drowsily sighed.

If I kept on sleeping like that, I think I would dream about the past again.

Somehow confident of that fact, I kept on walking through the streets at night.

In this world that has no electricity, it became awfully dark after the sun set.

In the royal capital, there were street lights made of magical energy so it was slightly brighter but that was not so in this rural village where I currently am.

Relying on the dim light of the moon, I headed for the inn where I have rented a room.

I yawned once more.

What should I do tomorrow?

I thought about it as I kicked the pebbles with my hide boots.

Well I’ll think of something somehow.

Taking some requests at the adventurer guild to earn some small change, eat meals and drink sometimes.

Three years after coming to this world. 2 years were spent in defeating the demon god and the remaining 1 year in the way I mentioned above.

The other guys seem to be using their abilities to make a living apparently.

Popularising a game that was popular in our original world, improving the government and improving the living standard in general.

I even heard that they were living as knights at the royal castle and earning money by defeating monsters as well.

Well, changing the world sounds much more difficult than saving it actually. But they still must be living to their fullest I think.

I’m sure they would not be living a life like me who has trouble for money.

“It’s cold.”

As the night breeze stroked my body, I shivered from its coldness.

And I sighed.

No internet, no car, no way to go back to our world and no way to get into contact with parents or friends.

It’s just like our connections were instantly severed.

But still, I still can’t come to hate this world.

Unable to hate it but at the same time unable to like it like the others either, I have been living here half-assedly. If I was asked whether I like it or hate it, I’ll probably say I like it. But I really can’t say that with much pride.

Really, what am I doing?


As I looked up, the reddish moon was looking down on me.

“I need to gather some money.”

Since I paid the hotel charges in advance and in full, I’ll be fine for a while but the contents of my purse will soon be empty.

A Brave summoned from another world and a God Slaying hero—–I’m one of them.

But even then, I’m troubled about the money for tomorrow’s meal right now.

That reality was really laughable.

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