Adorable Consort – Chapter 253

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Chapter 253 – Traveling northward there are ambushes

When Chu Qing-Yan finished speaking, she heard a clear and cold voice coming from inside the horse carriage.

“This king doesn’t need to guess to know who your accomplices are, I penalize you to stay in your carriage and ponder over your mistakes.”

He had just finished speaking when his carriage passed hers. Very quickly, a team of imperial guards moved in between the two carriages. No matter how skillful Jin Xin was at driving the carriage, he wasn’t able to get past this team of imperial guards.

Leaving Chu Qing-Yan alone to sulk while looking at that carriage separated by the team of imperial guards unhurriedly moving forward.

She thought if it was in the modern day, she reckoned this carriage would spray her face full of exhaust fumes!

Say what shut the door and ponder over your mistakes, close the carriage and reflect on your errors, humph! They were all excuses Big Block of Ice had, to stop her from getting on his carriage!

But being angry is just anger, she very quickly calmed her mood.

Just now she was only probing him out, but she didn’t expect that Big Block of Ice would really do what she thought and not let her get onto his carriage.

Then, this action from Big Block of Ice today certainly had a purpose.

But in the end, what was the reason?

Chu Qing-Yan pursed her lips, ever since she knew of that secret mission, she wanted to always stay by his side and not be separated from him. If there were some dangers, she was willing to face it together with him. But at this time, Big Block of Ice insisted on pushing her away from his side.

Big Block of Ice behaves just like this whenever there are matters he would silently undertake them by himself. He never asked the opinions of the people at his side, him being like this really made people dislike him.

“Master, do you still want to talk to First young master?” Jin Xin’s words came into the carriage.

“No need, you should just focus on driving the carriage and that will be good.” Chu Qing-Yan replied.


Forget it, she should first calm down a bit. Wait until they get off the carriage, she will discuss it properly with Big Block of Ice. She couldn’t let the two of them be separated so inexplicably.

And in the other horse carriage, Xiao Xu hadn’t flipped through the letters in his hands for a long time. It was still stopped on that page that he was on when Chu Qing-Yan had just started to talk.

After a short period of time, he didn’t hear any movements from behind. He knocked on the carriage wall and Earth Spirit quickly approached the carriage.

“How is Qing-Yan doing?” He asked without thinking.

“The little young master didn’t make more of a fuss, it can be assumed he already calmed down.” Earth Spirit wasn’t surprised that master still asked about the Little Consort’s movements. Fortunately he had been paying attention to her all along.

“Then that’s good.” Ink like hair hung down, covering his pair of eyes. No one could see clearly the mood in his eyes whether it was complicated, remorseful or reluctant to part with.

Outside of Chu Qing-Yan’s expectations, even when they were eating lunch, Big Block of Ice still didn’t get off the carriage. Rather, he had people send the food into the carriage.

Chu Qing-Yan sat under a tree, both pair of eyes staring unwaveringly at that carriage. If a person’s gaze had destructive powers, she would have already burned that carriage to see what the person inside was doing!

But is was also because of this that she felt Big Block of Ice’s manner was even more strange.

And each of Fire Spirit’s group took the initiative to stay far away from the center of where the Little Consort was.

Because they had a deep fear of that person muttering words full of complaints as she fiercely stabbed at the food in her bowl. They were afraid the Little Consort was reluctant to release that anger on master’s body, but would show no quarter and release it on their bodies.

So in order to avoid bringing disaster to the fish in the pond or some such saying, it was best not to ask for it.

Huang Yi replied in front of the carriage. “The little young master didn’t eat a lot today. Compared to normal times, he ate more than half a bowl less. He didn’t even glance at the meat wedged in steam bun he liked to eat the most.”

“En, maybe halfway on the road she will yell she’s hungry. First, you go prepare the pastries she likes to eat normally, in case of the time she will want them.” Xiao Xu said faintly.

Huang Yi was somewhat surprised, just now all the way on the road the Little Consort thought of every method to get close to His Highness, but His Highness would sternly order to stop her. But why call her over when the Little Consort was not paying attention and regardless of the insignificance of the matter ask what the Little Consort ate along the way. She suddenly didn’t understand the world the masters lived in.

“This servant has noted it.”

