Godly Hunter Chapter 31

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Loli Fighter

It was late when Chen Mo got to Level 4 and exited the Goblin Valley. He logged off and went to bed.

Chen Mo awoke in the afternoon.

Having eaten and slept his fill, he went on the forums to check the result of the post.


“Wasted my time!”

“Everyone, don’t get tricked! It’s fake!”

Chen Mo clicked on the post and smiled smugly. People had gotten tricked and gone digging in the Slime Plains as expected.

However, Chen Mo found that something was not right as he read on.

Many had called him a liar but there were a few people actually defending him!

After taking a closer look, he was struck dumb.

There really was hidden treasure outside Ayr Town in the beginner villages!

When creating their characters, players who had answered the survey had a chance to receive a quest from an old man tending graves in the wilderness. The quest was to clear weeds from gravestones and the reward after completion was a “Thieves’ Gang Treasure Map”.

Long ago, a severely injured leader of a gang of thieves came to the outskirts of Ayr Town. The old man was a young boy then and, as a kind-hearted lad, did his best to nurse the leader’s wounds but the leader succumbed to his wounds and died. The leader had buried the gang’s treasure outside Ayr Town and given the grave-tending old man the treasure map.

However, due to the leader’s terrible injuries, a large portion of the map was obscured by blood. The old man searched for years but was unable to find the treasure.

In the end, the old man gave up and gave each adventurer who helped him a copy of the map as a reward.

After so many years, the originally unclear map became even more muddled. The players who got the map could only look at it and sigh.

Very few players obtained the map but the forum post Chen Mo made had given them a new hope. Quite a few had run to the Slime Plains and tried digging for treasure in places they felt most suspect.

Chen Mo was speechless. He never thought that his ruse would prove true.

Still, his treasure was fake – these players would give up quickly after realising that there was none to be found. However, with this quest information made public he could openly go about his digging.

Back in the game, Chen Mo prepared to level up. Returning to the warehouse, he was surprised to discover that the quest item, Stone Cold Water, had disappeared.

Thinking about it, Chen Mo surmised that committing suicide and restarting had reset Gleeson’s quest.

That’s okay. He could just re-learn the Harvesting and Camouflage skills from Gleeson.

With prior experience, his levelling up speed was much faster and he got to Level 10 before 10pm.

After getting to Level 10, Chen Mo put on the equipment that the Mutated Slime King had dropped.

Durable Leather Armour, Slime King Bracelet and 3 other Blue grade equipment with attributes that were not bad.

Jewellery and weapons were, of course, the most difficult to get. Of the 10+ pieces of Blue equipment, there was not one weapon Chen Mo could use nor jewellery to be found.

Then again, Chen Mo now had on 2 Green grade, 1 Purple grade and 3 Blue grade equipment with awesome attributes. You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone better equipped in the beginner villages!

This was the advantage of taking on BOSSes one-on-one. If a party killed the Mutated Slime King, each person would only get a little share of the loot.

With this set of equipment, Chen Mo would have 96 Strength points without equipping the Degenerate title – if he equipped the title, he would have at least 106 points!

His Stamina attribute with Degenerate title had 61 points, boosting his HP to 1220. A direct attack by the Mutated Slime King won’t kill him now!

The thing Chen Mo lacked now was a weapon. However, good weapons were scarce and even more expensive than shoes. He’d spent 5000 on the Green grade Shoes of the Storm; a Green grade weapon would cost him upwards of 10,000.

Furthermore, he might not be able to find it for sale even if he had the money.

As for lower grade weapons, given his current attributes, Chen Mo felt that it made no difference whether he had a weapon or not.

He was still able to kill the Mutated Slime King with his previous pathetic equipment. Now with a great increase in attributes there was no reason he wouldn’t be able to kill it. Without a good weapon, he would at most be a little slow – but taking his attributes into consideration, his killing speed would definitely be higher than yesterday’s!

After completing the Wolf Meat quest from the beggar and the Slime Poison quest, Chen Mo went on to collect Wolf Meat in the Wild Wolf Valley as he awaited nightfall.

