DDFYM – Chapter 123

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Chapter 123: Her Treasures

Sima You Yue took the books and had a feeling that these two books would open an entirely new exciting world for her.

“These Array books are extremely rare in this world, so you definitely have to guard them well.” Feng Zhi Xing reminded her yet again.

“I will, Master.” Sima You Yue nodded her head gravely as she placed the book into the Spirit Pearl.

“From now on, find the time to set aside two days a week to come here and I’ll impart some information to you about Arrays. You should go back now to read these two books and come to ask me about anything you don’t understand.” Feng Zhi Xing said.


“Since I have accepted you as my disciple, you have to learn well and not lose face for your Master. Do you understand?” Feng Zhi Xing said gravely.

“Yes, Master.”

She changed her greeting with more reverence and respect. This signified that the relationship between the two of them was no longer simply teacher and student, but had already entered into the level of master and disciple.

“Right, Master. Right now, what’s your current level of ability for sealing off space?”

Feng Zhi Xing saw the curiosity in Sima You Yue’s eyes and smiled, saying, “Your master can currently only seal off the amount of space half the size of this house.”

She did not know what level it was to seal off the space of half this house, but thinking about how he said that many Array masters could only seal of space around the size of a fist, she thought that this master of hers must definitely be super powerful!

Seeing Sima You Yue in her state of contemplation, Feng Zhi Xing was momentarily stunned. It was as if he had seen the image of that person that year once again.

When Sima You Yue regained her senses, she found Feng Zhi Xing staring at her seriously. It was as if he was looking at her but also looking past her and focusing on other things. His eyes appeared distant, as if he was recalling something. There was even traces of some heartache.

“Master?” She could not help but say something to interrupt his current ponderings.

“Cough cough. If there’s nothing else from you, you can go down first.” Feng Zhi Xing pretended to cough twice to gloss over blanking out just now, as he waved his hand to Sima You Yue and said.

“Then I will take my leave.” Sima You Yue left after she finished speaking. She walked a few steps forward before she stopped yet again. She turned around to gaze at Feng Zhi Xing. The look in his eyes revealed that he was caught once again in a certain memory.

After she left the office, Sima You Yue walked around the Academy garden alone as she puzzled over many things in her heart.

At that time, Sima Lie had accidentally revealed to her about her Life Jade. He had even said that Feng Zhi Xing was there when they made her Life Jade.

The average person had no way of creating something like the Life Jade. Even Sima Lie had not made any for Sima You Ming and the others. As a result, the fact that she alone had a Life Jade was something that was extremely strange.

At that time, Feng Zhi Xing was there. Furthermore, he was not someone who was from the Dong Chen country. Didn’t that mean that at the time that her Life Jade was made, she was not inside the Dong Chen country?

Could it be that she was not a person from the Sima Clan?

Sima You Yue was greatly shocked by the thoughts in her heart and inadvertently stopped walking.

She felt that her own guesses were slightly unimaginable. However, the interactions that she had with Sima Lie and the others really did have some parts that were strange. For example, her mother or father was not from the human race. They were from the Dark Race. This was what made it possible for her to possess a Light Devil’s Physique. However, according to her knowledge, Sima You Ming and the others had a mother who was undoubtedly from the Human Race.

Furthermore, when Sima Lie had given her the box from her father, he said that her father had left her something. At that time, it did not seem like an ordinary heirloom passed from generation to generation. It seemed as if that her father had guarded over this box especially for her sake.

Actually, just from the fact that she had that unusual physique, she could guess that she was not someone from the Sima Clan. In the past, she had never thought about it. But now, she could connect the dots between everything that happened, causing her to highly suspect her identity immediately.

However, even if she managed to guess it, she had no plans to ask Sima Lie and the others about anything. It was not that she held no interest towards her own identity but that she currently longed for the warmth of the Sima Clan.

As for the truth, she believed that she would definitely find out one day. If the time came, Sima Lie and the others would naturally tell her on their own.

After gathering her thoughts, Sima You Yue took a long breath and returned to the dorm.

Because they immediately wanted to start classes in the upcoming week, Wei Zi Qi and the others were all in their own houses preparing for classes starting the next day.

She returned back to her own house and placed the book that Feng Zhi Xing had given her on her own desk.

“Array Master…” She stretched forth a hand to touch the cover of the book and felt that it was a bit unreal.

Although she had wished for an opportunity to learn about Arrays in the past, she knew in her heart about how miniscule a possibility it would be. She never thought that Feng Zhi Xing would end up being an Array Master and this opportunity to learn was thrown in front of her in a moment.

“Perception of space… how does one perceive something like this?” She looked around her surroundings but couldn’t feel a single thing that was special about it. How would she perceive something like this?

“Master actually said that he was able to seal off space around the size of half a house… it’s too powerful. It’s a mystery how powerful he actually is.”

“Space manipulation, shattering space… Even Master does not know how to do these things, it will definitely be even more difficult. If I’m able to learn it, it will definitely be super awesome!”

“Forget it. I don’t even have to think about this for now. I’ll just read this book carefully and think about what Master said about space…”

Sima You Yue spent one entire afternoon reading the book and trying to perceive space. However, when night came, she could not perceive a single thing.

However, she was not disappointed at all. If it was so easy to perceive, Array Masters would not be even rarer than Alchemists.

On the second day, it was time to prepare for class. Everyone’s lives had pretty much returned to their usual peaceful days. They would attend classes everyday, study and cultivate. Wei Zi Qi and the others were continually pressured by the fact that Sima You Yue had such a great change, and as a result, were even more hardworking that everyone else. They wanted to be able to catch up to her in order to avoid being left behind.

Half a month passed by in the blink of an eye and Sima You Yue felt that each day was passing slower and slower. However, she realised later on that she could enter the Spirit Pearl at nights to recover and try to perceive space. This greatly allowed her to maximise her time.

At night, Sima You Yue and Mo Sha sat opposite each other under the Golden Snake Fruit tree. When moonlight shone on the tree, it released a milky white gas.

This was something that they both did every night. Because of their contract, the both of them imperceptibly formed a kind of trust in each other. They believed that the other would not harm themselves and so entered a state of cultivation without worry.

This night, Mo Sha did not cultivate. Tomorrow would be the day that he would help Sima You Yue refine pills, and he had already recovered quite a lot inside the Spirit Pearl. As a result, he was temporarily giving himself a break.

He sat on the prayer mat and looked at Sima You Yue who was currently trying to perceive space. He pondered in his heart that her luck was really too good. Others would not necessarily possess even one single treasure within their entire lives, but they were like cabbages inside here. The Imperial Beast Arts and Soul Refinement Arts were all things that he had slaved away for in his previous life and had only obtain through countless struggles and pain. However, because of the relationship they shared, she had gotten ahold of it easily. This book for Array Master was also something that was extremely rare in the entire world, but she had encountered an Array Master who became her master. There was even the Spirit Pearl that could be used to contain life, and even the most ancient deity tool, Ling Long, of which he had only heard about in his previous life.

Thinking about how she possessed all these treasures, she could casually throw one out and it would cause great reigns of terror and change. If they didn’t have a contract, even he would be moved by all these!

Sima You Yue could feel the gaze that he had on her, but did not open her eyes. Because her current state had already entered an entirely different world.

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