Heaven’s Will Balancing System Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 – Bai Xiao and the System
Translated by Oxy | Edited by Neverfire7

Nothingness. How much time had passed, no one knew.

“Ding! Transmigration was a success. Host is now in a fetal state.”

Mu Xiao gradually regained consciousness, but he was incapable of controlling his body.

“So that’s the reason.” Mu Xiao understood his current situation after listening to the system’s prompt.

“Finally! My new life begins now! I wonder how wonderful will it be?” Even Mu Xiao’s heart, which had been polished by a lifetime of ups and downs, could not help but get excited.

“Ding! Host’s brain is currently unable to withstand the pressure being exerted from host’s thoughts. Forcing the host to enter hibernation.”

“Ding! Host’s brain is currently unable to contain the memories of the host. Forcibly sealing memories of the host. Memories will be unsealed when the brain has developed enough to support it.”

“Ding! In order to prevent host from revealing the system while the memory seal is active, system has decided to seal itself. System will unseal itself after the memories are unsealed too.”

Mu Xiao was somewhat dumbfounded by the series of prompts from the system. However, before he could say anything, he had lost consciousness.

Within the depths of a mountain range, there was a village. Although they were located on a mountain, the houses and other structures in the village looked awe-inspiring, emitting an imposing aura to its surroundings. A single glance, and you could tell that it was not just any simple village. There were many villagers in the village, all of them were huge and packed with muscles. Not only were the men giving off a valiant aura, even the women were too! But that was not the most peculiar thing about the villagers. The most peculiar thing, instead, was their skin colour…

Their eyes and skin were both dark blue, just like the colour of the moonlit night sky…

*Wa! Wa! Wa! …*

“The baby’s born!” The midwife was excitedly carrying the baby, which was covered in blood and amniotic fluid, towards a haggard-looking woman who lay collapsed on the bed.

The woman was not an exotic beauty, but she was still very beautiful, with her smooth blue skin. Although she was currently very haggard-looking, along with her messy makeup, it could still not hide her beauty.

“My child, I love you!” With the aid of the midwife, the woman gently kissed the baby as tears fell from her eyes as if it were raining.

“Madam, the child is a boy. With such a loud and clear cry and a hefty weight, he is definitely a very healthy baby boy!”

The woman carried a gratified smile. With eyes oddly filled with contentment and reluctance on the baby, she strenuously spoke. “‘If my child is a boy, his name will be Bai Xiāo. If she is a girl instead, then her name will be Bai Xiǎo.’ That was what his father personally said. Bai Xiāo, mummy loves you!” (TN: Bai Xiāo and Mu Xiāo share the same Xiāo.)

“Bai Xiao! This name is very pleasant-sounding. Just one call and I know that it is a good name! Madam sure did a good job naming him!”

“Madam, quick! Look, Bai Xiao is quite naughty, he even kicked me with his strong legs! Madam? Madam? … Madam!!!”

Time flew quickly by,  and in the blink of an eye, Bai Xiao was already seven years old!

This seven-year-old Bai Xiao had inherited the first-rate genes of the Bai people. His dark-blue skinned body was strong and sturdy. Along with an impressive height of 1.3 metres, Bai Xiao completely trumped all the other children of his age, back in his previous world.

At the side of a mountain road, Bai Xiao was quietly looking at the beautiful scenery of the mountain range. His face, however, lacked even the slightest hint of appreciation. Instead, he had a sullen look on his face.

“System! What is the meaning of this? What I wanted was to not have parents in this new life. That didn’t mean you were allowed to harm them!”

Bai Xiao was precisely the transmigrated Mu Xiao. Just a moment ago, his memories were unsealed, along with the system.

“Ding! Host has misunderstood. System did not injure host’s parents of this world, they were originally fated to die in the first place. What system did was to let them have kids before dying.”

“So what you’re saying is that I’m not the cause of their deaths, and I even gave them happiness, with my birth?”

“Ding! Affirmative.”

Bai Xiao’s expression somewhat improved, even though you couldn’t really tell with his dark-skinned face.

Nevertheless, Bai Xiao was very satisfied with his new body. Not only was it immune to diseases, the body had a very high potential for growth as well. This body was already at the peak, when compared to other species at the same maturity level. If this were to keep up, once he had fully matured, he would be at the very top, based on physique alone. The body, chosen by the system, was not bad at all.

This body was not without its flaws, however. With the dark blue skin, and the somewhat ugly facial features…

This problem, however, to Bai Xiao was nothing at all. With some balance points, having white or even green skin was definitely not a problem.

It was just that he had no balance points with him at that moment…

Bai Xiao slowly reorganised and digested the memories of the past seven years. Having done that, he called out to the system with a satisfied smile.


