Heavenly Star – Volume 1 Chapter 47

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Chapter 47: Lin Xiao

Leng Ya remained expressionless, but his slightly narrowed brows showed that he was being cautious. Faced with the nearing flames, he couldn’t avoid them, so he held a short pitch-black sword and raised it lightning fast, he stabbed towards the man’s heart as he welcomed the flames, he had actually made a double-edged move, as if he were sworn enemies with this man even though they had just met.

Nangong Zhen was greatly shocked and he hurriedly stopped his hands, he began to retreat but he had already lost the deciding moment of the battle, Leng Ya sent wave after wave of sword lights and he was forced to retreat little by little.

“At a very young age, he actually already has strength of a rank 10 primary stage, and furthermore his Qi is also astonishing, who is this man……” Lin Yan softly muttered to himself. In his mind, the outcome of the match had already been decided, Nangong Zhen was truly a magic genius, he already had the strength of a rank 9 of the primary stage, however the energy undulating from his opponent was at the rank 10 of the primary stage, together with his powerful Qi, his strength was completely comparable to a rank 10 or even higher.

“Nevertheless, Xiao’er will never lose to him.”

“Rip”, a bone deep cut appeared on Nangong Zhen’s arm. Had he been a little bit late in retreating, his entire arm would have already been cut off.  While he gasped, Leng Ya forced open the flames on his right hand in an instant, while clutching his left arm he said: “Sure enough, there is always someone better than someone, I admit defeat.”

He stepped down while clutching his left arm, his tone and demeanor weren’t the least bit sloppy, and his face also didn’t show any signs of dismay. Ye Wu Chen evaluated him: “He might become somebody in the future.”

At this moment, a loud shout suddenly came out from the corner of the square, and a white silhouette soared through the air at the same time, the white shadow gracefully spun several times before floating down the stage as though it were a feather, the movements looked effortless and elegant.

His appearance made the surroundings immediately break into chaos, the arena became filled with the mixed cries of men and women, the shouts were so deafening that they even ignored the presence of the emperor. Even the straight-faced emperor showed a slight smile towards the extremely loved and legendary eldest son of the Lin family.

He was dressed in white and he was seven feet tall, he had a jade-like face and he had a gentle look, the corners of his mouth were raised into a smile as gentle as the clear sky, yet his appearance didn’t exude any arrogance, therefore he easily gave people a favorable impression.

“It’s finally Young master Lin’s performance.”

“Who can rival Young master Lin.”

“Ah! If my son was even one-tenth of Young master Lin, I could die in peace.”

“Young master Lin go, go!”

“The Lin family had produced such a genius, it’s truly his ancestors fortune!”

The air was filled with words of praises and admiration and there weren’t a single word of slander, Ye Wu Chen said in a low voice: “A very dangerous man.”

“Xiao Lin is recognized as a genius in both martial arts and literary studies that is difficult to see once in a hundred years. He has much more prestige in Tian Long City than me as the crown prince.” Long Zheng Yang said with a sigh. His mother, the empress,  were the younger sister of the master of the Lin family, therefore Lin Xiao was naturally his cousin, but he haven’t interacted with Lin Xiao for many years now.

On the seats, the master of the Lin family, Lin Kuang, sat together with Ye Nu as he enjoyed the sounds of praises and cheers around the arena, and afterwards, he put on a fraudulent smile and said: “Old General Ye, I heard that your grandson has returned, why didn’t you take him to accompany you here?”

Ye Nu snorted angrily and he just kept his mouth shut. After seeing Ye Nu’s speechless expression, Lin Kuang felt so elated that he could almost fly. Everyone in Tian Long City knew that his grandson was an incredible genius and that Ye Nu’s grandson was useless.

“Hahahaha! My sweet daughter, this is the husband that I’ve found for you, pretty good right? Hahahaha!”

The extremely rough voice echoed like a thunderclap and suppressed the noises of the audience. Even Ye Wu Chen’s gaze were drawn over, after a look, he saw a dark middle aged man with a bearded face and a smile. He was already about fifty, his clothes were messy and had holes all over it and exposed his dark colored muscles. At this moment, he was sitting with his legs crossed and he was laughing heartily, revealing a mouthful of yellow teeth.

“Dad…… don’t be so loud.” At his side, a gentle and delicate figure shook him and talked with a soft and delicate voice. Ye Wu Chen’s eyes shifted to the side and his gaze immediately became scorching hot.

There was a charming girl who was only about 15-16 years old, but she had beautiful eyes that were like deep pools of translucent water. She had a gentle and beautiful face matched with tender, cherry-red lips which made her look sweet and beautiful, her pure and breathtaking  beauty, together with her jade like face, could truly make other beauties feel ashamed, she was just like a fairy descended from the heavens, untainted by the mundane world.

There were a cyan colored bird perched on her shoulder, it was just a normal sized bird with a long beak and it didn’t look any different from an ordinary bird.



Ye Wu Chen gaped for a moment. The small and delicate beauty were sitting together with big and tall men which made her seem all the more delicate and aroused feelings of cherish and affection from others.

“That man is Hua Zhentian, he’s the Hua family’s master, and beside him is his only daughter, Hua Shui Rou, she should be turning 16 this year, I didn’t think that pigtail wearing little girl would grow up into such a fairy-like woman. But it won’t be long before it’s time for her to marry.” Said Long Zheng Yang.

“She was betrothed to Lin Xiao right?” Ye Wu Chen asked, but his eyes were still fixed on Hua Shui Rou’s body while he carefully watched every action that she made.

“That’s right. It’s well known in Tian Long City and they’re praised as a very good match. So even though she’s had countless admirers during the years, there weren’t anyone who tried to propose a marriage. Hua Zhentian had also said that his daughter must at least be 16 years old before he could marry her off, which should be happening later this year.”

Ye Wu Chen were silent but his lips were raised into a mysterious smile.

“Well then, since my lovely daughter doesn’t like me being so loud, I’ll keep my voice down. Anyways, how was it my daughter, are you satisfied? You’ll be turning 16 in seven days, how do you want to handle the wedding?”

“I’ll leave it all up to daddy.” Hua Shui Rou replied with a very weak voice, she was already used to being submissive and obedient little girl, not mentioning that the other side was a handsome prince, even to her middle aged uncle she would only reply “I’ll leave it all up to daddy.”

“Haha! Well, in short, daddy likes this youngster a lot, he’s a very good match for my lovely daughter.”

Hua Zhentian was now 49 this year, he only had his daughter when he was around his thirties so he couldn’t avoid spoiling her, for her, he wanted to pick the stars off the heavens and give them to his daughter. But, even though she grew up being pampered, Hua Shui Rou didn’t have the slightest air of being a spoiled young lady, and she was incomparably gentle and kind instead, she was extremely shy and rarely went of her house, and she were afraid of going into crowded places. She was truly as delicate and supple as water and she easily aroused feelings of love in the hearts of men.

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