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0-years old


This was the first time I’d been so unable to understand something.

In order to get a handle on the situation, I first tried to speak, however all that came out was senseless babble.

In addition, I had very tiny hands, and my body was very difficult to move. Actually, it was hard to move period. I couldn’t just move on a whim.

Anyone would realize something was weird by this point.

And they’d be right! I’d been leading a perfectly good adult life, then suddenly regressed to a baby. I must be crazy in the head. If I’d been able to freely speak, I’d want to scream “OH JESUS!”

Still, it was strange.

I mean, it was already strange enough that I’d turned into a baby, but in the first place…didn’t this mean I had died at some point?

Without explanation, I was accidently killed by a vehicle. The car ignored the signal and crashed into me, and the I was on my way to the afterlife. It was so sudden, I don’t even remember the exact moment of impact. So, in short, I was born again it would seem.

“Honey! Liz smiled!”


As I couldn’t move my body all that well, my ‘smile’ was nothing more than an over glorified twitch of my face.

The person that suddenly lifted me into the air was no doubt one of my parents…but now that I saw them, I could very clearly see they were not Japanese.

By general beauty standards, they were a gorgeous couple, with a myriad of colors in their hair and eyes. My father’s hair was so red, it’d give a ginger a heart attack. Unlike dyed hair, it was rich and beautiful the way only a natural color could be. His facial features were perfect, with nary a blemish in sight.

And my mother had pale ivory-colored hair. They both suited each other. You wouldn’t find anyone like them in Japan.

“Liz, I’m your dad~”

When my father brought me close to his face I saw that he had crimson eyes. With a loving expression, he rubbed our cheeks together. I guess I really was this guy’s daughter…wait, I am his daughter right? I’m not his son, right?! Currently, I’d only been defined as their ‘child’, without any specific gender mentioned.

From what I heard, I assumed my name was Liz. Even more proof that I wasn’t anything close to Japanese anymore. Despite all evidence pointing to that conclusion, I still couldn’t be absolutely sure at the moment.

My second father looked at me with intense and shining eyes. He had probably been desiring a child. And that child born of love was me.

I felt a little bad for my new parents to have a child with the mind of an adult, although I would do my best to keep that underwraps.

“Ooh! Do you know who I am?”0-1


“Selen, Liz knows I’m her dad!”

“Our child is so smart!”

These people were overly doting parents. I understood that they were at the stage where it that was normal, and they should be allowed to dote on their child. …If their child acted like a child that is.

I tried to play the part of a child and loosened up my face enough to to laugh. This brought great happiness to my parents who laughed along with me.

I really was a child born out of love.

In that case, I wanted to live up to their love. Even if my mental age was older than theirs, it wouldn’t change the fact that they’d given birth to me.

For all that they treasured me, I wanted to treasure them in return.

“And with the amount of latent magic power she has…her following in my footsteps as a Royal Magician isn’t just a dream.”

…Yeah, I have a feeling something outrageous was just tossed into this conversation, but I’m just gonna pretend I didn’t hear that. I’m just an adorable baby who doesn’t know a thing about those fantasy-like words. Nope, not at all.

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