Godly Hunter Chapter 55

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BOSS Minion!

Any solution?


The success rate of monster capture was tied to the player’s Strength and Spirit. Other players can’t do anything about it even if they knew but Chen Mo was different. He had a crazy overpowered title – Despicable!

His Strength and Spirit would increase by 100 points with Despicable equipped. Chen Mo wasn’t sure how much that would increase his success rate but his attributes would surely help!

The problem was he would have to wait three days before he could un-equip the Despicable title. He would be a Black-name player for three days, be unable to return to Ayer Town and unable to leave the beginner village.

After Level 10, players need to go to Ayer Town to look for the Transfer NPC and choose to either participate in the Trial of Natural Skill or teleport straight to one of the Three Main Cities. Chen Mo would have to wait three days after equipping Despicable.

Furthermore, equipping the title only gave him a chance to capture the BOSS.

Should I take this gamble?

I’ll do it!

Chen Mo was not the indecisive sort – it was just three days and he would probably be delayed by a level or two. He wasn’t like some other players who want to rush levels. It was all right if he was slower since he would get a mutated BOSS as his minion if he succeeded!

There was no other chance better than this to get a mutated BOSS as a minion!

“Go, guys! The BOSS is almost dead! Use all your skills on it!”

The Mutated Slime King had just 2% HP left. Lil’ Building of Storms, Cold Flow and all the other pro players begun to get excited.

This was a mutated BOSS so it would surely drop a lot of loot whether it was a solo kill or not. And when a video of this event goes on the forums they would be famous – double win!

“Get ready! If we get just one, we’ll be rich!” The surrounding players readied themselves for a 100-yard dash.

“What the hell? How..? That guy’s as black as the devil!”

Even at this time, Lil’ Building of Storms kept an eye on Chen Mo and his eyes widened in shock.

The masked player, who had looked like any other normal player, started to emit a thick black aura from his body right before he rushed in front of the BOSS!

“KILL! Quick, kill the BOSS!” A sight he had never seen prompted a strong wave of unease to wash over Lil’ Building of Storms.

BOSS HP: 1%!

The surrounding players rushed forward. Lil’ Building of Storms, Cold Flow and the other pro players put their all into their attacks.

The Mutated Slime King let out a roar of part defiance, part lament of its imminent demise.

A great wave of attacks rained down on the Mutated Slime King. Once this wave hit, it would die.

At this moment, it seemed like everyone’s vision was lost – over a hundred attacks landed on… nothing!

Right at the end, the BOSS… disappeared!

What happened?

The big group of normal players who’d intended to snatch loot stopped in their tracks and looked about them, trying to see where the BOSS had gone.

“Attack that masked guy! He did something!”

The usually calm Lil’ Building of Storms let out a roar of anger!

Him again!

If he’d seen right, the masked player had run to the BOSS, waved his hand and the BOSS had disappeared right after!

“Black Name player! This guy is a Black Name player!”

“Kill him!”

The BOSS disappeared but Lil’ Building of Storms’ shout finally drew attention to the black-shrouded Chen Mo, prompting somebody to yell.

They did not know why this masked guy had become a Black Name player, or how a no-player-killing zone had a Black Name player.

But when they saw that he was a Black Name player who possibly had lots of rare items on him, the players started to attack.

In a second, attacks came raining down on Chen Mo like they were aimed at a BOSS.

… … …

Success! Equipping Despicable worked!

Chen Mo’s chest felt like it was bursting with joy.

“Hahaha! You guys are way too weak to kill me!”

Chen Mo had no time to look at his BOSS minion’s stats. He looked at the attacks that filled the sky and bellowed with laughter.

Wind-speed Dodge!

Slime King’s Roar!

Chen Mo’s body glowed. He used two speed-increase skills and those, coupled with Shoes of the Wind Walker and the Despicable title’s movement speed boost, raised Chen Mo’s movement speed to a whopping 24 points – over twice that of a normal player’s!

There were a ton of attacks heading towards him but they were basic long-distance attacks and lacked chasing or locking-on capability.

Under the onslaught of attacks, Chen Mo’s body was like a streak of black light. He zoomed from the midst of the attacks to the centre of the crowd.

“Box him in! Don’t let him escape! He’s got a whole suit of awesome equipment and if those drop, it beats killing the BOSS!”

They were taken aback by his speed but it confirmed their suspicion that he had a lot of good items on him. Plus, some attacks had landed on him earlier and caused damage! That meant they could attack this Black Name masked player in this no-player-kill zone!

However, the surrounding players were mostly normal players and did not have target-locking skills nor area of effect skills. Boxing in the ultra-fast Chen Mo was impossible.

Chen Mo zipped about the crowd like a loach and he soon got clear of the crowd at a startling speed.

Of course, Lil’ Building of Storms and Co. would not let it be after getting the BOSS stolen from them twice. They believed this masked player to be so crazy fast because of some special skill or magic scroll. Once the skill or effect wore off, they would get their chance to catch up to him.

However, they’d only chased him a short distance when the masked player, just 10 metres ahead of them suddenly disappeared from sight.

“It’s either camouflage or teleportation! This bastard! Did he come back from one of the big cities? How did he get such overpowered equipment and skills?!” Cold Flow ground his teeth in fury.

Anyone would be hopping mad if his BOSS got stolen at 1% HP, let alone mean-spirited Cold Flow.

“ARGH! I don’t care who he is – I, Lil’ Building of Storms will remember this! If I find out who he is I won’t rest till I hunt him down and kill him!”

In under two hours, Lil’ Building of Storms had lost horribly twice. His face was a mask of dark anger.

“Count me in! If Brother Lil’ Building finds out who this bastard is, don’t hesitate to ask for my assistance!”

The pros had a pro temper too. Their anger and resentment were not any less than Lil’ Building of Storms and Cold Flows’.

… … …

In the distance, Chen Mo had quickly escaped to an isolated place thanks to his camouflage skill and familiarity with the Slime Plains.

Chen Mo opened the stats page of the Mutated Slime King he’d caught.

Mutated Slime King

Description: King of the Slimes. Mutated due to wrath, attributes increased.


HP: 100 000

MP: 1000

Physical attack power 100 – 500

Magic attack power 100 – 400

Physical defence 50

Magic defence 50

Movement speed 5 – 17


Body slam: It uses its body to strike enemies, dealing 150% damage. Cooldown 5 seconds.

Angry roar: Increase own strength. Physical and Magic attack power increase by 30%. Movement speed increase by 5 points, Jumping height 3 metres. Effect lasts 15 seconds. Cooldown 120 seconds.

Jump attack: This skill can be used when Angry roar is activated. Jump up towards an enemy and attack, causing 250% damage. Cooldown 10 seconds.

Miniature exploding slimes: Call a group of miniature slimes to attack enemies. Each slime appears for 10 seconds. May deal 200% damage to enemies upon explosion. Cooldown 5 minutes.

Clone: Skill can be used when Slime King’s HP is 50% and below. Clone has only 70% of attributes of the original. Clone can use all of the original’s skills except cloning. All skills do 70% of the original’s damage. Clone will appear for 5 minutes. Cooldown 60 minutes.

Holy shit! This is freaking OP!

Chen Mo’s eyes popped when he saw his minion’s stats.

With such an awesome BOSS minion, it’ll be hard not to be OP!

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