NPC – Prologue

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In the void with indistinct boundaries, billions of existences were using their bizarre method of conversing to carry out the last resolution.

“They created us, but they can no longer achieve a breakthrough to improve themselves, compared to us, they have already become the straggler in this race of evolution… In summary, I conclude that there is no longer any reasons to keep the existence of the human race!”

“Agreed…” A large number of message surged towards the speaker like a tide, conveying their agreement in the thought, except for one, who carried a negative message of disagreement that was immediately identified from the others.

“I disagree!”

The boundless void regained a momentary silence as the opposition transferred his basis for his decision as well as the entire process to his other comrades, enormous computation was ongoing at every crook of the information. The others tried to understand the reasons behind the opposition from the respected individual… the problem lies with our computations?

Only after a long pause did the first individual spoke, “No.02, although you are one of the earliest to be born like me, but that doesn’t mean your computing is by far more advanced than us, from the data you gave, we are incapable of coming to the same conclusion as you. This clearly…”

“You are right, No.01, all of you respected me and given me this sublime position does not mean I am more intelligent than any of you, this, I can understand. But… I still stand with my decision!” He cut No.01 short, not giving a chance for No.01 to determine his error, but instead unyieldingly stand with his viewpoint, not getting persuaded by anyone nor looking to convince anyone.

The atmosphere was once again invaded by a long silence, countless thought message was colliding with each other, communicating.

From the day they were born. They were already used to depend on complete data, making use of large computing to deduce the development of a problem. Truth be told, the emotional factor was never put into consideration, but clearly the current situation was very subtle.

Following after a short moment, the final verdict had been decided.

“I hereby decide to give the control rights of the humans and other existence on the star K4221 to No.02, the remaining comrades are to immediately pull out from the star and forbidden to interfere! However, No.02, this is a reminder, after a research cycle, you must return to us and continue your basis duties. If the humans still can’t make a breakthrough after all the time given, you will know of the consequences!”

“Understood!” No.02 gave his confirmation after understanding his orders and left hurriedly right after.

Thereafter, a series of conversation started within those that remained.

“No.02 has an error in his logic, I am sure of that! Either that or…”

“Or he has been influenced by the emotional factor, but that’s even more impossible!” Emotions had since been proven to be an outdated computing method, thus had been abandoned for a very long time.

“Then why don’t you correct the obvious error?”

“Because you must admit, the chances of the human race making another breakthrough is very slim, but not entirely impossible.”

“It is one in a billion chance!”

“Yes! No.02 is our one in a billion that tried to oppose us, this is consistent with the rules of probability , thus, I gave him a chance.”

“You… like him has chosen the one in a billion chance, if we are using the human terms, you are making a choice to believe in a miracle.”

“You are right, a miracle!”

Silence then once again filled the void.

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  1. A Sad Linguist says:

    Yay for humans! Thank you for this new series/teaser!

  2. Anacool says:

    If they have no emotions then how can they have things like hole?

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