Adorable Consort – Chapter 268

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Chapter 268 – One disaster after another, the road was merciless

“How could you be so foolish?”

Hearing these words, Chu Qing-Yan couldn’t endure it anymore, her eye socket became red.

The foolish person wasn’t her.

Clearly knowing this task was too difficult, it was a trap, but he didn’t complain and accepted it!

Clearly knowing he needed manpower at his side right now, but he dispatched the majority of them to protect her!

Clearly knowing his body had a highly toxic poison, and that he needed people at his side, yet he pushed them away again and again!

Big Block of Ice, you are the person that was most foolish!

You never considered yourself, you never know to take care of yourself!

Chu Qing-Yan slanted her face and looked up, afraid that in one careless moment, tears would flow out again.

“Big Block of Ice, don’t say anymore. If you continue to talk, I’m afraid I won’t be able to endure it and beat you up! Don’t you be fierce with me, because now you are no longer that heroic and good at fighting His Highness Prince Ying. Rather, you are just a piece of meat on the chopping board that can be taken advantage of. Therefore, if you want to say more of how we should abandon you, then consider it well!”

Chu Qing-Yan said very fiercely, as if she had really become the embodiment of an executioner that was sharpening her sword, prepared to move!

Xiao Xu’s mouth couldn’t help but hook up. In the end, it became a light sigh at the corner of his mouth.

Chu Qing-Yan could clearly sense the tiredness between his brows. She knew he having talked for so long with her, presumably he was already spent. She immediately said. “Big Block of Ice, go to sleep being at ease. Outside there is us, and Air Spirit will think of a way to cure your poison. Sleep!”

Xiao Xu wanted to say something more, but at this time his eyelids were so heavy that he couldn’t keep them open.

In the end, he could only allow himself to sink into an endless darkness.

Chu Qing-Yan patted his shoulder lightly, like before, when he was coaxing her to sleep.

Fortune rises and falls, now it has arrived at my home.

Now she doesn’t want to face such a weak Big Block of Ice that anyone could easily injure.

She draped her outer jacket that was dried by the fire over him, while she hugged him tightly, not daring to let go. She was afraid if she let go, he would abandon her again.

The bonfire in the cave occasionally gave off crackling sounds. She slept very restlessly, waking up from time to time to see if he was feeling uncomfortable or not.

During that time, Fire Spirit and the others came in several times, moving about quietly. But once they saw the two people nestled together, everyone’s eyes heated up and they went out again.

“Air Spirit, did you think of a way?” Fire Spirit asked at the cave’s entrance, he was so anxious that he looked like a cat on a tin roof.

“I——” Air Spirit had just started to speak when he lowered his head in defeat.

“Fire Spirit, don’t keep pressuring Air Spirit. If there was a way, he would have said so earlier.” Wood Spirit couldn’t help but say this.

Fire Spirit pulled his hair, somewhat impatiently he said. “I’m just in the midst of being anxious okay? You guys don’t need to pay attention to me!”

“I’m really useless, at a critical time like this I can’t think of anything!” After racking his brains for several hours, Air Spirit all of a sudden felt like he was about to abandon himself to despair.

Hearing this, Fire Spirit glared at him. “It’s only been how long? I order you to pick up your spirit! Don’t show me this half dead appearance!”

“But I’m afraid I really don’t have a way ah!” Air Spirit leaned against the stone wall, in a very downcast mood.

But when he finished speaking, Fire Spirit immediately took steps forward to grab him by the collar. His tone had a trace of hating him for not fighting for it. “Air Spirit, seeing at that time, just relying on the strength of you alone, several thousands of lives were saved in the army. Seeing how master has so much faith in you, how can you say such disheartening and unlucky words right now? Does your conscience feel clear for the Xiao Lie Cavalry? Does your conscience feel clear toward us? Does your conscience feel clear toward our master lying inside now?”

Fire Spirit in a fit of rage smashed a fist over. It landed on Air Spirit’s face. His cheek bone immediately swelled up, while Air Spirit’s entire person fell to the ground!

