Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo Dorei Majutsu Volume 1 Chapter 1 Part 2

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Volume 1 Chapter 1 – Being Summoned (2/15)

—- I was, kissed? Why?
It was too much of rapid development that he couldn’t comprehend it.
Takuma absent-mindedly gazed at the sky.
The two girls had long disappeared from Takuma’s sight.
Only a pure blue sky was spread out all around him. It wasn’t the house ceiling that he had become familiar with.
And then, his own appearance was also different.
I’m wearing a mantle?
It wasn’t the collar-stretched T-shirt and half-pants that were starting to fray at the cuffs that he wore in his room.
It was the appearance of pitch black clothes and an important person’s mantle.
In his hand, he gripped staff that had a pitch black aura rising from it.
He surveyed the surroundings.
As he thought, no matter how many times he looked, it wasn’t his own room.
It wasn’t particularly spacious. It was an eight-sided place that was about five meters from one side to the other.
Takuma was seated in the middle of a stone-built altar.
In the surrounding area, there were four stone pillars.
The light that was lit at the tip of the stone pillars, was neither fire nor electricity, but was an overflowing phosphorescence. It was just as if it were a game’s magic effect.
Outside, deep blue scenery had spread out all around.
Just like a pretty tall building, the surroundings were only of the sky. Probably, they were on top of a tall tower or something.
In this place, other than him ––––

There were two girls.

One of them is an Elf. That’s all that he could think of her as. Enough to make him doubt his eyes.
Her ears were long and tapered to a point.
Since it’s enough to call the Elves a long-eared tribe, it’s a big characteristic.
Her hair was golden as if it were melted gold, and there was a grass decoration placed on her head.
She wore a green tunic, and since it was only tied up with strings in several places, her skin could be intermittently seen from the fluttering of it.
A quiver was carried at the back of her waist, and a large bow was carried on her back.
Her neck, her torso, and her limbs were all long and narrow. If it were only that, it would be the very Elf that Takuma knew of but, the wide and “looking like they’d have springiness” bulges on her chest were the only things that were obviously different from his image of them.
The other party——-
Was a girl that had cat ears on her head.
Both her ears and her hair that grew down all the way to her waist were similarly a beautiful black color.
She’s short but, her thighs that could slightly be seen were tight, and one could tell that she had trained.
Her cat-like almond-shaped eyes and her spruce eyebrows made one feel the strength of her volition. Expressionless like a doll, she looked his way.
Her clothes were a vest that went to her chest, had shoulder pads attached, and was hanging from a jacket, and a wide leather belt coiled above her waist. It had a great number of pockets attached. She wore a skirt of layered cloth around her waist and, maybe because he was on top of a pedestal, he couldn’t really see what was under it.
The long eared maiden was beautiful, and the cat-eared maiden was adorable.
Takuma had recognized the characteristic appearances of the two.
——As I thought, an Elf and……possibly, could it be a one of the Panther People Tribe?
The players of the MMORPG Cross Reverie chose a race of their liking at the beginning of the game, and were able to alter things like their features and their figure.
Among the races that could be chosen at that time, the Elf and the Panther People Tribe were there.
Elves were a race that excelled in long range attacks with things like bows.
The Panther People Tribe possessed super fast movements and strong offensive ability as a race. That was the setting.

——It’s as if, I’m in the world of Cross Reverie.

If that is the case, just what was the building that he was in now?
He felt that he had seen similar background graphics within the game but……He just couldn’t put his finger on it.
Takuma was one of the top players in regards to Cross Reverie. HIs amount of knowledge of it greatly surpassed that of regular person’s knowledge.
That is why Takuma was so frantic to remember the building that he was at, as well as why he was carefully observing the surroundings.
The reality of it wasn’t half-assed.
The feeling of the stone.
The remains of a dried up puddle of water.
The flowing clouds in the pure blue sky.
Maybe because this place was a high location, but the wind was strong, and made a rumbling sound.
The pure white light of the sun that was suspended in the sky shined with a strength that couldn’t be possible in an LCD screen.
The smell.
The smell of mold and soil that was characteristic of an old building, rode and was carried by the wind.
The fragments of the stone paving that the floor was composed of were scattered about.
This overwhelming resolution, just how high-specced would a PC and monitor have to be to reproduce this. It was way too vivid.
Takuma thought.
Is this the real world?
However, this scenery is definitely something that he recognized in the game.
The Panther People Tribe maiden muttered with a small voice that could be erased by the wind.

「…With this, the slavery ritual is done.」

Did she say slavery ritual?
Takuma finally remembered the name and use of this tower.
In the MMORPG Cross Reverie, there existed many skills that made one think “if you only think about the efficiency of it, I have no idea what the reason was for implementing it.”
Calling such inefficient skills a “romance” and, as if to seriously say 『Net games aren’t just for fun』, Takuma and other hard core players would not choose them.
For example, even in the system of the occupation called 《Magician》 that Takuma had chosen, there were two patterns of romance skill configurations.
One was called a 《Hitting Magician》, something that, despite being a magician, trained to adjacently attack.
And then, the other romance is, it was——
The Elf maiden happily said.

「The summoning was a success! And so, with this, I’ve also become a 《Summoner》!」

That’s right, a 《Summoner》.
It was established that a magician 『that uses magic based on the chemical elements, such as earth, water, fire, wind, or light or dark, would be the strongest』. Despite that, by casting aside all of the skills for the chemical elemental magics, one would pour the bonus point at the time of a level up into the Summon skill. That kind of romantic occupation is what a 《Summoner》 is.
Their way of fighting is 『to enslave a summoned beast, and make it fight for them』.
However, although a summoned beast will go out front and fight, its offensive ability for each attack is low. An attack from an chemical elemental magic of the same level would be many times more powerful.
For defense, they had various ways of getting it like relying on their company to act as shields, scheming on how to go around it, or defeating the opponent before they can attack.
For those reasons, 《Summoners》 were made fun of with things like 『Summoner (LOL)』 and『If you want a pet, go play a different game』, and were considered weak.
The thing that had a connection with those Summoners, was this placeーー
The summoning point, 《Starfall Tower》.
This place was for the sake of calling out summoned beasts and enslaving them. There seems to also be special summoned beasts that can be obtained from events but, normally they would be obtained here.
In fact, the altar that Takuma was laying on was the exact location that the called out summoned beast appeared at……
The Panther People Tribe Maiden talked.
「……That misunderstanding is very troubling. This summoned beast is something that I summoned. Your magic didn’t succeed.」
The Elf maiden objected, appearing to be angry.
「What was that!? I don’t understand what you’re saying!? I proper used the summoning incantation, didn’t I!? PlusーーI, I even did, the slaver ceremony! I went and did something so embarrassing like a k-k-kiss, see!?」
「……S, same here, I did it as well…Besides, I’ve never seen a humanoid one. Compared to the typical ones, since there’s no mistake that it’s a fairly powerful summoned beast, it would be impossible with an Elf’s magical power. In other words, thinking theoretically, it means that this is the summoned beast that I called out.」
「That’s wrong! It’s mine!」
The two maidens were in disagreement.
Takuma understood the situation.

——In other words, I wasn’t called to this world, which is pretty similar to Cross Reverie, as a player……

The two maidens had, almost simultaneously, said it.

「……I’m the one that summoned 《Diablo》.」
「I am the one that summoned 《Diablo》!」

Sakamoto Takuma—— No, Diablo was summoned to another world.
However, it was as one of the two girls’ summoned beast.

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