Host: Bai Xiao

Age: 7 Years

Physique Level: 0 (Middle Stage)

Wind Essence: 11%

Wood Essence: 2%

Water Essence: 2%

Fire Essence: 4%

Earth Essence: 1%

Yin Yang Essence: 1%

Balance Points: 0

Bai Xiao looked at the big red 0 next to his physique level, and could not help but find it somewhat laughable. He was reminded of when he first got his system. His physique level, at that time, was also at 0.

Actually, the stats displayed by the system were to the nearest whole number. The progress between two whole numbers was represented in three stages, by colours instead. The beginner stage was white, followed by red, for the middle stage, and lastly, crimson-blood red, for the late stage.

Adults have an average physique level of 1, so Bai Xiao’s physique level was still not comparable to an adult yet. However, his current physique level was already in its middle stages. Perhaps, in just a few years time, he would naturally level up to 1. Just from this, you could easily tell how abnormal his body was.

A wide range of information was displayed by the system’s status. The current host and age did not need any further explanation. However, the physique level displayed was the calculated average of all aspects of his physical qualities. The percentage displayed next to the Seven Great Elements, Wind; Wood; Water; Fire; Earth; Yin and Yang, were calculated based on Bai Xiao’s comprehension of the Elemental Laws. It was just like how much a student understood the contents of a textbook. What was the point of this? For example, if someone were to take a test based on the textbook’s contents, if they could correctly answer the questions, then they fully understood the contents of the textbook. If they could not, then they were lacking understanding.

The percentage calculated for the Seven Great Elements was just like that example. Whether you could comprehend the Laws would be up to your capabilities.

Bai Xiao was overjoyed to see that his comprehension percentage of the Seven Great Elemental Laws did not reset after he transmigrated into the new world. It was unexpected but reasonable. After all, this was just a mere representation of knowledge, and once comprehended, could not be forgotten.

“The investments I made back in my previous world truly weren’t in vain.” Bai Xiao smiled gladly after he remembered spending his hard-earned balance points on comprehending the Elemental Laws of Wind.

Mentally clicking on the system, he flipped to the next page, revealing a map.

After arriving to this world, this map is now the map of this entire world. With the added benefit of being completely precise, one could say that Bai Xiao would never get lost for the rest of his life.

“What? This world is actually larger than the previous world by multiple-folds!” Bai Xiao was a little startled by the discovery. He magnified his location on the map, until he finally caught sight of the Bai people’s village, and was also able to see the people busying themselves within it too.

“Heh, I guess this counts as peeping!” Bai Xiao constantly moved the map around. However, he saw something that made him pause, before promptly turning the map away from the scene. He smiled embarrassedly. “I didn’t expect Aunt Hu to still have cravings for new experiences!”

Seeing those two chocolate meatballs having ‘fun’ caused Bai Xiao to lose interest in exploring the map further. He flipped over to the next page.

“Ding! Mission board starting up! Beginning search… “

This page was the missions page. Bai Xiao was patiently waiting for the system to load.

“Ding! Fully loaded!”

“Ding! Found major events. Main mission issued: End the ‘Era of War’!

This world is wracked with internal strife. Terrifying wars are being started and fought repeatedly. The masses are suffering, and countless ecosystems are being destroyed. In order to protect the balance of this world, end it!

Reward: 1,000,000 Balance Points.”

“Siii! One million!?” Bai Xiao, breathing in a mouthful of cold air, was shocked. He nearly lost his self-control after seeing the huge mission reward, but he promptly restrained his greed.

This mission was not something the current him would be able to handle, this was not even something that he could verbally promise right now! However, from what he could infer through the mission wording, it was extremely dangerous outside of this mountain!

After finishing reading the main mission details, Bai Xiao continued browsing through the mission board. The numerous missions available on the board were very densely packed. It was so dense, that it could make one’s scalp go numb. This did not affect Bai Xiao at all since he was already used to it.

Looking at the number of missions listed, they were in the hundreds of thousands. Every second, large amount of missions were added and removed. This was a mission that spanned the entire world. Having hundreds of thousands of missions were normal. The disappearance of a mission signified that either it was solved, or that it was no longer capable of being solved. New missions emerging, however, meant that there were new ecological problems.

“Hide missions worldwide, and only show local missions.” Bai Xiao muttered. The mission board, which could give anyone looking at it a headache, refreshed in an instant.

“Only seven missions. That’s too little.” Biao Xiao saw the handful of missions and understood that the ecosystem within the mountain was very stable.

“Even though what I said was quite immoral, it’s a very bad start for me as far as I’m concerned!”

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