Godly Hunter Chapter 34

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Stroke of Luck

System Prompt: You have obtained “Slime King Ring”!

Slime King Ring

Description: A ring that is part of the Slime King’s collection. Collect three different pieces of the Slime King’s Jewellery Collection to unlock hidden attributes.

Equipment grade: Purple, part of a set

Limit: Level 10 and above


Basic Physical Attack +20

Basic Magic Attack +20

Strength +15

Intelligence +20

Spirit +15

Additional attribute: Slime King’s Call

Slime King’s Call: Summon a Level 13 Slime to fight for you. Colour of the summoned Slime is random. Summoned Slime is active for 3 min. Skill cooldown 5min.

Special effect: Collect 3 pieces of the Slime King’s Jewellery Collection to unlock set effect.

He was right!

The design was similar to the bracelet he had gotten before. Chen Mo rushed to pick it up. It really was the ring from the 3-piece jewellery set!

He had collected two of the three pieces in the set!

The attributes of the Slime King Ring were more or less the same as the bracelet. The difference was that the bracelet added to the Agility attribute while the ring added to Spirit. The additional attributes were different too.

Chen Mo equipped the Slime King Ring and summoned a Slime.

A black Slime appeared and Chen Mo took a look at its attributes. The level 13 Slime had 100HP. With his current attributes and without Slime Poison, he would need some time to hack the 100HP to zero. Looks like the Slimes summoned by the ring would prove useful after all.

Chen Mo was in high spirits after getting the second piece of the set. He swiftly picked up the other items.

He did not care very much about the items now that he’d gotten the Slime King Ring.

However, when he looked through his inventory, he paused before he burst out in laughter.

Holy shit! What luck today – a piece of Purple equipment!

Refined Wolf-skin Leg Guards

Description: Made from durable wolf leather. Excellent defence capabilities.

Equipment grade: Purple

Limit: Level 10 and above


Physical Defence +50

Magic Defence +55

Stamina +15

Spirit +20

Additional attributes: Resist (Low level)

Resist (Low level): Every time the player receives damage, all damage is reduced by 10. Only applicable to 15 damage and above.

Purple equipment attributes were indeed a cut above the rest! These refined Wolf-skin Leg Guards’ attributes were nearly twice as good as the Durable Leather Leg Guards he had equipped!

Normally, Purple Grade is just one grade higher than Green and attributes should not differ by a lot. However, attributes vary even within the same Grade and this is the difference between excellent and average.
The attributes of the Refined Wolf-skin Leg Guards were quite good for a Purple Grade equipment while the attributes for Durable Leather Leg Guards were average. This resulted in the chasm between the two items’ attributes.

With the addition of the Refined Wolf-skin Leg Guards, Chen Mo now had two pieces of Purple Grade armour, a Purple Grade weapon and two pieces of Purple Grade jewellery. He was just three pieces of armour and one piece of jewellery away from a full-body Purple Grade equipment set!

All this from clearing the Mutated Slime King seven times. His luck wasn’t too bad. If he cleared the Mutated Slime King 10 more times, he would reach his goal!

A full-body Purple Grade equipment set – something so luxurious that no player had yet! This was something money couldn’t just buy.

Then again, without a set like this he would not be able to go up against an NPC. His goal was not to compete with other players but with the NPCs. He did not care if other players were good. Players could not compare to NPCs, whose “parents” were the game system. He had to be freaking OP or else challenging an NPC would be like knocking on Death’s door.

Getting two pieces of Purple equipment in one go advanced his plans quite a bit. Chen Mo was in a good mood. He picked up all his items and did not forget to harvest the Mutated Slime King’s body before leaving.

System prompt: You have obtained the item “Capture”!

Capture: Hunter Skill book. Players Level 10 and above can learn this skill. After learning, hunter players can capture monsters to fight for them.

Holy shit!

There was a ping as the system prompt flashed. Chen Mo could scarcely believe his eyes.

His luck today was unbelievable!

Two Purple equipment, plus a Skill book – and a must-have for his own class at that!

The Capture Skill book’s skill was not a rare skill but a hunter player had to get to Level 15, then go through the Hunter Profession Guild quest before he or she could get the skill.

As of now, the highest level player had only gotten to Level 14. That meant that nobody had learnt the Capture skill yet. If Chen Mo wished, he could learn the skill now and be the only hunter in the game with the Capture skill.

However, he could not learn it. It would be a waste since he was going to commit suicide right away and keep killing the Mutated Slime King in order to get his full-body Purple set!

However, this did not get in the way of his good mood.

This Capture skill would let him have incomparable levelling speed after he left the beginner village. When the time came, he would be able to summon a Slime, use his captured monster and waltz around in his Purple equipment set. All monsters would die at his feet and he would cut down all the little shits who ticked him off!

Though… he was here to find loopholes to break the game and won’t have many chances to chop people up once the game crashes.

Chen Mo stopped daydreaming and composed himself. He happily committed suicide and started from Level 1 again.

He had already gone from Level 1 to Level 10 a total of seven or eight times. While quite a number of unlucky people were still agonising over how to escape the Goblin Valley, he could walk out of it blindfolded.

Chen Mo could not be bothered to make any more Mutated Black Goblins in the Goblin Valley.

After killing it six or seven times, the Mutated Black Goblin did not seem to want to yield any more items to Chen Mo. The last time he killed it, it dropped what looked like a lot of coins but it turned out to be just 30 plus copper coins. It did not drop any Low Grade Mutated Drugs either. Chen Mo could not be bothered to waste his time on it any longer.

His storage was full of equipment but it was Level 10 equipment. They weren’t in his backpack either so there was no change in the speed at which he could kill the Mutated Black Goblin.

After he got out of the Goblin Valley, Chen Mo logged off just before the break of dawn as usual and went to sleep.

When he awoke, he continued to Wild Wolf Valley to level up.

The Flaming 3-headed Wolf was still undefeated. Other than a small group of players, nobody wanted to disturb it. It was just too OP; fighting it would be a waste of time. It was better to use this time to level up.

And so, the Wild Wolf Valley remained relatively empty of players while the hunting grounds outside were bursting with over-eager kill-stealers. Chen Mo snuck in and merrily went about killing Wolves, levelling up as he collected Wolf Meat.

Chen Mo was amassing quite a lot of Wolf Meat. He had over 1000 pieces in his storage and several bottles of Slime Poison – enough material to keep doing quests for a long time.

Night time descended in a flash and Chen Mo dug his pit, then proceeded to kill the Mutated Slime King. With his current attributes, killing it was a breeze after the pit was done.

The Mutated Slime King had been killed eight times by Chen Mo but it still died with fanfare when he struck the final blow.

“One Skill Mutation Scroll… As expected, the loot after that stroke of luck is crappy.”

Chen Mo threw the Skill Mutation Scroll into his backpack with a look of dissatisfaction on his face. Today’s Mutated Slime King was so crappy! Not even one Green Grade equipment – just a stupid Skill Mutation Scroll.

Unbeknownst to him, in the depths of Ash Blue Tech, a group of young men sighed with great feeling. This guy’s luck was just mind-blowing.

Whether it was the Slime King Jewellery Collection or Skill Mutation Scroll – these items’ drop rates were definitely not high!

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