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Translated by Socksrocker

Words from Bones (the author), here to poke, poke, poke


Writing up to this point, Bones (me) has always had a lot of things that I wanted to share with everyone. However, I’ve always been busy, especially since I went back to my old home last month and ended up busy with a lot of things, and there no need to even talk about other things. Today, I want to use time while I’m on my journey to share some things with everyone.


First, I want to thank everyone for their constant support and love towards this book of mine. Seeing everyone single comment you guys make, makes Bones extremely happy. However, because there are too many comments, and you can’t even see the replies that I make, so Bones has never replied. However, Bones has definitely seen every single one of your comments. Wait until I have time in the future, then I will make a post to reply everyone’s questions.


Secondly, Bones wants to tell everyone the new release schedule. Right now, 4 are released every day, the timings are early in the morning at 1203 am, 1205 am, 1208 am and 1210 am. Because Bones is very busy right now,so for the time being, they are being released in this way. Bones wants to tell you that, actually, I don’t even write 4 chapters a day. So, the fixed update will have one or two chapters that are eating into my manuscript. Bones also wants to just throw all the manuscripts up, but am really too busy right now. I’m afraid that if i throw up all my manuscripts, after all those are used up, I won’t even be able to keep to the new schedule ︶︿︶ so right now, let’s just keep it to 4 chapters a day!

(TL note: this is in terms of raws… definitely our translation release schedule!)

@Lostmemoriesofyou, you said that that it feels as if the novel is progressing more slowly. Actually, the story is still steadily moving on. Also, Bones wants to give a word of apology, you let Bones celebrate for a while, and even gave me some money. However, because Bones has yet to go home, I can’t do more.


Here, I want to specially thank all my beloved genuine subscribers and even those close to me who always appreciate me. Because Bones currently writes full-time, my income comes solely from subscribers to my novels as well as the support from my close ones. Bones does not hope that this novel will be able to get its own following or be a great leader, but Bones hopes that there will be more readers and subscribers to this novel. If I were to speak truthfully, without subscribers, Bones would not have any income. Then I have no choice but to go out and find work once again, working 9 to 6pm everyday, and my pace would slow down so much that I’m afraid that even having new releases would be nothing but a dream. Bones really likes writing novels, so thank you to everyone who currently, and who will in the future, supports and subscribes to my work!


Actually, I should say all these things later on, but because I won’t have time then, I’ll tell you all here and now.


Finally, Bones will thicken her skin and ask everyone for some things like recommendations and monthly bus tickets[1], hoping that Bone’s novel will smash, it will be the best if it smashes Bones till I go dizzy (≧▽≦)/


[1] she made a pun here but I don’t know how to explain it

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