Godly Hunter Chapter 58

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Hell Level of Trial of Natural Skill 

“Teacher Su.” Not long after leaving the classroom, Chen Mo spotted the elegant form teacher, Su Yue Hong, walking towards him in black heels.

Su Yue Hong nodded. “Good that you’re here, I was about to go look for you. I assume you know about the transfer already. You’re the only one in the class who hasn’t processed papers.”

“I just found out. I’m afraid I’ll have to ask for your help, teacher.” Chen Mo quickly said. If he had to do it himself he would need a week, at least.

“I knew this would happen. Here, sign this. I’ve arranged for you to be transferred to the Chinese Language department.”

Chen Mo was surprised to see Su Yue Hong take pre-prepared documents out of her handbag. The only thing missing was his signature.

Of course, he wouldn’t reject this great offer – who cared if it was the Chinese Language department or whatever?

Chen Mo got a pen and signed his name, the pen making scratching sounds on the paper as he did.

“Thank you, Teacher Su,” said Chen Mo as he got ready to leave.

“Wait.” Su Yue Hong stopped him.

“Yes? Do you need my help for something?”

He had interacted with her a number of times so her stopping him was likely to ask for help in something.

It was normal for university students to skip classes but Chen Mo had skipped for a month. Furthermore, he was able to do so due to Su Yue Hong’s efforts.

Of course, there was a price to pay and one of the things was the condition that Chen Mo get one of the top three places in the competition in his second year of university.

For at least a year after that, Chen Mo helped solve Su Yue Hong’s computer problems and took care of some documents when she couldn’t do them herself.

“Forget it, it’s fine. I can deal with it myself. Don’t forget to report in at the Chinese Language department.” Su Yue Hong thought for a bit, then shook her head and took the transfer papers from Chen Mo before she left.

Chen Mo found it a bit odd but didn’t ask about it. She would ask for help if she really needed it anyway.

He got on the tram to the outskirts of the city, and back to his warehouse. Chen Mo checked the game forums and saw an interesting post which more or less concerned him.

The post was a call to pro players to challenge the Hell level of the Trial of Natural Skill.

The game was launched half a month ago and nobody had been able to pass the Hell level of the Trial of Natural Skill thus far. Still, many had gone to experience how difficult it was.

The Normal level could be passed by most if your luck wasn’t too bad. The Difficult level had detailed guides which gave you a fair chance to pass the level with good equipment and team builds. An above-average set of equipment and a great team gave you some possibility to pass the Nightmare level; Guides on the forums all required specialized equipment and party member configurations.

Hell level, on the other hand, had no guides or tips.

This wasn’t just because nobody passed the level – normally, even if nobody passed, there would have been some information available from the many who’d attempted the first part of the trial. Don’t even talk about the second part, but some guides would’ve been written for the first part.

However, this was not possible for Hell level of the Trial of Natural Skill. This was because Hell level was different from the other three levels; every Hell Trial was different. The maps, the rules were all different and there was no way to predict what would happen.

All players can only participate in the Trials once a week. The trial places were ‘booked’ with the players’ account numbers so even if the player committed suicide to try again, the cooldown would not be reset. Players were normally cautious about choosing which trial to challenge because of this one-week wait.

And now, the players recruited by Glacier Group and the hired pro players were gathered in Ayer Town. They were outfitted with superior equipment and were all pros. You could say that they were the strongest beginner village players since GENESIS was launched.

Their battle with the Flaming 3-Headed Wolf was a bust and killing the Mutated Slime King was also a failure. This group of pros decided to challenge Hell level of the Trial of Natural Skill.

After they had chosen to participate in Hell, they discovered that the rules were different from all the rules before. They needed at least 64 people to unlock the trial map and if they did not manage to get enough people in three days, they would fail.

The group had no other choice than to post on the forums to ask for help from other pro players to participate in the trial together.

They already had over 40 people so they just needed 20 more to start the trial. There were so many people on the Chinese servers – gathering 20 people should be easy.

However, it was not going to be so easy. Rules of Hell trials were either competitive or cooperative.

If the rules were cooperative-centric, it would be beneficial to cooperate with a group of pros. But with a number like 64, it was likely that this trial was going to be competitive. Hell level was tough enough but if you added competing with pros to the mix, it was like putting your head on the chopping block. Those fresh out the beginner villages at this stage were mostly newbies so even though the post had been up for half a day, much fuss had been made while signups were scarce.

“It’s so troublesome to get enough people now.” The one who posted was the group with Wang Xu, Lil’ Building of Storms and Cold Flow in it. They had no idea that they’d have this result when they participated in the trial.

“We have no choice. We need people to meet the quota.” Lil’ Building of Storms sighed.

They were working on their own now so they would need to fork out the money themselves for 20 people. It was not as they could not afford it but it was likely that they would still fail after spending their money.

Regular players would not cost much but the map had not been unlocked yet so they still did not know the rules. If the trial required cooperation to complete the tasks, then hiring regular players would be shooting themselves in the foot, so they would only hire regular players at the last minute as a last resort.

This proverb summed it all nicely – It is better to have a brilliant opponent than a foolish teammate who will fuck you over. They were not afraid of the trial being competitive and hoped for those who signed up to be pro players and not idiots who would ruin things.

Nearly two days passed in a flash and some above average players had signed up. They were almost able to meet the requirement for 64 players.

“We’re still short five people and we have 12 hours left. We should be able to make it.” One more person arrived and Wang Xu perked up.

“We have another o- Shit! This big-breasted loli must be here to join in on the fun, huh!”

Before the trial begun, the players gathered in a huge white room to wait. One more figure appeared in the room.

This big-breasted loli was dressed in the system-given newbie clothing and looked like she had no equipment at all. The group of pros were annoyed at the sight of her.

A loli with ‘assets’ such as hers could just go to Difficult level, act cute and have pervert sugar daddies all clamoring to lead her through the damn trial. Why did she have to come here to the Hell trial?!

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