DDFYM – Chapter 173

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Chapter 173: Appearing in the form of lightning

Sima You Yue looked at the sunset in Sofia Mountain Rage and muttered, “That person who is able to tame all these Saint Beasts must be of really high rank. Either that, or he has the ability to absolutely dominate them…”

There were many of those on the city walls that could tell the strength of the Spirit Beasts below. They naturally thought of this point as well. As a result, they all furrowed their eyebrows in frustration beside Sun Li Li, who stood there with a face of determination.

The Spirit Masters who had been hastily scouted looked down at the Spirit Beasts and found Wang Lei. After they said something, they quickly left the city walls and flew towards the inner city.

That direction was towards the Three Springs Spirit Master Guild…

Once one person had done it, there were many Spirit Masters who decided to back out as well. It wasn’t that the remuneration given by the Offical Residence was not enough, but that their life was needed in order for them to receive those rewards anyway.

A few Spirit Masters saw the retreating Spirit Masters and could not help but scold them. They were those who truly wished to help the Three Springs Kingdom fight the Spirit Beasts back.

“Those Spirit Masters actually decided to turn tail and run away.” Fatty Qu’s eyes were filled with disdain as he saw those Spirit Masters leaving.

“If you didn’t know Yun Qi personally, would you continue to stay here?” Wei Zi Qi hit the nail on the head.

Fatty Qu touched his nose, saying, “There are so many Spirit Beasts. If not for the fact the Yun Qi has helped Sima You Yue so much, how would we stay here! It’s not like we’re experts or anything!”

“Fatty Qu, Zi Qi, Bei Gong, Ouyang Fei, if you all really have to fight, fight on top of your Spirit Beasts. Do not do it in person. If you are unable to to hold the Spirit Beasts back, do not push on. You have to retreat, do you understand?” Sima You Yue ordered.

“We understand!” Fatty Qu said, “Our goal is to accompany you to save your Grandfather, not to send ourselves to our deaths here!”

Bei Gong Tang and Ouyang Fei nodded their heads.

Sima You Yue looked towards the direction of Sofia Mountain range and muttered, “Why do I have a bad feeling about this…”

The Spirit Beasts below made no movement and those on the wall did not dare to make a move either. However, there were some daring ones that sat down, leaned on the wall and slept.

Wang Lei heard what Bai Yun Qi had said and looked over at Sima You Yue and the others. After that, he sent men to fly over to try to initiate contact with the Spirit Beasts who were temporarily in charge. However, those Saint Beasts merely opened their eyes to take a look before continuing to shut them, remaining silent the entire time.

Those who had been sent over to initiate contact saw that the other party had no reaction and did not dare to force it, so had no choice by to turn around and fly back.

“Looks like these Spirit Beasts have made up their mind. They refuse to move or say anything until that Spirit Beast arrives.” Bei Gong Tang said when she saw that those who had been sent to negotiate had turned back in defeat.

“I have no idea what the reason is, that is actually able to cause these Spirit Beasts to do something this extreme.” Wei ZI Qi said as he looked at Sofia Mountain Range.

“No matter what it is, it definitely isn’t anything good.” Fatty Qu said, “You all tell me, would it be because of the boss of the Sofia Mountain range? Or else, how could so many Saint Beats come?”

“If that really is the case, we’re in trouble. I’m afraid that even the whole of Three Springs City would be unable to hold it back.” Wei Zi Qi said.

“No matter what, I think that we will know the reason why soon.” Sima You Yue said when she saw the sky far away begin to change.

“Look at the sky above Sofia Mountain Range!” Someone called out.

Everyone turned their attention towards the sound of that cry and everyone looked towards the Sofia Mountain Range.

The remaining bits of the sunset had disappeared in a side of the mountain, however, this was not the cause of everyone’s surprise. It was because of the black clouds that were quickly forming.

“Why would black clouds suddenly appear?”

“Is it going to rain?”

“How could that be, something has definitely occurred in Sofia Mountain range!”

“What could have possibly happened that would result in this?”

“A sudden overcast sky filled with black clouds, could it be some kind of omen?”


While everyone was speculating, the black clouds were becoming thicker and thicker, however, not a single drop of rain fell.

Sun Li Li saw the black clouds on top of Sofia mountain range and her eyes flashed with disbelief, “Brother Lei, could this be?”

Wang Lei’s heart was filled with the same amount of shock as he knew what Sun Li Li was going to say, replying, “I really hope is not as we think. If not… sigh!”

This was the first time that Fatty Qu had seen this kind of occurence and subconsciously grabbed onto Wei Zi Qi’s arm, saying “What could this possibly be? Why can I feel a terrifying amount of strength from that inside that black cloud?”

Sima You Yue called Little Roar out. The moment Little Roar saw the black cloud, he immediately called out, “Saint Beast transformation!”

“What do you mean by Saint Beast transformation?” Fatty Qu asked.

Little Roar did not float beside Sima You Yue as he always did, but stuffed himself into her embrace before explaining, “When Spirit Beasts pass the rank of Saint Beast, they can change into human appearances. However, wanting to do so requires them to undergo the baptism of heaven, a tribulation! They have to be struck by lightning a few times. If they can handle it, they will be able to change into the appearance of humans.”

“And if they can’t handle it?” Fatty Qu asked.

“If they are unable to hold on, they will turn into ashes.”


Fatty Qu was shocked by this turn of events and looked towards the thick black cloud, asking, “Will every beast that surpasses Saint Beast experience this?”

Little Roar rolled his eyes, saying, “Of course not. Only those who want to turn into humans will experience this kind of thunder. This is something that those who want to transform, choose for themselves. If they do not wish to turn into people, they will not go through this. Those who surpassed Saint Beast will stir up the natural laws when they want to turn into human, causing this thunder.”

“Then they will not have to go through this as long as they do not want to turn human? Then why to these Sacred Rank Beast want to choose this route?” Wei Zi Qi did not understand.

“Once the transformation is successful, that Spirit Beast will experience much glory and honor in the spirit beast world. Furthermore, it will be easier to cultivate than in beast form. As a result, many who surpass Saint Beast rank will choose to transform. Of course, there are those who do not wish to do so.” Little Roar explained.

“Then those Sacred Rank Beasts deserve to be praised!” Fatty Qu sighed, “Guys, look at that black cloud. We tremble just by looking at it. Who knows whether or not we’ll be hit by that when the time comes.”

“It truly is a cause for praise.” Sima You Yue said, “However, what I’m worried about is whether or not this really has anything to do with the Spirit Beast Tide.”

“You Yue, why do you say this?”

Sima You Yue could feel the strength hidden within the black cloud and muttered, “A feeling.”

The black cloud on the top of Sofia Mountain range got denser and denser. There would be occasional bolts of lightning that appeared. However, they were not too big.

Those on the wall could not tear their eyes away from the things that were occurring on Sofia Mountain range. The spirit beasts below the wall also turned around to look over. There were a few lower ranked spirit beasts that were so frightened, they huddled on the ground shivering uncontrollably.

Sima You Yue saw it roll non-stop, and saw a bit of red in the middle. She cried out, “It’s coming!”

Just as she spoke, a torrent of lightning rained down. It was as if it grew eyes, and directly shot down towards an area below the mountain.


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