DDFYM – Chapter 145

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Chapter 145: Giving out pills

Not long after she finished settling the situation involving the clan, Sima You Yue went to the Academy. She had not yet graduated and the Principal knowingly gave her a leave period from school. Seeing that the Sima Clan was on the right track, she decided to return to her studies.

Actually, there was not much that her current self could learn about here. However, she had no plans to quit halfway. Sheh still had to spare a thought for the Sima Clan, so she didn’t have any plans to leave right now.

When she returned to the dorn, Wei Zi Qi and the others had all gone to class. The dorm was currently completely empty .She thought of how, the last time that she was here, she was still a carefree Young Master who did not have to care about anything. However, she was now the Leader of a clan.

Mm. It was likely that nobody had ever encountered a situation where a Clan Leader was still attending the Academy.

It was already afternoon by the time she finished packing up the house. She remembered that she had not eaten for a long time. She also wanted to thank everyone for the care and concern that they had shown her during this period of time, so she went to the kitchen to prepare some dishes.

“See, I told you. I knew that You Yue had come back the moment I smelled the aroma.” Fatty Qu was the first one to walk in after smelling the fragrant scent. His nose was the most sensitive towards food.

A group of four entered the kitchen and naturally went to walk over to sit down and began eating when they saw Sima You Yue sitting on the table waiting for them.

“Done settling your stuff? Wei Zi Qi asked.

“It’s already pretty much on track. The rest of the things can be settled slowly.” Sima You Yue said. The most pressing issue right now was the problem of having to tame one hundred over Spirit Beasts. However, the Spirit Beasts had yet to be delivered So Sima You Yue was not too anxious about it.

“The speed of which your house was constructed was blinding. Not even a few days had passed but I realised that your house had already finished construction yesterday!” Fatty Qu placed a piece of meat into his mouth as he said.

“Even I was given a fight, not to mention yourselves.” Sima You Yue said, “I merely went into closed door cultivation for a few days, but when I emerged, what was initially just a piece of flat land turned into an entire house. It was frightening. I had never known that houses could be constructed so quickly!”

“I heard that a lot of people were working on it together, that’s why it’s so quick.” Wei Zi Qi said, “This is good too, since you’ve hired so many new people, you’ll need a place to settle everything.”

“Mm.” Sima You Yue nodded, asking, “How have you guys been during this period of time?”

“Things inside the Academy are pretty much the same. It’s just that whenever we walk around the Academy now, we’ll bump into a female student looking for us. It’s hopelessly frustrating.” Wei Zi Qi said.

“Why?” Sima You Yue blinked her eyes in confusion, “Could it be that the springtime of your youth has come and girls are all confessing to you?”

“The springtime of youth hasn’t come for us, it’s you who is experiencing it!” Fatty Qu said, “All those who came to look for us were actually looking for you! Every time they looked for us, it was to ask when you were going to return back to school, what kinds of things you liked or what kind of girls were your type. Heavens, you’re obviously a girl, so why is your luck with women so good?”


Sima You Yue wordlessly looked on as Fatty Qu continued to complain. She never thought that she would become the most famous person in the Academy.

Mm. She used to be a famous person, but she was only famous for being a waste. Right now, she was famous for being a talent.

“You don’t know what lengths those females go through. In order to get any news about you, they would be willing to do anything.” Wei Zi Qi sounded quite fearful as he said this, “Ouyang Fei and Bei Gong are okay. One is an ice mountain while the other is a female. Others are not so daring as to go and approach them. However, Fatty Qu and I are in for it. We’ve already helped you collect a huge mountain of love letters. Do you want to read them or not?”

“No way!!” Sima You Yue quickly shook her head. There was no way she was going to read those nonsensical things.

“You don’t have to bother yourself with those people.” Bei Gong Tang said, “As long as you don’t pay them any attention, they will not come and harass you.”

“I know.” Sima You Yue said.

“Right, You Yue are you planning on remaining in the Academy? How are you going to manage the things at home?” Fatty Qu asked.

“I have already handed things over to Uncle Fu, so he’ll settle it. I just have to return home once every few days to take a look. If anything happens at home, I just have to apply for leave from school. I’ll wait for this semester to be over before I end my studies here.”

“You’re going to end your studies?”

“Mm.” Sima You Yue replied, “Three years time. I have to go to other places in order to grow stronger. My strength increases so slowly inside the Academy.”

Wei Zi Qi and the others knew about her three year arrangement, so they knew about the amount of pressure she had on her shoulders.

“What are you going to do about the Sima Clan’s situation?” Wei Zi Qi asked.

“We’ll be able to consolidate our power within a few months time. When the time comes, I’ll hand everything over to Uncle Fu and he’ll settle it. When they need things, I’ll get men over to send them over.” Sima You Yue said.

“Where do you plan to go?” Bei Gong Tang asked.

Sima You Yue thought it over, saying, “Probably to the Sofia Mountain Range. I’ll go there to practice for a bit, before heading there directly.”

“Didn’t you say that there’s a barrier? How will you go out?” Fatty Qu asked.

“Little Roar said that all those Arrays and stuff would be useless.” Sima You Yue said, “When the time comes, he’ll open the barrier.”

Ouyang Fei furrowed his eyebrows, saying, “The Spirit Beasts in the Sofia Mountain Range are much higher than the ones in Pu Luo Mountain range. Will it be too dangerous for you to go there?”

“It is only through danger that one will grow the quickest.” Sima You Yue said, “I will only be able to reach my potential and increase in strength if I encounter dangerous situations.”

“Alright then, you really will take a longer time to grow stronger if you stay inside the Academy. It will be better for you to go outside.”

“Mm. That’s right.” Sima You Yue gave a thought and took out four Jade bottles and passed it over to the four of them, saying, “These are the things I promised you.”

Everyone took a Jade bottle and opened it. They saw that there were two pills inside and asked, “What pills are these?”

“Hundred revolutions pill.” Sima You Yue answered.

When Bei Gong Tang heard the name Hundred Revolutions Pill, her eyes shone as she asked, “This is really the Hundred Revolutions Pill?”

“Yes.” Sima You Yue said, “I initially wanted to refine other types of pills, but the person who helped me to refine the pill said that this Hundred Revolutions Pill was a bit better, so he refined these instead.”

“However, I’ve already taken a Golden Snake Fruit. There shouldn’t be a share for me.” Bei Gong Tang said.

“Don’t be calculative. That Golden Snake Fruit was given to Meng Ji. This Hundred Revolutions Pill is for you. I think that Zi Qi and the others wouldn’t mind, either. Also, you need this.” Sima You Yue said.

Bei Gong Tang looked at Sima You Yue as her mouth slowly curved up into a smile, saying, “Thank you, You Yue.”

It was rare for Wei Zi Qi and the others to see Bei Gong Tang so interested in any pills, so they were extremely curious towards this Hundred Revolutions Pill.

“You Yue, what kind of pill is this Hundred Revolutions pill?” Fatty Qu took the pill and was about to stuff it into his mouth when Sima You Yue pulled him to a stop, saying, “You don’t even know what it is, aren’t you afraid it’s poison!”

“Hey hey, didn’t you say that this would be able to make me stronger?” Fatty Qu said.

Sima You Yue glared at Fatty Qu. This guy only cared about eating things and didn’t care about what she said at all!

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