Godly Hunter Chapter 33

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Got An Excellent Weapon!

“This rascal! Looks like he really does intend to kill all the beginner village BOSSes!”

In the heart of Ash Blue Tech, a group of young men watched the hunter player kill the Mutated Slime King again on their screens.

“To think that he would come up with such a method.”

Two days ago, they suddenly discovered that the Mutated Slime King had been killed and looked into it out of curiosity. They’d been gobsmacked.

The beginner village BOSS that countless guilds, big and small, were unable to take down – had been slaughtered by a single player!

Upon seeing the method this player had used to kill the Mutated Slime King, the young men turned red with embarrassment.

The method looked like a hack, but they did not think it was a bug. The Mutated Slime King could not be defeated by a mere pit! Nevertheless, they followed protocol and submitted a report of the situation. The AI computer “Glimmer” conducted a self-test on the process of the killing method and it ended up approving Chen Mo’s method for killing the BOSS.

This group of young men had no objections to Chen Mo killing the BOSS. It was good news to have a player from the Chinese servers kill the Mutated Slime King so early in the game. It was difficult enough for the players on the global servers to kill a Slime King, yet alone a Mutated Slime King.

“Holy shit! Another Skill Mutation Scroll! This guy’s going to be rich!”

Items burst from the Mutated Slime King’s body. The young men had signed agreements that they would only watch and not play. Seeing someone defeat the BOSS made them itch to play. Watching this hunter player kill the BOSS made them jittery, so when items burst forth one of the young men could not contain himself anymore.

“Skill Mutation Scroll! This can only be dropped by mutated BOSSes and above. The Mutated Slime King must be the easiest mutated BOSS to kill in the game.”

“Definitely! From what I know, it is very difficult to make the other BOSSes mutate. And after they mutate they become freakishly powerful; they are extremely tough to kill.”

“Hold on, doesn’t every mutated BOSS have a limit on the number of Skill Mutation Scrolls dropped within a certain time frame?”

“Every mutated BOSS will drop a few and when those are gone it’ll take a long while before the item drops again.”

“This means… if he keeps killing like this he’ll get his hands on every Skill Mutation Scroll the Mutated Slime King drops!”

Obtaining one Skill Mutation Scroll was impressive enough… To have several in one’s possession? It defied the laws of the natural world!

“You don’t have to kill mutated BOSSes for a Skill Mutation Scroll. Aren’t you guys forgetting that a player obtained two scrolls, plus a whole lot of other goodies just yesterday?”

At that moment, one of the young men reminded his peers of the other event.

The group ceased their chatter upon hearing his words.

Even though it was just the beginner villages, they were not unaware of the activity in the ground-breaking game.

In-game, Chen Mo slaughtered the Mutated Slime King and picked up his items. He should’ve been happy but dissatisfaction showed on his face.

Hmm. Why? This was just his third time killing the Mutated Slime King. The good loot this time consisted of just a Skill Mutation Scroll. Don’t even talk about the Slime King Jewellery set, there was no Purple Grade equipment. He got two Green Grade equipment and nine Blue Grade. He used his harvesting skill on the corpse and came up empty.

“WTF? Next one! I am going to get a Purple equipment set. Just you wait, Enoch!”

Chen Mo had great patience. He returned to the beginner village, stored his items and committed suicide right away.

… … …

“F*ck, yeah! Finally willing to give me a piece of Purple equipment, huh?”

Two days passed in the blink of an eye. Chen Mo killed his fifth Mutated Slime King.

Yesterday’s Mutated Slime King loot was the worst. It dropped just one piece of Green Grade equipment. Today’s loot standard went up; a piece of Purple equipment – and it’s a crossbow too!

Poison Tinted Crossbow

Description: A crossbow that was soaked in **. Arrows fired from this crossbow can cause poison damage.

Equipment Grade: Purple

Limit: Hunter, Assassin Class Level 10 and above


Basic Physical Attack 68-82

Basic Magic Attack – 59-77

Strength +25

Agility +20

Poison Crossbow Skill Level +1

Poison Skill Level +1

Additional Attributes: Weak Poison

Weak Poison: Upon successfully attacking the target, chance of causing 200 poison damage to target is 10%. This poison damage does not stack with other poison damage.

Chen Mo’s heart was all aflutter as he looked at the Poison Tinted Crossbow.

It was all mothaf*ckin’ worth it!

This Purple Grade crossbow was just too awesome – it was even better than all the different weapons Chen Mo had seen on the forums!

Among the various weapons, the crossbow’s damage attributes were average or below but this level 10 crossbow’s basic attack was already higher than most of the weapons in the game. The additional Strength points weren’t low either. Coupled with Poison Crossbow Skill and Poison Skill, plus the additional attribute, Chen Mo was sure to get at least 50,000RMB* for it!

*Roughly 7485 USD, 6810 Euro or 29670 PLN

He wouldn’t sell it, of course. Not right now!

This Poison Tinged Crossbow was the greatest asset on hand to defeat Enoch. With this weapon, the speed with which he would be able to fight and kill the Mutated Slime King would double.

He needed about 20mins to kill the Mutated Slime King now. The Poison Tinged Crossbow would allow him to spend just 10mins or so to kill it!

Now that he had this weapon, he needed four more pieces of armour and two more pieces of jewellery from the set for him to have his showdown with Enoch!

Chen Mo’s weapon boosted his power quite a bit. Back in Ayr Town, he wasted no time in committing suicide.

Chen Mo logged off just before dawn broke and prepared to go to bed.

However, before he did that, he checked the forums for the latest developments in the game.

He was focused on fighting the Mutated Slime King now but it was still important to keep his ear to the ground.

He was not the only one to have accepted the commission so it was almost necessary to keep abreast of the latest happenings in the game.

Nothing major happened in the few days past. There were only two topics of interest.

The first was the Trial of Natural Skill. It had been proven that the better one scored in the trial, the better the Innate skill received.

That was not the only chance to get Innate skills, of course. Players could also obtain the skill as they level up but the earlier you can get a skill, the greater the benefit.

The second was the day and night times in the game.

According to the players who’d already gone to the three main human cities, it was best not to be outside city walls at night. Your field of vision was narrow and the monsters become stronger at night. Players with lousy equipment were easily killed by monsters at night.

However, there were players with different opinions too.

The monsters become stronger but they also give more EXP. Some monsters and NPCs also only appear at night. Players can get rare quests from these NPCs and the rewards upon completion were great indeed.

Whether one could kill monsters at night in safety depended on one’s equipment. It was difficult to level up after Level 10. Equipment of Blue Grade and up became ever more essential in the three main human cities. Needless to say, high-quality equipment was very much sought after.

… … …

Two days passed again in a flash.

With the Poison Tinged Crossbow, Chen Mo’s attack power was such that the Mutated Slime King no longer posed a threat.

Chen Mo’s eyes lit up as the familiar death roar and flash of light faded. He had spotted a familiar piece of equipment!

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