Godly Hunter Chapter 16

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Chapter 16 – The Bosses in the Beginner Villages

There were currently 2 known big BOSSES. One was the hidden BOSS, the Flaming 3-Headed Wolf. The other was the Level 10 Slime King.

After a few hours of commotion, practically nobody was willing to “sacrifice” himself to his curiosity over the Flaming 3-Headed Wolf anymore. Everyone knew that that hidden BOSS could not be taken down with numbers alone. If your team’s equipment and attributes was crap, you’re just asking to put your head on the chopping block.

On the other hand, the Level 10 Slime King BOSS was a normal BOSS. It could be found a 20min walk away from town in the Slime Plains.

Every beginner village had a Slime King BOSS. The Slime Kings were different from the Flaming 3-Headed Wolf – they were separate and individual entities.

The Slime King had only been discovered 3 or 4 hours ago but there was already news of it being attacked.

The attackers were not from any of the previously formed guilds but a newly-established guild called the “Richie Rich Club”.

Nobody knew if the Richie Rich Club members were really rich folk but their approach towards the Slime King was very in keeping with the methods of the rich.

The guild had used some sort of method to gather 10+ members in the same Ayr Town, then used their money-clout to hire a few hundred players over Level 8 to engulf the Slime King in a wave of human attackers to kill it.

Players on the forum estimate the total cost of Richie Rich Club’s method to kill the Slime King to be at least 500,000 Chinese yuan.

Though it was the BOSS of the beginner villages, the Slime King’s drops were not spectacular. The most valuable drop was a Level 10 Purple necklace. If you really want to sell it, it’ll go for 30 or 40 thousand at most. As for the rest of the equipment and items – they were of even less value.

However, nobody could say that the Richie Rich Club lost out. They had gained instant fame for killing the Slime King. An unknown little guild had its name passed into many peoples’ ears in a short span of time.

Then again, besides being the first to kill the Slime King, they had also attracted attention with their name, thus enabling them to become better known.

The two words “Richie Rich” attracted the attention of many.

Chen Mo could only smile and shake his head. Guilds have it tough too, eh? They might have many members but with the Richie Rich Club throwing money left and right like that, how could they compete? Those guilds had been struggling and fighting amidst themselves for the glory of the first kill but had the chance taken from them by money-flinging rich men just like that.

Furthermore, seeing that the Richie Rich Club had spent hundreds of thousands and only gotten a single Purple necklace, Chen Mo frowned.

To fight with Enoch, he would need a set of Purple equipment at least. The Slime King was the only source for Purple equipment.

The Slime King was located in the middle of the Slime Plains of every Ayr Town. Its spawn location was fixed so it was easy to find it.

After the Richie Rich Club killed the first Slime King, a large number of players got to Level 10. As there was penalty for death in the beginner villages, these Level 10 players were not afraid for their lives. They grouped up and swarmed towards the Slime King, testing their luck and hoping for a windfall.

But the fact was that though the Slime King was not as OP (overpowered) as the Flaming 3-Headed Wolf, it was not a monster that you could just simply kill. Without an organised attack, the hundreds of players were unable to kill the Slime King even when they attacked together.

Though the players levelled up quickly, they had virtually no equipment and they were insta-killed by a little bump from the Slime King. There was no contest.

The Richie Rich Club was able to kill the Slime King as their members all had a full set of Green equipment. They were the main damage dealers in the attack on the Slime King and the players they had hired were just there to be cannon fodder. Those poor souls were only used to attract the Slime King’s aggro.

There was no loss in dying anyway so a large number of players ran happily to their deaths in the Slime Plains after getting to Level 10.

10mins was needed to run back to town. If one goes to the Slime King to get insta-killed, he’ll be sent back to town in an instant and save time in getting back. Furthermore, one could also boast that he’d tried going one-on-one with a BOSS – despite getting insta-killed.

“No matter how I look at it, this fella isn’t one I can take on single-handedly.”

There was quite a bit of information on the Slime King and Chen Mo read through all of them carefully. He had a headache as he pondered.

The Slime Plains was a yellow-green grassland with many Level 8 to Level 10 coloured Slimes scattered across it. As for obstacles, other than some grass piles, there was nothing else.

If there had been some obstacles, Chen Mo could still find a way to slowly kill the Slime King but on the Slime Plains, it was a contest between attributes. Even if he managed to get some Blue equipment and fight the Slime King in them, he would not be victorious.

There was no returning from the Slime Plains alive, even if you went in a large group.

”What? A Mutated Slime King?”

Chen Mo suddenly spotted a post on the forums. A player had seen a Mutated Slime King.

This player had originally gone to let himself get killed by the Slime King but for some unknown reason, the Slime King had mutated. Seeing such a rare Mutated BOSS, the player was not so anxious to die anymore. However, it was night-time and his visual scope was limited. When he saw the Mutated Slime King, it had spotted him too.

Not wanting to die, the player ran for his life.

He had killed an Elite monster before and gotten a pair of Green shoes that added 5 to his speed. It also had the special skill “Fleet of Foot”. Relying on this pair of shoes, he had run for over a minute before managing to shake the Mutated Slime King off his tail. However, when he turned back to look for the Mutated Slime King, he found that it had reverted to its original form.

“Where’s the picture? Where’s the picture?”

“I was concentrating on running away and didn’t have time to snap one.”

“No picture, no proof! You’ve gone mad with hunger for fame, haven’t you?”

Once the post went up, it attracted the attention of many players but most did not believe him because he had no evidence.

Chen Mo was on the fence. From the player’s words, he realised something that the player himself probably had not realised.

That player said he had run for over a minute before the Mutated Slime King gave up on chasing him. That wasn’t normal.

If this player had not lied, then Chen Mo had reason to believe that the Mutated Slime King’s aggro-attack range was very wide. For a normal BOSS, once a player is out of its aggro-attack range, it will immediately give up on chasing the target and go back to its nest.

With such a large aggro-attack range, Chen Mo might be able to find a suitable place to kill it. If the Mutated Slime King really did exist, he could kill it through some trickery, and not directly.

The problem now was whether the Mutated Slime King was real. If it was, how does it mutate?

Chen Mo ceased the thought. If the Mutated Slime King existed, then it would appear again. What he had to do now was to get back in the game and get to Level 10.

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