Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo Dorei Majutsu Volume 1 Chapter 1 Part 10

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Volume 1 Chapter 1 – Being Summoned (10/15)
Somewhat proofread by: dasher64

They arrived in front of the inn.

Located in between the west gate and the plaza, it was a building made of stone.

On the way here, he was guided by Rem and Shera.

In the game, there was only one inn in the town, but on this block, there were several inns. To begin with, one couldn’t enter “useless buildings” in the game. Buildings that weren’t related to quests had its  entrances locked.

However, this world was different.

It was possible to enter almost all buildings, and even the shape of the signboards weren’t standardized. A majority of the buildings were two-storied buildings that had triangular roofs, wooden doors, and were made of stone. He couldn’t tell the differences between them.

——In the old days, there was an RPG whose scenery graphics were too beautiful that you couldn’t tell where you should go, wasn’t there. That was the big title for the dawn of the 3D age.

Making sure to not get lost might be harder than using magic……

He would have been fine if he could at least use the map function.

When Diablo grabbed the metal doorknob, he pulled the wooden door open, and entered the inn.

It had been a considerably long time since he had been to a town’s inn.

Diablo, who had customized his My Space and changed it into a dungeon, decreased the amount of times that he had come out from it.

The usefulness of the game’s inn wasn’t limited to just recovering HP and MP. The first floor was a bar, and was a place where one could gather information from NPCs or intermingle with fellow players.

First of all, there was the reception desk.

There, a yellow cat-eared——no, a panther-eared Pantherian young lady was there.

It was an NPC that even Diablo recognized.

The Pantherian young lady shook her light brown hair, that went down to her shoulders, and made a smiling face.

「Hello there ☆ I’m the poster girl of the Inn 《Relief》, Mei-chan~? Kyaho!」

——Ahh, so this place is exactly how it was in the game.

He didn’t know if he should be relieved or if he should be amazed, it was that kind of feeling.

Since it seemed that the receptionist girl was normally like this even in this world, Rem and Shera didn’t mind it and talked to her.

「……Could you please give me a room key.」

「Rem-chan, welcome back~☆ Was the summoning a success?」

「……It was a success……Only the summoning though.」

Rem concealed the choker with her hand.

The inn’s poster girl made a curious-looking face.

「What’s wrong?」

「……Leaving that aside……I would like an additional room.」

——That’s my share, isn’t it?

Since he felt bad about being indebted to her, Diablo thought that he should at least pay for his own inn charges.

However, how would he do that?

What happened to his money?

In the game, it was only something that existed as data at the bottom right of the window. It wasn’t an item that he  possessed.

He didn’t have something like a thatched bag equipped. He also didn’t have a place to put it.

Cross Reverie’s money was a unit called “Furis”. The visual icon was either a copper coin, a silver coin, and a gold coin, but……

No matter how much of an other world this place was, there was no way that gold coins could be circulating in daily lives of commoners. Most likely, there should have been silver and copper coins, but he couldn’t find any.

——So in short, right now, I don’t have any money?

Though, if need be, it was possible for him to pull through by selling his equipment and items. And if this was a world with the job called an Adventurer, Diablo could probably easily earn some income with his strength……

The inn’s poster girl tilted her head.

「One more room? Could it be for the Onii-san behind you? Yahho~, Onii-san. I’m the inn’s ido——」


Suddenly, Shera raised her voice.

Although the inn’s poster girl was surprised, she dealt with Shera with a smile.

「Shera-chan too, yahho~☆ Did you need something? If you need a key, I could immediately get one for you?」

「I, I……Um……I would like to lodge one more person in the s-same room as me, is that alright!?」

Her face was bright red.

——It couldn’t be, that person is me!?

As one would expect, Diablo put a stop to that.

「Oi, you……It can’t be that you’re telling me to spend time in the same room with the likes of you, could it?」

His real intention was 『To be in the same room as a girl, I won’t feel like sleeping. Please stop it, I’ll die』.

Shera grinded her teeth.

「But, but! I, I don’t have the money to rent two rooms! But, if you lodge in the room that Rem prepared, it kind of makes it look like Rem is the Summon Master!」

Rem scornfully laughed.

「……The one that invited Diablo into this world was me……Therefore, it is natural for me, the Summon Master, to prepare a room for Diablo. Do you understand? You should just enjoyably pass the time alone in a poor way.」

「You’re totally wrong! I’m the Summon Master! Because of that, the Summoner and the summoned beast should be together!」

「……No, the excellent Diablo should be with someone excellent. In other words, with me……That is why, um……I will, prepare a room……No, he’ll be in my room.」

Diablo didn’t have any money.

However, sharing a room with a girl, what could he do!?

Above all, Rem and Shera didn’t have any intention of compromising.

*Pan pan!* The inn’s poster girl clapped her hands.

「Okay~. A large room for three people, I’ll lead you there~☆」

Shera panicked.

「Eh!? No, no, that’ll be very troubling for me, you know!? Why do I have to be in the same room as Rem!?」

「……Sharing a room with such a stupid Elf, it’s really unpleasant.」

The poster girl tilted her head with a smile. The smile had such intensity behind it that the threatening sound effect 『Go go go go go……』 could be heard in the background.the background.

「Jeez~, it’s troubling for me if you fight at the reception desk☆ I’ll go ahead and put these bad kids in the same room, ‘kay?」

When Rem tried to object even more, the smiling face finally disappeared.

「I’ll kick you out, got it?」

Because of the excessive intensity, Rem and Shera vigorously nodded while their bodies trembled.

When the poster girl once again had her smiling face, she presented the key to Diablo.

「Well then, pleased to have you. But be as quiet as you possibly can at night, ‘kay?  That’s a request from the inn’s idol, Mei-chan☆」

He took the large, heavy, old-looking key that was made of iron.

Sharing a room with two girls huh……

He had a hard time making it look like his hand wasn’t trembling.

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