Heavenly Star – Volume 1 Chapter 43

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Chapter 43: Kicked Out!

Ye Wu Chen slightly nodded, and he turned towards the young Doctor Zhang, Doctor Zhang also looked at him, a shocked expression was on his face. Ye Wu Chen had a mischievous tone as he said: “Doctor Zhang is actually very healthy, you’re already at this age but you still have the vitality of a dragon and the ferociousness of a tiger, quite admirable. But Doctor Zhang is already near 30, you should exercise better control on some things, otherwise you’ll definitely fall seriously ill after half a year.”

(Vitality of a dragon and the ferociousness of a tiger —–>> in bed ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )

Doctor Zhang had a reddish face, but he didn’t refute, Ye Wu Chen clearly wasn’t wrong, he stood up and faced him: “Young master Ye’s eyes are as revealing as a torch, i, myself, admire you endlessly.”

They could say that the first time was only a coincidence, but what about the second time and third time?

The 3 doctors’ previous looks of discontent, disdain and even thin anger, had turned to shock, and had now turned into extreme admiration, looking at Ye Wu Chen’s eyes was like looking at a deity. Scholars yearn for the celestial beings’ knowledge, martial artists respect the powerful, while people who practice the art of healing naturally admire someone whose medical expertise surpasses theirs.

During the time when the young master was sick, they also came frequently to the Ye Mansion to take care of him, they could say that they were already quite familiar with him. Now, while looking at the youngster with a faint smile in front of them, they all came up with the same question: Was he truly the frail young master of the Ye family? He had barely swept a glance at them and he had already diagnosed their illnesses and its causes, which they themselves didn’t know, without the slightest error…… how could he have obtained this kind of world shocking medical skill.

The 3 doctors looked at each other in dismay, when facing him, they actually felt a strange feeling of extreme admiration, they were no longer angry about his previous display of rudeness and arrogance, and they felt it was only natural instead.

“This old man had always been confident that his medical skills were peerless on the lands under the heavens, I didn’t think that in front of young master I would actually be…… Ahh, the shame. May I ask young master what kind of deity is your master?” Doctor Li respectfully asked, his voice were filled with distinct admiration. He didn’t believe that Ye Wu Chen could have comprehended those kinds of medical skills by himself, he definitely must have had an extraordinary medical god giving him instructions.

Doctor Wang and Doctor Zhang both had the same fervent expression. Ye Wu Chen shook his head and sternly said: “My master has shunned the world for a long time and doesn’t want to be found, I ask seniors to forgive me.”

“No matter, this old man spoke out of turn. Since even his disciple says so, then your revered master’s medical expertise should have probably reached a heavenly level. If your revered master had wanted fame, then his name should have already spread through the lands since long ago. It’s not surprising that Young master Ye’s body is already completely functional. Ah, I know that there’s a medical deity but I have no chance meet him, it’s truly a regret of a lifetime.” Doctor Li said with a sigh.

Doctor Wang and Doctor Zhang both nodded, their faces were also filled with yearning and regret.

Doctor Li stood up and said: “Young master Ye, we have to say goodbye. If even Young master Ye and his revered master was incapable of restoring Young master Ye’s memories, then we 3 doesn’t even need to try.”

“Allow me to escort the doctors outside, but I will still have to ask the 3 senior doctors to keep this junior and his master’s secret.” Ye Wu Chen respectfully said, his lips were raised into a meaningful smile.  Wang Wen Shu using a few methods to invite some imperial physicians to treat him was all within his expectations! He could also use this as an excuse to remove suspicions on him, it was hitting three birds with one stone! Now he had also planted the Lin family’s destruction.

“Yes, of course!”

Soon after they left, he heard Wang Wen Shu and the 3 doctors’ voices through the door.

“Madam Ye, this old doctor is ashamed to say this isn’t within our powers.”


“Madam Ye, this old doctor doesn’t have the face to stay, thus we bid farewell.”

“…… Please take care senior doctors.”

He took a stroll in Tian Long City in the morning, next, he talked with the 3 old men for quite a while, and afterwards, Wang Wen Shu pulled him aside for a “mother and son” talk for a long time. When he finally became free, it was already noon.

Ye Wu Chen did not immediately return to his courtyard, after a bit of thought, he turned towards Ye Shui Yao’s courtyard. He had just arrived at the courtyard when he heard a man’s voice from inside, his eyebrows narrowed, because this was clearly Ye Wu Yun’s voice.

Hey…… this should be interesting. Ye Wu Chen had a very unscrupulous smile as he casually walked over. There were no maids in Ye Shui Yao’s courtyard, so naturally, it was unlikely that there was anyone who knew.

“Little sister Shui Yao, I’ll put this invitation here in advance, besides from younger brother Wu Chen, the whole family is all meeting together, Younger sister shouldn’t always stay at home, you should also stroll out once in a while.”

“Get Out!”

“Little sister, your elder brother had always wanted to ask, is there something worrying you? There is no harm in talking about it because brother might be able to help you.”

“I said get out!” Ye Shui Yao’s cold voice sounded a bit impatient.

“My older sister wants you to get out, what are you still doing here, or are you possibly waiting for me to throw you out?” Ye Wu Chen unhurriedly walked in. They were in Ye Shui Yao’s study, he didn’t think that Ye Wu Yun, like himself, would have the courage to enter her room.

Hearing his voice, Ye Shui Yao still didn’t raise her head, but her tender eyebrows clearly stirred up a bit.

Ye Wu Yun’s face ** a few times, afterwards, he calmly said: “Younger brother Wu Chen’s words are clearly a bit excessive, because your brother is also speaking for younger sister’s sake.”

“Oh?” Ye Wu Chen sneered, and looked at him with half an eye: “This word ‘younger sister’ are you also qualified to call her that? Let me ask you in advance to understand your own position, your life was saved by my Ye family, the Ye family also raised you and gave you your identity, do you truly consider yourself as the eldest young master? You…… you’re merely a dog which was picked up by my Ye family, please don’t look at yourself as a person. Performing well is a dog’s responsibility, but it is still not up to you to take care of my Ye family’s matters.”

Ye Qi had also mentioned in the morning, everyone at the Ye Mansion knew that the eldest young master was fond of the eldest young lady, the Ye family had also never opposed it, and had made great efforts to support it instead, because they had approved for their foster son to become their son in law so that they would become a true family. And they already felt reassured with Ye Wu Yun’s character and capabilities.

“You……” Ye Wu Yun had a twisted expression, even a Clay Buddha still had some anger, even though he had good self-restraint, he would also be unable to suppress his anger when faced with this kind of humiliation.

“You’re still not getting out! Then….. let me send you out.”

Ye Wu Chen suddenly raised his leg without any warning, and he kicked him in the stomach, Ye Wu Yun groaned as he fell to the ground. Ye Wu Chen sent another kick at him so that his body kept rolling, it was just right to roll him right out the door.

They heard a “click” as the door of the room closed, Ye Wu Chen laughed and said: “Well sister, now it’s peaceful.”

After a little while, they heard the sound of footsteps gradually getting further outside the door, which vaguely sounded like he was staggering a bit. Ye Wu Yun must have probably had an incomparably wonderful expression, but he didn’t have any interest in looking.

“You were excessive.” Ye Shui Yao sat in front of her desk, she was looking at a sketch of a scenery and she didn’t even raise her head. Her voice was as cold as water.

“When a person is angered, that’s the most likely time when he’ll show his weakness.”  Ye Wu Chen sat down freely and enjoyed her graceful and elegant sitting appearance.

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