Heavenly Star – Volume 1 Chapter 46

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Chapter 46: Leng Ya

“Oh? Brother Ye and Younger Sister Ning Xue, you guys also came.”

Ye Wu Chen turned to the voice, he found Long Zheng Yang sitting on the last row with a smiling expression. He waved and the two persons who were sitting on his right immediately left their seats respectfully.  Ye Wu Chen were also blunt, he took Ning Xue and sat down, after which he smiled and asked: “Brother Long is a noble, why would you go so far as to sit in a corner?”

Long Zheng Yang shook his head and said with a wry smile: “I hate myself for being so lazy when I was young, I’m very inferior in both literature and martial arts compared to these heaven favored geniuses, I’m so ashamed Ah.”

“I can’t agree with that, Brother Long you’re the crown prince, you will be far above them in the future. They can use their martial arts to defend themselves or use it to kill others, but Brother Long has thousands of people to protect, with just a word, you could easily deprive or save thousands of lives. Brother Long shouldn’t be ashamed.” Ye Wu Chen said.

“Even though that is so, but if I were an ordinary person…… Ah, better not to talk about it. Brother Ye, with your abilities, why don’t you try to participate in the competition? I think that with Brother Ye’s skill, you’d definitely shine.”

Ye Wu Chen shook his head and said nothing.

With this world’s classification rules, the strength of the two persons on the stage should be about rank 7 or even rank 8, having such abilities at was extremely rare at such a young age, and was indeed worthy of standing out among the powerful youths of the nation.

A “Dang” loudly sounded, the axe-wielding man had been knocked to the ground. The sword wielding youngster pressed the tip of his sword against his throat with obvious pride on his face. Most youngsters with strength were proud and arrogant, which gradually changed as they matured.

“So then, the last three persons have been decided. Everyone knows that final winner wouldn’t be likely to be someone else. Lin Xiao, even though he just turned twenty, he already had a strength of rank 10 last year, and he’s recognized as a peerless genius. He must have definitely grown again this year, so it shouldn’t be a surprise.” Long Zheng Yang said.

Someone with a rank 8 strength could already be could already be counted as an expert, but someone with a rank 10 strength was an expert among experts. if he could reach the spirit level, it would be enough to establish a school. And a heaven ranked expert could become a respected teacher for generations. With his rank 10 strength at only 20 years old, perhaps he could reach the spirit level in a few years, and reach the heavenly stage before his middle ages, and he would be admired by everyone besides from a sword deity. Currently, there were 7 publicly known heaven ranked experts and they weren’t extreme geniuses, but six of them were far from comprehending the heavenly dao.

Rank 10…… his [Wu Chen spell] was now at the second layer, he would finally be able to see how high his powers have reached in this world.

At this time, a shadow appeared above the arena, a man clad in black clothes jumped on the stage. As soon as he entered the stage, the fervent atmosphere suddenly became strangely quiet, because compared to the other competitors whom released fighting spirit, he was actually releasing a deadly energy which was cold and sharp as if it was corporeal, even some people who didn’t understand martial arts felt a chill.

It’s him! It seems like I was right in coming. Ye Wu Chen’s eyes turned to the arena.

“Who is this person?” opposite of him, Emperor Long Yin calmly asked, his expressionless face had suddenly showed clear interest.

“This person is called Leng Ya, but it might be a pseudonym. He showed an extraordinary performance yesterday, but he was excessively cruel, he left 20 people half-crippled after he fought them yesterday.” An old man in front of Long Yin turned around and said with a solemn expression. He was the dean of the Royal Academy, and he was a heaven ranked flame sorcerer, Ling Yan. He was also the younger brother of the master of the Lin family, Lin Kuang, and he was also the manager of the competition.

Long Yin slightly nodded: “No matter how this match goes, just the strength of his Qi is a reason for us to keep him. If he is unwilling…… then we’ll double the rewards, and we’ll leave him alone afterwards. This is an extremely poisonous snake, if we can obtain his loyalty, then we’ll be able to turn him into a sharp sword, but if we try to force him, he would rather bite us than surrender.”

“This servant understands.”

The complacent sword wielding youngster became timid under the pressure of the black-clad youngster’s Qi, and he actually took a step back in front of so many people, but at this moment, the black-clad youngster suddenly thrust forward as fast as lightning, a cold light flashed from his hands and pierced through the sword wielding youngster’s body.

The sword wielding youngster cried out miserably as his sword and his right hand fell to the ground with a “clang”.

The surrounding people immediately burst into clamor, a few girls screamed in horror, and a few were even so scared that they tightly covered their faces with their hands, not daring to look again.

The youngster clad in black didn’t even turn around as his sword chopped off the sword wielding youngster’s hand and pierced through his body, and he was without the slightest change in his expression, as if what he had done was just a trivial matter. A loud heart-rending miserable cry came from behind him, but the sound eventually stopped, the sword wielding youngster had fainted from extreme pain and terror.

However, there weren’t many rebuking voices within the surroundings. Because it was clearly written on the rules that: “Casualties during the matches are inevitable, therefore it is forbidden to hold or seek revenge.”

Several people went up to carry the sword wielding youngster’s body and to clean the blood covered stage. Ye Wu Chen secretly sighed: is this selecting talent, or destroying it.

Would true experts really participate in this kind of competition? Ye Wu Chen shook his head: Of course not! This kind of competition only brought fame and status, and these only causes distractions in a person’s heart, making it difficult to truly succeed. Even this black-clad youngster, if he weren’t forced by circumstances, also wouldn’t participate.

Even that always laughing Chu Jingtian, even if he were here, he also definitely wouldn’t participate in this kind of competition. And with true experts, there are only a few of them that are willing to sacrifice their freedom and devote themselves to the imperial family.

“Very powerful! That instant of explosive power is extremely astonishing and it’s also difficult to block. But he’s too cruel, after all this is only a competition.” Long Zheng Yang said with a sigh.

“No, he had already acted leniently because this was a competition. If not, he would have cut off his neck.” Ye Wu Chen said, he was a bit disapproving at Long Zheng Yang, if he couldn’t even handle this level of ruthlessness, how would he become a successful ruler.

“…… this person shouldn’t be a nobody, why haven’t I heard of him before.”

“His name is Leng Ya.” Ye Wu Chen said. He had heard Lin Yan and Long Yin’s conversation without missing a word, and they weren’t even aware of him.

“Does Brother Ye know him?”

“I don’t know him.”


The final two people left were, Lin Xiao of the Lin family, and the other was……

“I am Nangong Zhen, I ask this brother to be lenient with me.”

He was a tall man that looked over 20 years old, after he finished speaking, he waved his hands and two red flames ignited on his hands—— he was actually someone who could use fire magic.

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