Wood Spirit, seeing this, immediately stepped forward to stop Fire Spirit’s second hit that was about to land. He forcefully separated the two, and looked at the two of them with an intolerant expression. “In the end, what are you guys doing? Master is poisoned and in a critical state. You guys are good, one punched his comrade, while the other abandoned himself to despair. If you guys don’t sober up now, get out there and stay in the rain. Go wash away all the anger and disheartedness out there!”

Fire Spirit turned his wrist, gave a cold humph and turned his back to them.

While Air Spirit wiped away the traces of blood at the corner of his mouth and stood up in a swaying manner. “Wood Spirit, Fire Spirit wanted to wake me up with a hit, you shouldn’t mind it.”

Hearing this, Fire Spirit put his hands down, he lifted his head and closed his eyes, standing in silence.

“If the two of them don’t give vent to their feelings, their hearts won’t be content. You don’t need to pay them any heed.” Earth Spirit stepping on rain water returned, he did not attach any importance to the two people’s actions, rather, he walked directly toward the cave.

“Earth Spirit, master and the Little Consort are resting, what do you want to do?” Wood Spirit asked in puzzlement.

Earth Spirit’s footsteps stopped, his head didn’t turn back. “Just now at the foot of the mountain, I saw some people there preparing to search the mountain. I’m going to inform the Little Consort.”

Finished speaking, Earth Spirit entered the cave.

Fire Spirit, Air Spirit and the others one after another looked at his back with various astonished expressions. In the past, Earth Spirit never put the Little Consort in his eyes, how come now if something comes up, he would report to her? Could it be he had already recognized the Little Consort’s existence?

Now was not the time to think about those trivial matters. The top priority was to deal with the matter of enemies searching the mountain. As a result, the three of them also followed up.

“Search the mountain?” Chu Qing-Yan’s complexion turned white. Although the cloaked person had already left, however others don’t know the matter of Big Block of Ice being injured. Now they were still persevering in carrying out the task of assassinating Big Block of Ice. But now they had lost a great majority of their manpower. The surviving people were either injured or unconscious. Moreover, their commander’s body is poisoned. It could be said that the them right now could break from one hit. Once people came up to attack, they could only allow themselves to be trampled upon.

“One disaster on top of another” perfectly described their current circumstances!

Chu Qing-Yan calmed down. Since Earth Spirit came in to ask her, then it must be because he wanted to listen to her suggestions. Now being frenetic was of no use, it’s better she thought of a way to buy them some time. “How many people do they have? How far are they from us?”

“There are about 20 people on the east side, about 25 people on the south side, they are all at the foot of the mountain and haven’t reached halfway up.” Earth Spirit had a whole new level of respect for her cool-headedness as well as her concise and capable questions. He immediately said this.

“Heavily outnumbered, we can not face them straight on, we can only outwit them.”

Fire Spirit and the several other people that rushed over, hearing this, suddenly voluntarily stood to the side. They wanted to hear what kind of ideas she had.

Chu Qing-Yan thought carefully, recalling the scenery on the route as they were being chased along the way. Her heart slowly formed a plan and she immediately said. “Do you have brush and paper?”

Everyone in Fire Spirit’s group standing on the side all shook their heads. In order to avoid chased and killed along the way, how could they even attend to those kind of things? Moreover, even if they had some, it would have been soaked by now.

Without brush and paper, then it would be somewhat more difficult!

Chu Qing-Yan frowned, but she didn’t panic. When her gaze landed on the side of the bonfire, her pair of eyes lit up. Her hand extended out and picked up a wooden stick. Afterwards, she pushed aside the straws in front of her. The wooden stick pressed against the ground as she lifted her head to say to Wood spirit. “We need to set up a scheme, then we need concealed weapons. Now we can only use the resources at hand. There are several simple and convenient concealed weapons that are easy to operate. It just needs Wood Spirit to accomplish it.”

When Chu Qing-Yan finished speaking, a trace of surprise flashed through Wood Spirit’s eyes.

Researching concealed weapons is one of his interests, and he knew that inside the Little Consort’s head, there were always strange and clever ideas.

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