Players abound during the day. Luring the Mutated Slime King away without anyone noticing was nigh impossible.

Close to midnight, Chen Mo brought some shovels and rope to the Slime Plains.

“Dude, a ton of peeps on the forum said that’s a con job. You still diggin’?”

Chen Mo had advertised for help in digging and one of the three male players who heard couldn’t help but caution him.

“Just help me dig and don’t bother about anything else. Are you digging or not?” Chen Mo took on an arrogant air like he had too much money to spend.

“Yeah, we are!” They’d be fools not to take the easy money. Seeing his attitude, the three players said nothing more to change his mind.

Chen Mo led the three of them to his target location.

When they were almost there, Chen Mo and the three male players stopped and stared blankly. There did not seem to be anything amiss from afar but once they got close…

A raven-haired little head popped out of the ground. And beneath that little head of hair was a dirt-streaked adorable doll-like face.

A loli fighter had dug a pit almost two metres deep.

“Hey! Are you here to dig for treasure too? I think you should give up because there probably won’t be any to be found. I dug a pit this deep and still didn’t find anything.”

Seeing a shovel in each person’s hand, the loli fighter assumed that they were treasure hunters too and gave them some friendly advice in a clear and pretty voice.

Hot damn! A loli with an innocent child-like face and huge boobs!

The hired help had walked over to the pit out of curiosity and found a loli fighter with a mesmerizingly hot body.

The heart rate of the three male players went up. One of them squatted at the edge of the pit with a grin. “Hi, sweetie! What’s your name? Do you want help in digging?”

Asshole! I hired you to work for me! Trying to pick up girls while on the clock? Do you want your cash or not?

When Chen Mo heard this, he was sorely tempted to kick the guy into the pit.

“Me? I’m Itsy Bitsy Fighter. My pit’s almost done so I don’t need any help.” The loli fighter shook her head and refused help.

“What level are you, sweetie? I can help you level up. Big brother here is Level Ten.” The asshole pressed on.

“No! You’ve got a mean look about you. One look and I can tell you’re not a good guy!” Itsy Bitsy Fighter shot back and glared at him.

“Let’s go! Follow me elsewhere to dig.”

At that moment, Chen Mo yelled. Having been rejected outright, Chen Mo’s yell gave the guy a way out of an embarrassing situation and he hurried to Chen Mo’s side.

The other two had witnessed his rejection and knew that the loli wasn’t going to be easy. They gave up.

His number one spot had been taken by the loli fighter but this was still within the parameters of Chen Mo’s calculations. Trapping the BOSS in one spot all the time was not safe. He had other locations mapped out in his head.

After walking for a few minutes, Chen Mo stopped and told the trio to start digging.

A 3m deep pit opened up in the ground half an hour later. Chen Mo sent the trio on their way and checked his surroundings to make sure there were no other players nearby.

When he had made sure all was well, he went to the Slime King and used the Slime Poison.

The Slime King mutated and bounced toward Chen Mo with a great roar.

Chen Mo ran along his now-familiar path to the huge pit with the Mutated Slime King in tow and easily pushed it into the pit.

He knew exactly how the Mutated Slime King would react but it was unable to pose any threat to him in the pit. Chen Mo had the upper hand and the Mutated Slime King’s HP decreased quickly.

Chen Mo had to drink one more Slime Poison the last time to sustain the mutation while he hacked at the Mutated Slime King’s HP. This time, the monster’s HP had dropped quite low and he still had 10mins to go.

“Almost dead! Just 20% left!”

Chen Mo estimated that it would take him a few minutes more to kill the Mutated Slime King while the Slime Poison was still in effect.

Suddenly, a figure with a shovel in hand appeared in Chen Mo’s peripheral vision!

Shit! Someone’s coming!

Chen Mo groaned inwardly at his bad luck. He was much quicker compared to the previous time and there was just that bit of HP left. If this person posted this on the forums he would have a tough time getting the Mutated Slime King in a one-on-one kill!

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