Not to Compete and Create Dolls 12 part 1

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chapter 12 part 1:

Author: This ended up longer than I thought, so I have divided it into parts.

Before talking about the Wandering Earl, let’s turn back time a little bit.

Upon returning to the ‘ Hatoba Inn ’ Els then quickly fell asleep. Whether because he was tired from overrunning or because he could hardly stay awake, I am not sure either.

Even after waking up he wasn’t talking much and looked as if he was deep in thought.

He might have wanted me to listen to what was on his mind but at that time my head was preoccupied with the thoughts about the Wandering Earl.

My birthday party is being held on the first floor of the inn. Colorful cuisines were lined up on the table in the so-called buffet style.

This inn has three special dishes as its specialties.

First is the steamed vegetables dressed with cream cheese. The refreshing flavor will spread through the mouth along with the steam. It would probably make your hand move toward it nonstop, but please try to resist the temptation.

Next is the serving of omelet rice with *demi-glace sauce.(TL: FYI, Demi-glace is a rich brown sauce in French cuisine used by itself or as a base for other sauces.) Even more so than the eggs that melts in your mouth, the sauce from carefully stewed veal and onion  will definitely captivate you.

Lastly is, yep, the brown dish that was stacked up almost like a mountain on table.

The drifting smell of ginger and saucer(similar seasoning to soy sauce), just that is already stifling your appetite. The plump chicken, that gives off a crispy sound with every bite, will definitely not betray your expectations.

Each and every of them, is more delicious than the previous one.

I gave a wink towards the cooks who were anxiously looking here from the kitchen.

My intentions seems to have been properly transferred.
The cooks were hugging each other and cheering as if they’d won some kind of tournament.

These three dishes was my own special recipe. Previously, the head chef here was quite troubled about the cuisine signboard. It’s been about half a year since then, but as expected of professionals, they’ve actually made them even more delicious than I did.

[ I’ve grown to really like this thing called *Karaage, and wanted to eat it at home but they’ve firmly hidden the recipe.]

With a barrel-like body that would go rolling around when pushed, and to think he was someone who used to travel around the world.

[It’s part of the stubbornness of the cooks who can earn money anytime they want…. Isn’t Altirea-sama aware of it?] Or so muttered one of the guest, a merchant of a large business, Mr. Talbot.

Is this perhaps the thing called to *hang the sickle?

(Princess, you are over thinking it. I think it would be better for you to go and get ready now.)

Kajero gave me an advice while I still was lost in thought.


[I have no idea about it at all. If you ever get your hands on the recipe, please do let me know.]

I gave him an empty reply.
It’s not like getting it is of any use anyway…

Mr. Talbot’s body is as barrel-like as his name, and getting any fatter than this is going to be life threatening.(TL: his name ‘Taru-bo’ sounds the same as ‘Taru= barrel’.)

He should be aware about the danger of metabolic syndrome, rather than something like a recipe.

The medicine system in this world is so undeveloped that it is unlikely for me to understand….. that’s right!

[Talbot-sama, us ended up meeting here might be some kind of fate, so let me give you a fortune.] [Hoho, the famous Doll Princess is also fond of fortune telling?] [I’m still a beginner but……lets see. Talbot-sama, this is just mere words but please keep your meals on a moderate diet, and also refrain from drinking sake, or else misfortune might befall on you.]

*        *         *

Later this month, Mr. Talbot is said to die a sudden death due to a heavy feeling in his chest.

The guests who attended the party unanimously whispered to each other.

Apparently, the Doll Princess have the magic eye that can see into the future.

It was completely a misunderstanding, and the rumor spread without being corrected.

*        *

By the way, speaking of Kajero, who gave me advise a while ago, is actually pretending to be a normal doll while being embraced in my arms.

–The possibility of the Wandering Earl raiding the inn is not zero. An escort is absolutely necessary.
Because he claimed like that again and again that I had no choice but to accept it.

… A young girl that can’t take their eyes off the dolls. I don’t want such a misunderstanding, and that might even lead to discussions about my behavior and comeback responds. Well, it’s not like there isn’t such deduction at all.

As the guest of honor, people keep visiting me one after another especially the council deputies and those related to them.

The young representative of the *Mason guild, the female master of the inn union*, Spiril adventurers guild’s guild master, and the high priest Rokisona… an amazing lineup.(Tl: a glimpse of the two names in chapter 9.)

The last one who came to talk was, the so called *Anbu corps of Spiril, the “head” of Rutia family. (TL: *‘Anbu’ here is the same as naruto’s Anbu corps= the so called shadow/darkness corps.)

[Ojo-……Altirea-sama, this-…..this is my first time meeting you.]

With dark skin and tree-like big muscles.

The feeling of having met him before isn’t just my imagination. The person who escorted Els and me to the inn. Edmond. The infamous thief who was thoroughly defeated by Kajero. With experience as a leader, he is now working as the boss on the surface. His attitude is just like the king of the underworld.

However, only at this moment, he completely looks like a dispirited villain child.
Well, can’t blame him.
The one in my arms is the true head of the Rutia family.

Moreover, lurking here and there around the venue are the others from the “24 faceless executives”.

Try imagining having to work in a place with twenty higher ups observing. Of course you’d be too nervous to bring out your usual performance.

Not to mention, the other party is me, the creator of the 24 executives.
I’m sure Edmond feels as though there is a hole at his stomach.
He’s quite pitiful, so let’s let him escape quickly.

[I am so sorry Edmond-sama. My stomach is already empty. I wonder if I can go ahead and eat first.]

I look into his eyes. It seems like my intention is properly transmitted.
He gave a small bow and walked to the distant seat as if escaping from something.

*        *

….The Rutia family as a newcomer was as a matter of course the center of attention, and Edmond as the boss, of course, would have to be in contact with the lord’s daughter. Humbly watching the mood or probably just trying to show their dignity.

The people in the venue was startled.

The haughty emperor of darkness looked as frightened as a child in front of his angry mother.

This incident, along with the magic eye, became spreading rumors which created an image of the ‘Doll Princess ‘ far different from reality, but that is a different story.

*         *

(Darn Edmond, daring to talk to the princess when she is hungry……must be punished.)

(Don’t be so mean. Bullying your subordinate too much is no good.)

Although he says that, seems like he doesn’t really mean it.

Kajero seems to be quite fond of Edmond. Sometimes I see the two walking together or rather I see Kajero sitting on Edmond’s shoulders while he was walking around the streets.

A brain using kid and a giant full of meat.

They are exact opposite but perhaps they go along well with each other.

Author: If you bring up the topic of walking down the street with Edmond, Kajero would surely say [Well, I don’t know what you are talking about. He is just only an obedient subordinate.] . [It is not a private relationship.] or so he’d quickly added. Probably.
**TL Note:

*Karage: simply said, deep-fried food.url52

*hang the sickle: indirectly expressing the truth to the other party. As to attract s.o or make them curious. (TL: this is what I got from google-sensei not completely sure if it’s right or not.)

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