Inside the Cave of Obscenity – Volume One (R-18)

Well, heya everyone. Ziru here!

New to the cafe and I’ll be dual hosting all of my translations here in the future, in the middle of copying everything over now.

In the meantime, enjoy. Check out the project page for the following volumes’ illustrations as well!

(~’.’)~ Illustrations Here ~(‘.’~)

(~’.’)~ Read Chapter One Here ~(‘.’~)

(~’.’)~ Read Chapter Two Here ~(‘.’~)

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4 Responses to Inside the Cave of Obscenity – Volume One (R-18)

  1. Varler says:

    Lol. Those illustrations. Now I know why this has the (R-18) tag on it. 😛
    And, welcome to Moon Bunny Cafe, Ziru!

  2. Kourii says:

    Lol cant believe you really joined MBC and with this series no less. Anyway, welcome to MBC Ziru.

  3. The Dung Beetle says:

    A bunny cafe hosting a series about slimes and er…. R-18 stuff?!?! SUPPORT! 😀

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