Godly Hunter Chapter 51

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“Charge! Attack the Flaming 3-Headed Wolf! KILL IT!”

When Chen Mo received the system prompts, the game went back to normal and Bottomless Glacier reacted immediately. He knew that something abnormal had happened with the Flaming 3-Headed Wolf.

With no regard for his image, Bottomless Glacier screamed like a madman.

The hired pros were unhappy with being screamed at by Bottomless Glacier but they knew that it was a crucial time and charged madly at the Flaming 3-Headed Wolf.

“Too late.”

Chen Mo looked at the mob of pro players at the entrance of Wild Wolf Valley, then handed the Stone Cold Water to the Flaming 3-Headed Wolf.


All six of its eyes gleamed with excitement and it let out a roar. It lowered its middle head and closed its jaws over the Stone Cold Water.

Then, to Chen Mo’s astonishment, it threw its head back – and gulped down the misting Stone Cold Water!

“Roar! Grawwwrl!! GRAAWORLARRRL!!!”

The Flaming 3-Headed Wolf let out roar after roar. Its body shook uncontrollably. It looked like it was experiencing great pain!

Jets of flame shot out from its body. It was as though oil had been added to its already flaming body, driving the combustion out of control!

“Don’t tell me that masked player is gonna kill it just like that!”

Players watching from afar were aghast. They could clearly see the pain and anguish of the Flaming 3-Headed Wolf and they wouldn’t be surprised if the Wolf dropped dead the next moment.

“It’s very likely! This guy must be here to steal the BOSS kill!”

Others had a different line of thought – if this person killed the Flaming 3-Headed Wolf like that, all Glacier Group had done thus far would have been for naught while he would gain instant fame!

If it were them and they had the ability, they would definitely do so!

The spectator players were abuzz. Only Chen Mo, who was closest to the Flaming 3-Headed Wolf, could see it change.

The Flaming 3-Headed Wolf was evolving!

Stone Cold Water was its nemesis but it was also its evolution material!

In the midst of the scorching flames, the Flaming 3-Headed Wolf’s body was changing rapidly!

Wings! A pair of giant, dragon-like wings were growing from its back with shocking speed!


In the span of a breath, the wings were done growing at over 10 metres long. The Flaming 3-Headed Wolf beat the air with its wings, dispelling the flames and revealing a more powerful body.


All the players at the entrance of Wild Wolf Valley were flabbergasted.

At the head of the charging players, Bottomless Glacier felt a chill in his heart. Now that the BOSS has evolved, would his secret weapon still work?

If Chen Mo knew what was in Bottomless Glacier’s backpack, he would have been shocked.

Bottomless Glacier also had Stone Cold Water in his backpack. However, this item was not a quest item and it didn’t have limits on what the player could use it for either.

After swallowing the Stone Cold Water and evolving, the Flaming 3-Headed Wolf became more aggressive. It gave Chen Mo a passing glance as it flapped its gigantic wings and rose from the ground.

“Attack! Don’t let it fly away!”

Bottomless Glacier yelled. He must not let this BOSS escape!

A great number of fireballs, ice arrows, crossbow bolts and other projectiles and long-distance attacks were fired at the Flaming 3-Headed Wolf. Bottomless Glacier used the Stone Cold Water in his backpack immediately.

The Stone Cold Water hit the Flaming 3-Headed Wolf along with all the other attacks.

All the attacks did only 30 to 40 DMG to the Flaming 3-Headed Wolf – and this was due to their equipment. If they were outfitted any worse they would not have even been able to overcome its defence.


The Stone Cold Water hit the Flaming 3-Headed Wolf and it swung its head towards Bottomless Glacier, glaring at him with murderous eyes.

It was most familiar with Stone Cold Water. Before it evolved, the water weakened it to the point of being unable to fight!


Flapping its wings, it shot three different streams of fire at the 300+ pros of Glacier Game Club!




… … …

Damage number after number 3000 and up floated from above the players’ heads!

“Holy shit!”

“What kinda fucking damage is that!”

People were in shock.

Just an instant!

300+ people – wiped out!

Everyone, including Chen Mo, was dumbfounded.

Chen Mo knew the evolved Flaming 3-Headed Wolf would probably be powerful but this was ridiculously overpowered!

He had the contract with the Wolf so if he saw it again, he could use it to extinguish whoever he wanted!

The spectator players and those watching the broadcast were unable to describe how they were feeling.

They knew something big was going to happen but never did they imagine that they would witness such a sight.

“Glacier Group is fucked!”

That was the first thought of everyone in response to what they’d seen.

After advertising extensively about killing the Flaming 3-Headed Wolf, spending so much manpower and wasting so much money… they died in an instant. This was like a mega bitch-slap to their face!

“Headlines! This will be front-page news!”

Several reporters logged off to write their articles.

Masked Player Suddenly Appears! Overpowered Evolved BOSS! Glacier Game Club Insta-killed!

This was originally about killing the Hidden BOSS – with these new twists in the story nothing can beat these headlines!

After eradicating 300+ pro players in an eye-blink, the Flaming 3-Headed Wolf flapped its wings and rose high into the air, flew a circle around Wild Wolf Valley and vanished into the skies with startling speed.

“That masked player’s gone too!”

The audience returned their attention to Wild Wolf Valley and discovered that the masked player had disappeared without them noticing.

“Yu, your Glacier Group has incurred heavy losses this time.”

In the virtual bar, members of Richie Rich Club turned their attention to Blue Dream.

Blue Dream said nothing. She just looked at the screen at the spot where the masked player had disappeared, her gaze biting cold.

In Ash Blue Tech, a group of young men sweat buckets.

The moment the game froze, all their monitors displayed a dark red warning, scaring them shitless.

Things had more or less gone back to normal now but a group of people were still feeling nervous and were checking the system.

“Bing-jie*, you’re here! There was a problem with the system!”

*Jie (姐) is used to show respect for an older(usually) or more experienced female. Also means older sister.

A frosty, beautiful young woman walked in. Once the group of young men saw her, they hurried over to give her their reports.

After listening to the reports of her subordinates, Tang Bing looked at the game character on the screen in surprise.

This game character was familiar to everyone in Ash Blue Tech – Tang Bing included.

Before, the folk at Ash Blue Tech were puzzled as to why he did nothing with the Stone Cold Water – now he did actually use it and almost crashed the system.

“It’s fine now. Calm down, everyone.” Tang Bing waved her hand in a calming gesture as she told the staff to calm down.

The group of young men let out a collective sigh of relief. They were expecting a tongue-lashing from Tang Bing but she was unexpectedly reasonable this time.

“Bing-jie, what do we do about this player? Should we give him a warning?” A young man ventured a suggestion.

This guy almost caused the system to crash!

“Don’t do anything. No warnings. The system will reward him!” Tang Bing glanced at the fellow who’d spoken.

“Huh? Why?” The young men were surprised.

“Obviously! The game is still in Beta testing. That guy just helped us find a weakness!” Tang Bing spoke sharply.

The brains of the young men clicked. They remembered that when the game went public, the higher-ups mentioned that whomever could find loopholes in the game would be handsomely rewarded.

“Um… What reward will he get?” A young man inquired meekly.

“How do I know? That’s for the system to decide!” Tang Bing shook her head. These little chicks were too young and ignorant.

However, this was also intentional. In order to keep their secrecy and after a lot of trouble, Ash Blue Tech chose this group of people.

The seriousness of the game freeze situation was known only to the main AI “brain”, Glimmer. The reward for that player will also be decided and given after Glimmer assessed the event.

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