DDFYM – Chapter 129

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Chapter 129: title below

After busying outside for a day, Sima Lie only returned at night and the uneasy feeling he had in his heart had increased in intensity.

“Steward, where are the young masters?”

The Steward from in from outside, saying, “General, Eldest Young Master and Second Young Master have gone to patrol the Kingdom of Lin Cheng. Third Young Master is at home, while Fourth and Fifth Young Master are at the academy.”

“Go and get them all to return.” Sima Lie said.

The Steward looked at Sima Lie with a look of confusion. Wasn’t it that nothing out of the ordinary had happened today? Why would he suddenly want to call them to return?

“General, do you want it done now?”

“Mm. Go right now. Let Eldest Young Master and Second Young Master rush back through the night.” Sima Lie said.

Seeing how grave Sima Lie was behaving, the Stewards knew that something big had happened. He said, “This elderly servant will go now.”

The Steward left as Sima Lie sat in the house, with his heart constantly jittery. He kept pacing around the house.

The Steward came back, saying, “General, I have already sent men to look for Eldest Young Master and Second Young Master. They should be back by tomorrow morning. Fourth Master has already returned, while Fifth Young Master is in closed door cultivation and has not been seen.”

“You haven’t managed to see You Yue?” Sima Lie asked.

“Yes. When we went over, Young Master Qu said that Fifth Young Master said that, before he had gone into seclusion, he gave orders that he was not to be disturbed. I’m guessing that he is at a crucial point in his cultivation.” The Steward replied. “However, he said that Young Master has already gone in for two days and it should be around the time that he comes out from seclusion.”

“Mm, we will go tomorrow morning to take another look. If Fifth Young Master has come out from his seclusion, we will ask him to return immediately.” Sima Lie said.

“Yes, General.” The Steward left after accepting the order.

On the morning of the second day, apart from Sima You Yue, Sima You Ming, Sima You Qi, Sima You Ran and Sima You Le had all arrived.

“Grandfather, why did you suddenly call all of us back?” Sima You Ming asked.

“Right, what situation was so urgent that we even have quite a few of our family stores whose stocks have not been tallied?” Sima You Qi said.

“We have classes today as well.” Sima You Le said.

“You all have to leave the imperial capital immediately. You are not to return within one year.” Sima Lie said.





The four of them were stunned by what Sima Lie had said. Even the Steward who was standing at the side looked at Sima Lie with complete shock.

“Mm. You must go and pack your things and leave in a moment. You are not to return within the time of a year.” Sima Lie said.

“Grandfather, what has happened? Why do you want us to leave?” Sima You Ran asked.

“You just have to obey my instructions.” Sima Lie said calmly.

“Grandfather, if you do not give us an explanation, we will not leave.” Sima You Ming said.

“That’s right, Grandfather, If you don’t explain, we definitely won’t leave.” Sima You Le said.

“You all better not anger me!” Sima Lie roared.

“Grandfather, if you don’t give us an explanation, even if we left, our hearts would be unsettled.” Sima You Ran said.

“Sigh-” Sima Lie heaved a great sigh, saying, “This temperament of all of you… Fine then, I will tell you all the reason…”

Sima Lie told them about the truth of their Clan and even told them of his premonition.

“Grandfather, are you saying that people from our clan could possible come over here?” Sima You Ming furrowed his eyebrows. He had never thought that they would actually have this kind of history.

“The feeling I had yesterday was extremely intense and I felt that they will all possible going to arrive.” Sima Lie said, “They are the pillars of the Sima Clan, so you all definitely a]have to leave. If something really happens, this can be seen as a way out.”

“Grandfather, what about Fifth Bro?” Sima You Ran asked.

“Still in the academy, in closed door cultivation. I sent men to notify her that the moment she comes out from seclusion, she is to leave immediately.” Sima Lie said, “Enough, there’s no time to lose. You must depart immediately.”

“But Grandfather, if those few people really do come, how could we rest assured leaving you alone at home…” Sima You Le was unwilling to leave and wanted to stay behind to accompany Sima Lie.”

“Nonsense!” Sima Lie suddenly shouted, “If people from that side really came, would you even be able to be their opponent based on your current power? With a single look, the would be able to render you immobile. What would you use to face them? Your life?”

“But, it’s not a given that they will come…” Sima You Le lowered his head and said in a small voice.

“Grandfather, why don’t you come with us.” Sima You Ran said.

“I am the General of the kingdom. How could I leave with you all?” Sima Lie shook his head, “You all must remember that no matter what happens, you are not to return. The most important thing is to guard your lives, do you understand?”

“We understand, Grandfather.”

“Enough, all your things have been prepared for you. Each one of you should take an interspatial ring and go.” Sima Lie took out four interspatial rings as he spoke.

The four of them stepped forward, took the interspatial rings and dripped their blood on them.

Sima Lie brought the four of them out and just as they walked out of the house, his body suddenly felt a burst of power as he immediately looked towards the sky.

“They’re coming!”

Just as Sima Lie had spoke, a burst of power quickly came from outside the city.

“Escape quickly!” Sima Lie pushed Sima You Ming, who was beside him, as he urged.

“Haha, you want to run? It’s too late!” An unbridled voice was heard, as it stunned the entire imperial capital.

Sima Lie leaped into the air, into the space above the General residence and looked at the group of people who had just flown in. Their expressions were solemn like never before.

Feeling that some strong experts had come, the people in the capital slowly came outside to take a look, one after the other.



Two silhouettes quickly flashed and arrived in the air, and it was actually the old principal and a guard from the Imperial Palace.

When they saw Sima Lie, the old principal flew over and asked, “What happened? The auras of three Spirit Overlords and a Spirit Saint… who are these people who came?”

Sima Lie glanced at the old principal, saying, “This is an issue that involves my Sima Clan, you and Old Huang don’t have to involve yourselves in it.”

That Old Huang naturally did not want to involve himself, so when he heard what Sima Lie said, he stood extremely far away.


Sima Lie took out a ring, saying, “I must trouble you to help me pass this to You Yue. You definitely must not let her come out. You can return.”

The old principal took the ring and flew to a side, however, he did not leave. He merely stood far away, planning to watch the things that would unfold.

Sima Lin brought Sima Kai and the others, arriving quickly in the Imperial Capital, up in the air. Seeing Sima Lie, Sima Kai was quite surprised and he opened his mouth, saying, “You actually didn’t die!”

Sima Lin, Sima Kai and Sima Qing were three Spirit Saints. He lowered his head, looking over at Sima You Ming and the other three who were in the house. His heart flashed with determination.

“Sima Lie, at that time, you all evaded punishment and escaped. The Clan had expended large amounts of effort but did not manage to catch you all. I never expected that you all would actually hide in a place like this.” Sima Ke looked at Sima Lie as his eyes flashed with a peculiar mood.

Before they came, he had already discussed it with Sima Kai. No matter what, he would not let them return back to their clan alive. If it was possible, it would be best to completely exterminate them all on the spot.

Sima Kai looked at Sima Lie with eyes full of murderous intent. Since he had actually managed to survive after being bitten by the six toed devil mouse, he should be able to recognise the creature. He definitely must not let him reveal this, or else…

Chapter 129: Not in time

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