DDFYM – Chapter 162

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Chapter 162: So stupid, are you a pig or what!

“Screw you damn bear lord, one of the days I, your father, will chase you around the mountains, chase you till your bear paws break!” Fatty Qu scolded while grabbing a pair of socks in the air to change to from his ring.

Because they were chased, everyone panicked and didn’t recognise the road. Now, now they strayed away from the route they were ordinarily on. Ouyang Fei took out a compass like item, looked at the needle and it was pointing towards the southeast direction, saying: “This way.”

Everyone went along with the direction that Ouyang Fei suggested. They were already out of the exiled place for a month, however they were still wandering around the mountains.

However, listening to what Ouyang Fei’s idea, this place was currently not far from the outside. Perhaps, they would meet the experienced treasure keeper from before.

After two days, they finally met a human.

In the past, in order not let the spirit beasts find out about themselves in the Sofia Mountain Range, Sima You Yue taught them how to conceal their own breath. This was the prerequisite whenever she went for a mission.

Everyone’s talent was not bad, so they were almost at the level of perfection right now.

“There’s movement!” Sima You Yue suddenly quieted down and made a motion with her hands.

Wei Zi Qi scanned the area they were in and pointed to a large tree at the side. The rest of them immediately used their light footwork to fly and land on the dense branches. They peeked through the cracks to take a look at the situation downstairs.

A short while later, a young man ran over with his Spirit Beast. He looked extremely tired and was leaning on the tree trying to catch his breath.

“Master, I no longer sense the aura of those Purple Foxes.” The man’s Spirit Beast said as he sniffed the air.

The boy’s hairs immediately stood on end when he heard it and slapped his own Spirit Beast on the head.

“You even lost track of this, so stupid. Are you a pig or what!”

The Spirit Beast immediately looked at his master with grief, “Master, I am a pig!”

“Even if you are you a pig, you shouldn’t be this stupid!” The boy held his head in his hands, with a face that looked as if he could not believe his current situation.


Fatty Qu could not help but laugh when he heard the beast-man pair converse.

“Who’s there?!” The boy raised his head and look and saw a few people standing on the trees.

When did those people get up there? How come he didn’t feel a thing? If it wasn’t because he happened to be standing under the tree when he lifted his head, there was a chance he would never have noticed them.

Seeing that they had already been discovered, Sima You Yue and the others all jumped down and began to appraise the man and beast standing in front of them.

The boys face was delicate and pretty, his eyes were clear and didn’t seem to be a bad person. From his conversation with his spirit beast just now, he seemed to be the kind that was a musclehead.

The boy also appraised Sima You Yue and the others, but his face did not have any nervousness that one usually had upon meeting strangers.

“Who are you guys? Why were you in the tree listening to our conversation?” The boy opened his mouth to ask.

“We just happened to be passing by and heard the sound of movement. We went up the tree to avoid trouble.” Fatty Qu replied, “Brother, what species of beast is your Spirit Beast?”

It was as if the boy didn’t have any reservations against other and said proudly when he heard Fatty Qu’s question, “This is an uncommonly seen Red Three Eyed Pig. It’s very strong.”

“But you always treat me like dog shit.” The Red Three Eyed pig muttered at the side. When the boy heard it, he gave him another slap.

Sima You Yue never thought that the unassuming pig was actually the rare Red Three Eyed Pig. Upon closer inspection, she realised that there was a line on his forehead, which should be the closed third eye.

“This lowly one is Wei Zi Qi; I wonder how I should address this brother?” Wei Zi Qi cupped his hands towards the boy as he asked.

“Ah, my name has the character, Qi, as well!” The boy replied, “I’m called Bai Yun Qi, a person from the Sand Gull Army.”

“Sand Gull Army?” Wei Zi Qi smiled, saying, “So you’re a person from the army. Could it be there you are here to execute a mission?”

“That’s right!” Bai Yun Qi nodded his head, “Oh, you all don’t know about the Sand Gull Army, so could it be that you are citizens of the West Moon Kingdom?”

They knew that this was the territory in the West Moon Kingdom because Ouyang Fei had come to the West Moon Kingdom from South Eclipse Kingdom at that time. After that, he crossed Sofia Mountain Range and entered the Dong Chen Kingdom.

“Indeed, we are not from West Moon Kingdom. But how did you guess?” Wei Zi Qi asked.

“We, the Sand Gull Army, are the number one in the three great militaries in the West Moon Kingdom. However, you didn’t have a single reaction when you heard it, so you’re definitely not a citizen of the West Moon Kingdom.” Bai Yun Qi said, “If you’re not a citizen of the West Moon Kingdom, how did you end up here? Where are you all from?”

“We’re from the Dong Chen Kingdom.” Wei Zi Qi replied.

“Oh, so you’re from the Dong Chen Kingdom.” Bai Yun Qi nodded his head. He only reacted later on and stared at them in shock, “You’re from the Dong Chen kingdom? From the land of exile? That place?!”

Wei Zi Qi nodded.

“Isn’t it said that you can’t get out of there until you’re a Spirit Saint?” Bai Yun Qi looked at their seemingly small appearances and was quite taken aback.

“No no, we’re not Spirit Saints.” Wei Zi Qi said, “We just got lucky and managed to walk here.”

Bai Yun Qi gave an expression that showed he finally understood and nodded his head as if relieved, “That’s why I was saying, my talent is already quite perverse, how could someone be even more perversely talented than I am.”

Sima You Yue and the others look at him wordlessly. This guy had quite a character! Could someone really be this narcissistic?

It was as if Bai Yun Qi could not sense the way there were feeling and continued to say, “However, it really wasn’t easy for you all to be able to walk out of that place without being torn to shreds by Divine Beasts. Your luck really isn’t bad.”

“Brother Bai, I want to ask, does the West Moon Kingdom have a Sima Clan?” Sima You Yue asked.

“Sima Clan? There is. In our entire Peace city, there is a Sima Clan.” Bai Yun Qi said, “Why? Are you looking for the Sima Clan?”

“Mm, I have something that I have to look for them for.” Sima You yue said.

“People from that Sima Clan are not anything good, what are you looking for them for?” Bai Yun Qi asked as he looked at Sima You Yue.

“They captured my relatives, I have to go and save them.” Sima You Yue said.

They never thought that hearing about the Sima Clan’s whereabouts would immediately cause their hearts to sink even further.

“Kidnapping? This indeed is something that the Sima Clan can do.” Bai Yun Qi said, “However, if just the few of you go, I’m afraid that you won’t be able to rescue your relatives. Although the Sima Clansmen are beasts, their strength isn’t bad. A few of them are Spirit Saints and they even have a Spirit Paragon. Otherwise, they would never dare to run so rampant here.”

“Naturally, I know these things. However, this will not stop me.” Sima You Yue said with conviction.

“Ah, since this is the case, if you’re not in a hurry, when my team and I finish our mission, we can bring you to Peace city.” Bai Yun Qi said, as he truly respected the way Sima You Yue was undaunted by any future dangers, just for the sake of her family.

“No need to trouble you, you just have to tell us how to go to Peace City. We’ll just take the Teleportation Array there” Sima You Yue turned down his offer.

Bai Yun Qi shook his head, saying, “If you go on your own, you can’t take the Teleportation Array.”

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