Godly Hunter Chapter 8

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Chapter 8 – Mutated Monster

It was just a possibility but if he were to make the monster mutate, its abilities would increase significantly and have a 100% chance of dropping rare items that would not usually drop from the monster.

Whether this was true or not, Chen Mo felt that he had to try. It won’t be easy to find monsters like the Black Goblins that do not respawn.

He attacked the last pair of Black Goblins till their HP were below 10% and killed one of them, leaving the very last goblin.

Chen Mo stopped attacking the last goblin. When a monster does not receive damage from a player within a certain time frame, its HP will recover rapidly. Soon, the Black Goblin’s HP was at maximum once more.

The moment its HP fully recovered, Chen Mo attacked.

In just a bit, the Black Goblin’s HP was below 10% again and he stopped his attack and waited for it to recover.

He repeated this 30 times and, when he had reduced its HP to under 10%, the Black Goblin let out a great bellow.

In a blink, the Black Goblin increased in size and its black skin took on a metallic sheen. Red veins branched out from the centre of its black eyes and its speed increased visibly.

Good boy! You really do mutate!

Chen Mo couldn’t help but be frightened.

The Black Goblin’s attribute increase could be seen with the naked eye after mutation. Had he not hidden himself up on the boulder, a one-on-one fight would be a problem.

He was safe on the boulder, though, so he was not afraid, no matter how powerful the mutated goblin.

He watched the Mutated Black Goblin circle anxiously below and gaily threw traps down at it, one by one.

“Mutated Black Goblin, 3000HP. Hmm… it has much higher defense than the Black Goblin.”

Each trap dealt under 50 damage to the Mutated Black Goblin. Chen Mo calculated that he would need to hit it at least 50 times to kill it.

50 times was not a small number. Even if he hid on the boulder and attacked non-stop, it would take him 8 or 9 minutes to kill the Mutated Black Goblin – 20 minutes if he were on the ground being chased.

Good thing Big Brother here is smart and found this method to kill it – or else it wouldn’t be easy to kill this fellow!

Chen Mo could not help but feel proud of himself. It is no small feat to deal with the Mutated Black Goblin for 20 minutes, considering its frightening speed. Its attacks are surely not weak either. It is no surprise if he gets instantly killed after being hit once or twice by it.

He soon built up a rhythm and 3 minutes passed in the blink of an eye. The Mutated Back Goblin’s HP had dropped by about 30%.

If he kept at this rate, the Mutated Black Goblin would be dead in 6 or 7 minutes.

However, Chen Mo’s mood gradually grew sombre.

Something was wrong.

He’d felt that something was not quite right when he’d started using this method to kill Black Goblins. However, he didn’t think much of it as the Black Goblins had died quickly.

The Mutated Black Goblin displayed the same condition. The already violent Mutated Black Goblin had become even more agitated. It occasionally glared up at Chen Mo with eyes of wrath. It began to strike at the boulder with its club, as if it were trying to smash it to smithereens!

Not good! The Mutated Black Goblin had begun to bend its knees, preparing to attempt a jump attack!

How could Chen Mo not understand the situation?

If he could think of attacking monsters from a distance by climbing up the boulder, the game designers could think of it too. But the game designers did not boorishly disallow the method – they had set a variety of restrictions!

The game becomes more interesting when a player can attack monsters from above, but this method of attack will result in a special kind of monster aggro and cannot be used continuously!

Chen Mo had no prior accidents because every time he killed a pair of goblins, he had moved away from the boulder to pull the monsters’ aggro.

He knew that he could not stay any longer on the boulder. He needed to leave the boulder to disperse the special monster aggro, or else he’d be at a disadvantage when the monster reaches its peak aggro!

At the thought, Chen Mo jumped with no hesitation from the boulder to land opposite the Mutated Black Goblin.


The Mutated Black Goblin let out a bellow and charged around the boulder.

“F*ck, it’s quick!”

It didn’t seem so when he was looking down at it but now that he was on the ground, he discovered just how powerful it had become after mutating!

The Mutated Goblin closed the distance of a few metres in 2 or 3 strides, coming in close on Chen Mo’s heels!


It stepped on a trap Chen Mo had set earlier.

Unfortunately, the disabling effect did not activate.

It wasn’t realistic to rely on the 10% chance, as expected.

