DDFYM – Chapter 133

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Chapter 133: A contest in mental strength

Sima Lie saw that astonishment in Sima You Yue’s eyes and knew that she didn’t understand. He said, “You Yue, we can’t run away for our whole lives. There are some things that we just can’t implicate others in.

Sima You Yue took a glance at the destroyed ground below her as well as the ruined city. She saw the innocent citizens and understood a little bit of Sima Lie’s actions.

“But Grandfather, if we follow them, will they really give us justice?” Sima You Yue looked at Sima Lin and the others suspiciously. Because of the issue with Sima Kai, she had no trust in the entire clan.

“You Yue, it’s only going to be your Brothers and I. You’re not coming.” Sima Lie said hesitantly.

“Grandfather!” Sima You Yue received a huge shock.

“Every single person from the Sima Clan has to be brought back.” Sima Lin said.

“Actually, I didn’t want to tell you about this, but there’s no way I can keep it from you now. You are actually not a person from my Sima Clan. We were merely taking care of you.” Sima Lie said, “Because of this, you don’t have to participate in any things involving Sima.”

“Grandfather, I knew it long ago. However, you were the ones who raised me up till now, so you are all my family!” Sima You Yue said definitively.

“You, you knew?!” This time, it was Sima Lie’s turn to be astonished.

Could it be that Sima You Ming and the others had told her?

“Because a few things happened, so I had a few suspicions before. Later on, I asked Master and he admitted it.” Sima You Yue said.

“Since you already know it, then you should not have come here.” Sima Lie said as his face turned solemn.

“Grandfather, you were my Grandfather before this, and you will be my Grandfather even in the future. I used to be a member of the Sima Clan, and I always will be. This is a fact that will never change!” Sima You Yue looked at Sima Lie as she expressed her thoughts completely.

Sima Li was extremely moved as he looked at Sima You Yue. He never thought that she was already well aware of her own identity, yet was still unwilling to retreat in the face of danger.

However, he was not able to let her come along with him. The future was filled with too much uncertainties. He looked towards Sima Lin and said, “She’s not someone from the Sima Clan, you can’t take her back.”

Sima Lin glanced at Sima You Yue, but he didn’t express any opinion.

“Since this is the case, we’ll head down first then. Whether or not we are to bring her will be discussed when we’re down.” Sima Qing said.

The group of them reached the ground as Sima Lie looked anxiously at Sima You Ming and the others. Seeing that they were fine, he let out a breath.

“You Yue, you have to cultivate properly after we leave. I believe that you will be able to walk out of here not long later.” Sima Lie patted Sima You Yue on the back and said, after she got off Little Roar’s body.


“Are you going to listen to Grandfather’s instructions or not?!” Sima Lie stared at Sima You Yue.

“You are an Array Master?” Sima Lin suddenly asked.

“Not counted as one yet.” Sima You Yue said.

“Then your Mental Strength is already very strong.” Sima Lin said “Since this is the case, I will give you a chance. If you are able to receive three of my hits of Mental Attack, I will let you come with us. If you can’t, you cannot go and you cannot stop them from leaving.”

“Okay.” Sima You Yue immediately agreed.

“This…” Sima Lie was quite hesitant and was afraid Sima You yue would get hurt.

“Brother Lie, believe in Eldest Brother.” Sima Qing said.

“Come, then.” Sima You yue walked off to the side and turned around to face Sima Lin.

At this moment, Sima You Ming and the other three suddenly regained consciousness. Seeing the ruins in front of them, they were unable to react for awhile. They had no idea that this was the place they used to live.

Sima Lin looked at Sima You Yue, saying, “Have you thought it through? If you can’t take three of my hits, you will be severely injured.”

“I have naturally thought it through.” Sima You Yue replied, “Begin.”

Sima Lin looked at Sima You Yue and, with a single thought, Sima You Yue felt as if her brain was a pincushion. Her face turned pale immediately.

She fainted for a moment, but Sima You Yue did not fall down. Despite that, her Mental Strength depleted by quite a bit.

Sima Lin looked at Sima You Yue as his eyes flashed with a trace of amazement. He never thought that Sima You Yue’s mental strength would be so powerful. A strike was only enough to cause her to lose consciousness.

“Grandfather, what is Fifth Bro doing?” Sima You Ran asked as he looked at Sima You Yue and Sima Lin.

Sima Lie heaved a sigh as he explained the current situation.

“Prepare for my second attack.” When Sima Lin finished speaking, Sima You Yue felt as if a huge mountain had suddenly rested upon her back. That weight continued to press her downwards, causing her entire body to bend lower and lower.

Sima You Yue did try to use her own Mental Power to resist, but the opponent’s strength was too large and her little resistance was completely futile.


SIma You Yue’s entire body was soaked with sweat as her entire person was suppressed under the mental power and a single knee was kneeling on the ground.

“Fifth Bro!”

Sima You Ming and the other three saw the state that Sima You Yue was in and wanted to help her, but they were pulled by Sima Lie and had to remain in place.

Sima Lie shook his head in their direction and although Sima You Ming and the others didn’t understand, they remained unmoving. They merely watched Sima You Yue worriedly.


Because she thought of wanting to stand up little by little, she was pushed to the ground once again. Her knee hit the ground ferociously and the sound that everyone heard was of her knee shattering.

“Fifth bro!” Sima Lie cried out in panic as he shouted towards Sima Lin, “What are you doing, why are you making things difficult for her!”

Sima Lie wanted to stop it, but Sima Qing grabbed ahold of his hand, saying, “Big Brother Lie, Eldest brother is currently opening the door to her potential.”

Sima Lie took a look and realised that Sima You Yue’s attitude was clearly no longer the same as before. He lowered the hand that was raised.

The exchange between the two lasted no more than ten or twenty minutes before Sima You Yue was defeated. The strength was completely drained from her body and multiple bones were either fractured or shattered. When Sima Lin retrieved his mental energy, Sima You Yue was already quickly losing consciousness. She lay unmoving on the ground.

“Grandfather, nothing will happen to Fifth Bro right?” Sima You Le asked as he looked towards Sima You Yue.

Sima Lie did not know either, but he merely pursed his lips and remained silent.

“You lost.” Sima Lin said as he looked at Sima You Yue who was on the ground, declaring the results of the match between them.

Sima You Yue lay on the ground as her entire body felt like it had been run over by a car. Was this the strength of a Spirit Saint?

Sima Lin took a look at Sima Lie before Sima Lie called the Steward over, saying, “In the future, the General’s residence no longer exists. Hand out the clan’s assets to everyone. In the future, you can forge out your own path.”

“General, are you really leaving?” the Steward looked at Sima Lie with worry.

“I can’t not..not go…” Sima Lie patted the steward, “I have to trouble you to take of Young Master during this period of time. When he is healed, let him do whatever he wants.”

“Yes, General.” The steward promised unwillingly.

Sima You Ming and the other three knew that nobody would voice out any disagreements towards Sima Lie’s decision. If Sima Lie wanted to go, it was natural that they would go together.

“You Lan, are you still unable to sense where the Golden Snake Fruit tree is?” Sima Lin asked.

“I can’t.” Sima You Lan shook her head.

“We have no time to delay. Since we cannot find it, we have to give it up. We will return now.”

It was at this moment that a weak voice was heard from the ground.

“Three years…”


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