Godly Hunter Chapter 32

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The Second Piece of Purple Equipment

The person holding a shovel was obviously here to dig. Chen Mo screwed up.

He did not expect anyone to come digging at this hour. Players who’d read the forum post in the day were already done digging. Not many could be seen digging for treasure in the Slime Plains at night.

The figure drew closer and came into focus, making Chen Mo start in surprise.

The shovel-holding person was the loli fighter named Itsy Bitsy Fighter he had met an hour earlier.

“What’s she doing back here?”

Chen Mo had doubled back after his pit was dug and checked the area. Itsy Bitsy Fighter had gone off, leaving a deep pit behind. He assumed that she had left to dig somewhere else so he did not think that she would come back and dig around the same area.

“It’s you? Wow! You dug up this huge monster?”

Itsy Bitsy Fighter had a good memory and recognised Chen Mo at once.

The Mutated Slime King sat in the pit. Itsy Bitsy Fighter stared, her eyes almost popping out in disbelief.

“Yes, yes I did. This monster’s really strong! You should leave quickly!” Chen Mo replied at once. This loli fighter must have not played many games. No gamer would ever think that BOSS monsters could be dug up.

Chen Mo could not be bothered to think up a good story so he lied to the little loli. He’d probably be done with Slime Kings by the time she figured it out.

“Don’t worry! I’ll help!” Itsy Bitsy Fighter heroically equipped her sword and charged the Mutated Slime King.


Chen Mo made to stop her but he was a step too late. Itsy Bitsy Fighter jumped into the pit with a huff*, fully intent on fighting the Mutated Slime King.

*Asian cutesy-style.

Her luck in the game was not too bad and she had gotten her hands on some equipment. Monsters on the Slime Plains posed no real danger to her. Granted, the Mutated Slime King was bigger but she did not think that its attack power would be much greater.

Chen Mo could not bear to look. The Mutated Slime King had not been in the pit long and the pit still held a number of little purple balls secreted by it. The purple balls only disappear after 10 or more seconds. This loli fighter jumping in like that was suicide!

As expected, Itsy Bitsy Fighter got hit by some purple balls before she even got close to the Mutated Slime King.

Bang! Bang! Bang! … Itsy Bitsy Fighter was insta-killed before she could work out what happened.

Eh, forget it. Dead is dead. It’s just a game and no losses suffered for those Level 10 and below.

Chen Mo gave it no further thought and concentrated on killing the Mutated Slime King. If someone else came he would not be so lucky again.


The Mutated Slime King let out a familiar, vengeful roar. As expected of a BOSS – a fixed pattern even in death!

Under the night sky, the Mutated Slime King’s body fell with a crash and lay surrounded by glowing loot. The BOSS hath bequeath its bounty yet again!

Chen Mo hurriedly jumped down and shoved everything into his backpack.

That loli fighter might come back and he was not going to sit around and wait for her. She was naïve and would ask lots of questions. Chen Mo did not want to feed her lies. It was better to not see her again.

After walking a distance, Chen Mo started looking through his loot.

“Ha ha ha! Another piece of Purple Grade equipment!”

The Mutated Slime King had dropped over 10 pieces of equipment. Chen Mo spotted the Purple piece right away!

Shoes of the Wind Walker

Description: Wearing these shoes will make you a man of the wind!

Equipment Grade: Purple

Limit: Level 10 and above


Physical Defence +48

Magical Defence +52

Agility +10

Movement Speed increased by +5

Additional Skill: Wind-speed Dodge

Wind-speed Dodge: After using this skill, the player’s max speed is increased by 1 point. 20% chance of avoiding enemy’s attack. Effect lasts for 5 seconds. Skill cooldown 30 seconds.

Purple Grade shoes that increased movement speed by 5!

“Not bad, not bad… With these shoes, I won’t have to worry about dying when facing the Mutated Slime King!”

When the Mutated Slime King escapes from the pit its speed will increase. Now that Chen Mo had Shoes of the Wind Walker his movement speed had increased. Granted, he would not be able to shake it off his tail completely but it would have trouble catching up to him. If he could add obstructions in front of the Mutated Slime King, it would never be able to catch him.

“A piece of Green Grade equipment! Durable Leather Leg Guards!”

Durable Leather Leg Guards

Description: Leg guards made from the skin of monsters sewn together. Very durable. Able to effectively withstand attacks from monsters.

Equipment Grade: Green

Limit: Level 10 and above


Physical Defence +32

Magic Defence +36

Stamina +8

Strength +5

The description was more or less the same as the Durable Leather Armour he’d gotten yesterday. The difference was that yesterday’s equipment was for his upper half and today’s for his bottom. Attributes varied a little but the equipment looked to be of a set.

Besides these two pieces of equipment, the rest of the ten-odd pieces were Blue Grade.

Chen Mo harvested the Mutated Slime King’s corpse but did not get anything this time.

Compared to yesterday, he was short a Skill Mutation Scroll, skill book and piece of Green Grade equipment. Still, he was quite satisfied with his haul.

It might have been the first solo kill of the Mutated Slime King, so it probably dropped more than usual. It was normal for the subsequent amount of loot to be less than the first kill. He would thank the heavens if a Purple Grade equipment dropped every time he killed a Mutated Slime King.

It had also dropped 40+ silver coins. 100 silver coins would automatically be converted into a gold coin by the system. Chen Mo checked his backpack – almost there.

… … …

Not long after Chen Mo left, the lovely little face of Itsy Bitsy Fighter graced the shadows of the night.

She noted Chen Mo’s absence and did not comment on it. She did, however, feel saddened by the fact that the monster the amazingly skilful big brother dug up had insta-killed her right away.

Itsy Bitsy Fighter took out a worn and tattered treasure map which she had marked in several places. She corrected her position and went about digging her own pit very close to where Chen Mo had dug his.

“Not here either.”

Over an hour later, Itsy Bitsy Fighter climbed out of the pit and sat at its lip, swinging her legs. Under the moonlight, she took out her map and drew an X on it.

“This means I’m left with one last possible place.”

Itsy Bitsy Fighter put away her treasure map and set off towards the next location with her shovel in hand.

About 10 minutes later, she checked her treasure map again and started digging industriously.

Dirt flew through the air as a huge pit formed in the ground.


Suddenly, there was a metallic sound.

“Treasure!” Itsy Bitsy Fighter gleefully uncovered a treasure chest at the bottom of the pit.

“What a mess of items! Oh well, I’ll just sort them out later. This hidden treasure quest is finally complete! I’ll start doing the next quest when I get back. Sigh. Why does this little town have so many quests? When will I ever finish them all and leave this place?”

Itsy Bitsy Fighter opened the chest. There were books, scrolls, jewels and more, all heaped up in the chest. Itsy Bitsy Fighter’s eyes barely registered the items before they were all unceremoniously shoved into her backpack. She climbed out of the pit, looked at the long, long list of quests and let out a huge sigh.

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