The Mutated Black Goblin charged towards Chen Mo. Mere centimetres separated them. Chen Mo calmly set a Quake Trap on the stone in his hand.

However, he did not throw it right away. He continued running.


In just a few steps, the Mutated Black Goblin had caught up with Chen Mo. Running around the boulder neither hindered nor reduced its speed.

It seemed about to land a strike on Chen Mo with its club when he threw the Quake Trap with a snap of his wrist.


The Quake Trap exploded and a 10+ damage number floated up from the goblin’s head. Chen Mo and it were each pushed 2m away from one other.

Chen Mo was prepared and immediately ran with the push, increasing the distance between himself and the goblin.

The Mutated Black Goblin was not as nimble as Chen Mo and it paused before resuming its pursuit of Chen Mo.

It was just too quick. The distance Chen Mo had put between himself and the goblin soon closed once more.

“Basic Trap Technique!”

The skill cooldown was over and Chen Mo set a trap as he ran.

“F*ck! Still no disabling effect!”

The trap dealt over 50 damage to the Mutated Black Goblin but the disabling effect did not activate. It had caught up with Chen Mo and its wooden club swiped down at him.

Chen Mo dodged and avoided the attack, but the Mutated Black Goblin was abnormally quick and launched another attack right after the first one.

Chen Mo had no place to run. He raised his crossbow and blocked the wooden club with it, kicking out with his feet as he did so.

GENESIS is a very realistic game and seems almost real, especially when it comes to battling. When a player attacks a monster or is attacked by one, he will feel the additional effect of strength.

Bang! – 88!

The Mutated Black Goblin’s club connected with Chen Mo’s crossbow. The crossbow did not lessen any of the damage taken by much and Chen Mo’s HP was halved in an instant.

But with the impact of the goblin’s club and his kick, Chen Mo’s body was thrown over 2m backwards.

The instant he was thrown backwards, he turned and ran, using a Basic Heal on himself and pulling his HP up to over 120HP.

Other players could do nothing else than be attacked by the Mutated Black Goblin. Chen Mo, however, was able to make use of the goblin’s attack and flee temporarily.

But Chen Mo could do it largely due to the Mutated Black Goblin’s great strength. It wouldn’t work with ordinary Black Goblins.

He had increased the distance by a few metres yet again but this was nothing in the eyes of the Mutated Black Goblin. In under 3 seconds, it was hot on Chen Mo’s heels once more.

All his skills were still in cooldown. Seeing the goblin’s club descend, Chen Mo rolled and dodged the attack.

The second attack followed, but he was ready. He raised his crossbow to parry and kicked with his heels.

Bang! -79!

Another high damage number floated up. Chen Mo was left with less than 60HP and could not afford to take another attack from the goblin.

He bore the attack, and put some distance between himself and the goblin once more.

The Mutated Black Goblin, of course, persevered in its course. Chen Mo’s doom seemed inevitable.


Basic Trap Technique’s cooldown was over!

Chen Mo quickly set a trap and threw it at the fast-approaching Mutated Black Goblin.

Boom! -47!

The trap exploded but the goblin’s speed remained the same. The disabling effect had not activated.

Chen Mo was unperturbed. He used his trump card; he quickly climbed up the boulder again.

“You’re unlucky to have met an incredible player such as I. Accept your fate.”

Chen Mo looked down at the furiously hopping Mutated Black Goblin and sighed.

It was powerful but it was still a monster after all. It had loopholes that could be manipulated. His little cat-and-mouse chase had greatly reduced the special monster aggro, and he was able to hide up on the boulder and blast away at it for a while more.

Although he could not stay on the boulder to attack continuously, the Mutated Black Goblin was not a threat to Chen Mo anymore and killing it was just a matter of time.

Blast and run, blast and run… After 15 minutes of repeating this cycle, the Mutated Black Goblin’s HP finally hit rock bottom.

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  1. Gunther says:

    “Mutated Black Goblin, 3000HP. Hmm… it has much higher defense than the Black Goblin.”

    Each trap dealt under 50 damage to the Mutated Black Goblin. Chen Mo calculated that he would need to hit it at least 50 times to kill it.

    Chen Mo is pretty bad in maths despite being a hacker, isn’t he?

    50 x 50 = 2500.
    3000 – 2500 = 500.
    So how’s he gonna cover the remaining 500 HP?

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