DDFYM – Chapter 190

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Chapter 190: Earning a bit of money first

Coming to Ugly Person again, the one who came to receive her was the same shopkeeper as the one the previous time.

“Dear Sir, may I ask if there is anything I can help you with?” The shopkeeper asked carefully. He was unable to grasp the level of Sima You Yue’s strength, but he could feel that the aura she was giving off was a very strong one.

Sima You Yue saw him acting this way and knew that he could not tell her true identity. She kept silent and let Mo Sha, who was in her bracelet, speak for her.

“I came to sell something.” Mo Sha said.

“Is it a normal sale, or do you wish to participate in the auction?”


“Then please come with me, our auction is situated on the third level.”

Sima You Yue followed the shopkeeper up to the third level and and clarified that it was for the sale of pills before inviting Great Master Li out.

“I wonder what pills this Sir wants to sell?” Great Master Li was unable to guess which power this person belonged to, based on his own observation alone.

“It’s not convenient to speak here. Let’s change the location.” Mo Sha said.

Great Master Li immediately understood. He knew that the other party had something of good quality and said, “Please follow me to the VIP lounge.”

Great Master Li brought her to the fourth floor. The fourth floor was spacious, with just a few rooms. Every single room was adorned with high quality decorations and was even completely soundproof.

The servant girl served tea and Sima You Yue drank a mouthful. The tea here was more delicious that the previous one.

“May I ask what pill this Sir wishes to sell?” Great Master Li inquired again.

Sima You Yue took out a jade bottle and placed it on the desk, saying, “This pill will definitely become the star of your entire auction.”

Manager Li took the jade bottle suspiciously, could this pill be even more shocking than that sixth ranked pill?

The pill that was four different shades of gold had no other special qualities, and its fragrance was so light that you had to lean extremely close to it before you could smell it.

Manager Li was a fifth ranked pill appraiser, he had never seen the Hundred Revolutions Pill before so he asked suspiciously, “What pill is this?”

“Hundred Revolutions Pill.” Mo Sha said, “What do you think?”

Great Master Li’s hand trembled and he almost dropped the pill on the table.

“Hundred Revolutions Pill?!”

It was not only Great Master Li, but even the accompanying servant girl was shocked.

As long as one was an alchemist, there would not be a single person who had not heard of the Hundred Revolutions Pill. However, the method of refining this pill had long been lost in the entire Yi Lin continent, so even though he knew that this kind of pill existed, he could only ever hear the name of the pill and sigh.

That’s why he was shocked speechless when he heard the name of the Hundred Revolutions Pill right now.

“Is this really the Hundred Revolutions Pill?” Great Master Li felt as if the pill in his hands were a hundred thousand pounds. It was so stressful that he almost couldn’t breathe.

“You all should have an even higher ranked appraisal master, right?” Mo Sha said.

Great Master Li finally reacted and said, “Men, go and invite Master over here!”

If this really was the Hundred Revolutions Pill, the star of the auction this time, that sixth ranked pill, would need to take a backseat.

Very quickly, an elderly alchemist rushed over. He came to the room where Sima You Yue and the others were. The moment he entered, he asked, “Where is that Hundred Revolutions Pill?”

Great Master Li quickly handed the jade pill over. The elderly senior received the bottle and poured out the pill that was inside.

“Yes, yes, this is it!” The senior excitedly looked at the pill in his hands and tears streamed down his old face. “I never thought that I would be able to see this pill in my entire life. A good life, good life!”

“Master, is this really the Hundred Revolutions Pill?” Great Master Li asked.

“This is a Hundred Revolution Pill.” Master said definitively, “That year, I was lucky and managed to encounter it. I never forgot it my entire life. It’s a pity that I ever obtained the Pill Method that time.”

“Didn’t the method of refining this get lost?”

“It is lost in the Yi Lin continent, but not in other places.” The senior said, “Dare I ask this respected sir, whether you were the one who refined this?”

Sima You Yue sat back on the chair, saying, “This has nothing to do with the auction, right?”

“No it doesn’t.” The senior tossed his excitement aside and placed the pill back into the jade bottle, saying, “This was merely me satisfying my own curiosity. I saw the Hundred Revolutions Pill years more and I’ve always been thinking about it. I thought that I would never be able to see this pill again in my entire life, but I never thought that I would encounter it again today. That’s why I thought of asking it, to satisfy the wish of my lifelong wish.”

“You’re right. I did refine this.” Mo Sha said.

“You really did!” The senior could not control his own emotions and said, “Dare I ask if this senior is willing to sell the method of refining this pill?”

Mo Sha thought about it for a moment and said, “First tell me the starting bid of this Hundred Revolutions Pill.”

“This Hundred Revolutions Pill has reached the highest ranked pill in the entire variety of pills. The starting bid is higher than the rank six pill, twenty thousand gold coins.” The senior said.

Twenty thousand?!” Sima You Yue sucked in a breath.

“Does senior feel that this is too cheap?” He could feel Sima You Yue’s surprise and said hurriedly, “The auction is this way, the starting bid will not be too high. If these four pills were auctioned for, every single pill would be able to get around ten thousand each.”

Sima You Yue’s fingers lightly tapped against the table, having four pills meant that it was forty thousand. Adding on to that Ouyang Fei’s ten thousand, it was fifty thousand. She reckoned that it would be enough.

“Alright then, we’ll go according to the price that you’ve set.” Mo Sha said.

The senior took out a number plate and said, “This is your number plate. Other than that, this is the blue card of our auction. Everyone who uses this card is a VIP. In the future, you can go to any one of our branches to buy anything at a 15% discount.”

Sima You Yue kept the blue card and number plate before turning around to leave.

“Honored guest, please wait.” The senior called Sima You Yue to a stop.

“Is there something the matter?”

“About that, our auction would like to discuss for you about selling your pill refinement method. Is that possible?” The senior asked.

“Selling the refinement method?”

“That’s right, if this Sir is willing, we are willing to take out thirty thousand to pay for your Hundred Pill Revolution refinement method.”

“Thirty thousand?” Sima You Yue raised her eyebrows in question, “You already know the value of the Hundred Revolutions Pill and even know that this method has already disappeared. This thirty thousand…”

When she came out from Ugly Person, her interspatial ring had been filled with fifty thousand gold coins.

“It truly is a large and imposing sum. When you take out fifty thousand, you can’t help but bat an eyelid.”

However, she never expected that this money would be so easy to earn. It was no wonder that those alchemists would all unbearably haughty. This was such a lucrative path!

She returned to that little alley once again and ascertained that nobody was nearby before taking off the clothes that she was wearing and changing into her previous clothes. After that, she walked out boldly.


She had just left the street when she bumped into someone she really didn’t want to meet.

Qin Wan pulled Sima You Yue to a stop and said, “What are you doing outside and instead of hiding with the Sandgulls today?”

Sima You Yue looked at Qin Wan and inwardly rolled her eyes. How could she have bumped into her? She really hated this kind of person the most. She said insipidly, “A good dog doesn’t block the way. What are you doing, standing in front of me?”

“Did you just call me a dog?!” Qin Wan knew what she meant and shouted angrily.

“I wasn’t insulting you, I was merely saying that the one who was blocking me was the dog. If you’re not going to block me for no reason, would you not be a dog?” Sima You Yue shrugged.

Qin Wan was dizzy from what Sima You Yue said and glared at her. She turned around and said to Xi Yue Xi, who was standing behind her, “Cousin, it’s this person. He, along with a few others beat me up really badly that day. You must help me seek justice!”

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