Godly Hunter Chapter 25 is out! And…

Sadly, releases will continue to be slow for the time being. I’m now busy with work and preparing to move to Zurich, Switzerland in November. Goodbye old job and farewell my country. On the other hand, you guys can look forward to more chapters in December as I’ll have no job and no friends… just the growing baby and me… in winter… in a foreign land… while the husband goes to The Corporate Jungle to hunt Money for our survival… (>_<!)

Yeah my life is cray-cray.

Link here: http://moonbunnycafe.com/godly-hunter/godly-huntergodly-hunter-chapter-25/

– thepolarwife

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6 Responses to Godly Hunter Chapter 25 is out! And…

  1. Kllick says:

    Bless for your family

  2. Gunther says:

    Pity about the long delays but it can’t be helped.
    Oh well.
    Hope you find new friends soon.
    Don’t worry the neighborhood wives will definitely want to get to know you (for the gossip).
    Use that chance to forge new friendships (don’t lose to gossip).
    Hope the baby’ll grow to be healthy and strong.

    Where’s the link (shortcut) to ch 25?
    Do I have to trudge all the way to the project page and then take the turn to ch 25?

  3. Dindin says:

    Oooooh, Zurich is really pretty. Good luck!

  4. Random says:

    Also, Ich bin Zürcher und ich begrüsse dich. Willkommen an die Schweiz. 🙂 (assuming you speak a bit german since you’re coming here)

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