DDFYM – Chapter 212

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Chapter 212: All the Untouchables of the lowest caste

By the time West Moon Emperor brought his men over, he saw Yao Guang standing outside the house. She did not enter and merely stared at the battle taking place in the air while in a daze.

“What are you doing here?” West Moon Emperor went forward and reproached her.

It was only now that Yao Guang realised that the Emperor had come and hurried to give a bow, saying, “Emperor, it is as if the entire outer house has been blocked out. We cannot enter!”

The West Moon Emperor let his men test it out and they really could not open it, so they could only wait outside.

Within the outer house, Sima You Yue and the others knew that the West Moon Emperor had come. However, they did not expel the barricade and continued to let Thousand Resonance and the others fight with the Spirit Paragons. However, they asked them to do it quickly since the Master had already come and they had no more reason to drag for time.

Very quickly, the few Spirit Paragons died one by one, were injured one by one, and those would had not died had their foot halfway in the door.

Sima You Yue glanced at Halcyon and the latter undid the barrier he set up with a wave of his hand.

West Moon Emperor felt that pressure disappear and quickly brought his men in. When they came to the house, everyone saw the Spirit Paragons lying on the floor.

It was like the West Moon Emperor was seeing stars. He secretly rejoiced that he had chosen not to fight with them for the sake of the prestige of the royal family. These people were not only consorting with the Sacred Beast, each and every single one of them had contracts with Divine Beasts.

The Sacred Beast had yet to make a move when all those Spirit Paragons were fallen. If he had sent men here, they would only fall here.

“I hope that you all are not injured?” West Moon Emperor asked politely.

Wasn’t this obvious? Everyone looked oddly at the West Moon Emperor.

“Cough cough, men! Go and find out who sent these people!” West Moon Emperor shouted at the people behind him.

“No need.” Fatty Qu said, “We already know who sent this men.”

“Who?” West Moon Emperor had an inkling, but he still had to ask.

“You have to ask your imperial concubines in your Harem.” Fatty Qu said.

“Could it be Imperial Mo?” West Moon Emperor shot a glance at Yao Guang, who immediately retreated to the Warshaw Pavilion to look for Imperial Mo.

“It’s so late, yet we have to trouble the Emperor. We are all very sorry.” Wei Zi Qi said this lightly however, his tone didn’t carry the meaning that they really were apologetic.

West Moon Emperor knew that they were all angry. After all, they had just arrived at the imperial capital when something like this had happened, so it was impossible for them to be happy about it.

He stole a glance at Halcyon, who looked cold as ice. This caused him to be unable to discern whether or not he was angry. If he was, there really would be major consequences!

“Guests, we still have some time before we bring Imperial Mo here. Why don’t we go in and wait first.” West Moon Emperor said.

Sima You Yue and the others nodded their heads. Although they could rely on Halcyon, the other party was still the West Moon Kingdom’s Emperor. It would not be too good to slap him in the face in front of all his imperial guards.

So, they went into the Guest room to wait while the imperial guards stayed guard outside.

“I think that Emperor has already checked out our identities. We are not people of the West Moon Kingdom, but have passed by on the way to the kingdom we want to go. We never thought that so many things would happen to us on the way.” Wei Zi Qi said.

“That’s right, I never thought that the Domineering Army would actually do this kind of things. It’s their own fault that they were exterminated.” the Emperor followed up with an apologetic smile.

“Then the Sandgulls who have helped us…”

“The Sandgull army staked their name on extinguishing the evil and were on the side of righteousness. Naturally, nobody will find any fault with them.” The Emperor replied.

With his words, the Sandgulls could be considered to be safe.

“I wonder which kingdom you all are planning to go?” The Emperor asked.

“Central Wu Kingdom.”

“Central Wu Kingdom? That’s the strongest Kingdom out of our four large kingdoms!” The emperor exclaimed. He continued to ask, “I wonder what you all are planning to go there to do?”

“Rescue people.” Sima You Yue replied.

Seeing that he was not willing to elaborate further, the West Moon Emperor did not continue to ask, leading the conversation down another path instead.

Most of the time, the conversation was between him and Wei Zi Qi. Although it was not lively, it still kept the West Moon Emperor’s pride from falling.

After a short while, Qin Mo was brought here. When she saw the West Moon Emperor’s imperial guards, she got a huge shock. After that, she also saw the Spirit Paragons that she had invited, lying inside the house. Four were dead and only two remained, and a kind of despair started to take root in her heart.

“Imperial Mo, please. The Emperor is waiting for you inside.” Yao Guang said.

Qin Mo felt that her two legs became as heavy as lead and could not move. Yao Guang glanced at her and two guards stepped forward. Each of them held on to an arm and brought her to the guest room.

The moment she saw the West Moon Emperor’s cold face, the guards released her and she fell directly onto the ground.

“Emperor, Imperial Mo has been brought here!” Yao Guang stood beside the Emperor and announced.

“Imperial Mo, you really are daring!” The West Moon Emperor’s imposing aura burst forth. It turns out that he was a Spirit Paragon expert as well.

“Emperor, Emperor, it was them who first killed my younger brother. They killed my daughter and my older brother too. How could I not take revenge!” Qin Mo knew that her plan had failed when she saw the Spirit Paragons lying inside the house. As a result, she was not surprised when she saw Sima You Yue and the others sitting inside without a scratch; she was only filled with hatred.

“Imperial Concubine Mo, is it?” Sima You Yue stood up and squatted down in front of her, saying, “Why do you always confuse the cause and effect of things?”

“What do you mean confuse the cause and effect?” Qin Mo raised her head and glared at Sima You Yue.

“We killed your brother because he tried to kill us. We exterminated the domineering army because your older brother’s daughter brought men to exterminate us.” Sima You Yue said, “It’s not possible that we would just wait for them to kill us. Imperial Concubine Mo, do you think… that kind of stupidity actually exists?”

“Hmph, you all are merely of the lower caste! If you are killed then you are killed!”” Qin Mo still felt this way after all this time.

“Mm.” Sima You Yue touched her own chin, saying, “We are of the lower caste, so our lives are not worth money. However, for people like Halcyon, Emperor, is he of lower caste as well?”

“Whoever Halcyon is, as long as he is with you, if he’s not lower class then what is he?!” Qin Mo blurted out without thought.


West Moon Emperor’s aura was directly thrown at Qin Mo, rendering her unable to move.

Sima You Yue stood up and looked at Halcyon, saying, “Halcyon, you’re as low class as we are!”

“I’m not even a person!” Halcyon said.

“Disgraceful thing!” West Moon Emperor was infuriated half to death by what Qin Mo said. He could not hold it back and stood up with a whoosh, come over to give her a kick. After that, he turned to Halcyon and Sima You Yue, smiling apologetically, “She’s talking nonsense. How could you be of the lower class! You are a distinguished guest of our Royal Family!”

Sima You Yue’s face fell, giving a cold laugh, saying, “It’s fine if she just calls us lower class. However, Halcyon is a Sacred Beast but he’s even been regarded as a lower class. If others knew about it, where would our family’s Halcyon put his face?!”

Halcyon raised his eyebrows when he heard Sima You Yue say that he was her family’s Halcyon. This brat really had guts. She dared to speak this way and was not afraid of evoking his anger at all.

However, why did he not feel bad about what she said?


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