Isekai Maou, Chapter 1, Parts 8 and 9

Ku ku ku. Lower your heads and grovel at my feet. For I, the great Isekai Soul-Cyborg, made my first post here and released two parts of the chapter.

*swoosh* (Isekai Soul-Cyborg dramatically opens his imaginary cape and it flutters in the imaginary wind)

Hey, wait. What do you mean imaginary? I totally have the cape right here. See?

*BZZT* (Isekai Soul-Cyborg gets electrocuted)

AHHH! What the heck was that for!?

Voice from Nowhere: For getting carried away. Just shut up and keep working.

What, am I not allowed to make my great presence known?


Hey, why do you have that “Voice from Nowhere” in front of your line?

Voice from Nowhere: That’s for the people that don’t know about how we do things. This isn’t our site you know. Obviously, they’re not going to know about me. Heck, I’m pretty sure that people at our own site wouldn’t know about this unless they read the first post, which most new comers probably wouldn’t read.

See, that’s why I need to make a grand first post. Especially if I want to rule the world.

Voice from Nowhere: Yeah, yeah. Oh, go and clean up table five. I need to finish washing these dishes.

What the heck are you talking about?

Voice from Nowhere: We’re at moonbunnycafe, right. Did you completely ignore that last word at the end? You’re working here so get cleaning.

How come I didn’t know about this?

Voice from Nowhere: That’s because I didn’t tell you about it until just now. This is your first post. When else would I tell you? Besides, the job was offered to manga0205 in the first place. We just came as a package deal. Kind of like extras. 

Awesome. Now I’m like Maou Sadao from Hataraku Maou-sama! except this time, I’m working at a cafe. Now I’m fired up!!

Voice from Nowhere: Yeah, yeah. Now hurry up and clean that table. Oh, but before that, give the people those chapters.

Aye, aye, sir!!

Here you are ladies and gentlemen. The two chapter parts:

Part 8
Part 9

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  1. Yama says:

    Lol this was funny.

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