imperfectluck and Slave Girl

Hi all, imperfectluck is going to pick up Demotion Trip ~The Magic Girl Swordsman from the Hero’s Party Stumbled into Another World and Became a Slave, aka Slave Girl because of me. Don’t listen to anyone if they tell you that isn’t so! It all started from me whining about needing more fluffy translations, alright? It’s a new series written by the same author of Otoburi so it should be good, cute, and fluffy! We got interested in it because of the title, you see.. xD..

Oh, I guess I shouldn’t say pick up because he’s not making any promises, but he’ll translate chapter 1 and if he likes it, he’ll pick it up! If not, it’ll go into Purgatory. If anyone’s a fan of Otoburi and likes his translation of chapter 1, you must profess your love to him on his bio page!!

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  1. Tangmellina says:

    This just popped up in my email and the title was a bit alarming.
    Then I realized I misunderstood…
    Sorry imperfectluck.

  2. Mike777ac says:

    I never read anything that has ‘Slave’ in the title, especially if the main character becomes a slave lol.

    • Owl says:

      Reminds you too much of work? lol

      Never did like the western media’s obsession with slavery. While it is an unlikable institution, what I find worse is the unwitting brainwashing that the media forces on the viewers. One tries to control your body, the other tries to control your mind. I prefer to make up my own mind thank you. But then, I’m obstreperous.

      Not to mention that the media is a tyrannical rabid dog. If you don’t do things their way, and only their way, they attack you, so important institutions like elections end up as mudslinging and political decision making ends up as namecalling and bad mouthing and nothing gets done.

    • Owl says:

      “Hi all, imperfectluck is going to pick up Slave Girl because of me.”

      So we know who to blame if impy ends up having a psychotic trip. 😛
      Confession is good for the soul.

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