The carriage once again continued on its way.

On this route, Chu Qing-Yan had used every trick in the book.

Pretended her stomach hurt, she wasn’t feeling well. Air Spirit immediately came over to take her pulse and prescribe medicine, immediately seeing through her little scheme.

Pretending to be bored and depressed, she wanted to get off the carriage to walk around, to appreciate the beautiful scenery along the road. However this notion of her hadn’t been passed along for long when Wood Spirit came over holding a huge pile of puppets and toys. He said master had ordered these things were diversions for her boredom.

As a result, while Chu Qing-Yan’s large eyes were glaring at the small eyes of a carriage full of toys, she had no choice but to admit that ginger is spicier as it gets older.

Although Big Block of Ice wasn’t old, his skill was enough to toss her several streets away.

Only normally he won’t reveal the mountain and the lakes, or it could be said he never revealed his abilities in front of her.

Looks like pretending to cry will also be no good. In a short while, he will certainly have Lu Yi send embroidered handkerchiefs or something. It would naturally be used to let her wipe away the tears ah.

One scheme didn’t work, give birth to another. But the person up ahead countered every move. And the people on the side watched the play, not at all bored on the road.

As a result along the way, everyone resisted the urge to smile with great difficulty. They heard all kinds of ghostly ideas coming from the Little Consort’s carriage that seemed endless, and never was the same idea used twice. Their master would unhurriedly deal with it, then the Little Consort whose scheme was seen through would howl with anguish and roll about inside the carriage. In the end she would pull herself together again and then, this cycle would repeat.

Time passed little by little like this.

And Fire Spirit who was up ahead seeking a path came back.

“Reporting to master, about 1.5 km ahead is a teahouse. Past the teahouse is the desolated countryside and mountain ranges. I’m afraid if we want to find places to rest there, it won’t be easy. Should we first go rest in the teahouse, then hurry on the road?”

“Okay, notify everyone to prepare to rest.” Xiao Xu said calmly.

Fire Spirit accepted the order and withdrew.

When Chu Qing-Yan learned they were about to get off the carriage and rest, she wanted to refuse. Because all the way they were battling over schemes, Big Block of Ice had successfully crushed the IQ she was immensely proud of like pieces of broken ice.

But in the end, she still crawled up and got off the carriage. After all, this chess move gave her the opportunity to question Big Block of Ice at close range for free. How could she easily let this pass?

Walking out of the carriage, she saw that elegant tall figure standing on the side of the other carriage. Chu Qing-Yan felt slightly embarrassed and directly walked past in front of him. If Big Block of Ice called her to stop, then she’ll talk to him. Otherwise, this lady definitely won’t take the initiative.

However when she walked very far in an exasperatingly slow manner, Big Block of Ice still hadn’t said anything. Immediately Chu Qing-Yan was full of anger, humph, don’t want to talk to me, then I will refuse to acknowledge you too. I want to act reserved and aloof for once!

“Miss, want to drink tea?’ A waiter like person stepped forward and enthusiastically called out.

“En, anything will be fine.” Chu Qing-Yan was in the midst of feeling piqued and replied without thinking. Afterwards, she found a place and sat down. She didn’t expect it was so remote over here but unexpectedly there were a lot of guests. Suddenly, a thought flashed by in her mind but she was unable to capture it.

Soon Xiao Xu also appeared in the teahouse. But Chu Qing-Yan had already cast her head to the side, putting on the appearance of don’t want to acknowledge him.

Xiao Xu smiled and didn’t hesitate before walking to her table and sitting down.

However the second he sat down, a vigilant expression suddenly flashed through his calm without a ripple pair of eyes.

“Okay, young Miss and young master, your tea is here!” The waiter very quickly delivered the tea.

Chu Qing-Yan lifted her hand to pour herself a cup, she originally wanted to ignore the person in front of her, but when he sat down in front of her, the little temper she had just assembled scattered. In the end, she still poured him a cup of water.

Chu Qing-Yan had just put down the teapot when she thought of something and immediately called Air Spirit over. “Test to see if there is a problem with the water.”

Being careful will allow the ship to sail for ten thousand years.

However when Chu Qing-Yan said this, the atmosphere in the surrounding suddenly changed.

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