Adorable Consort – Chapter 246

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Chapter 246 – Hundreds of tries were no good, used a little clever move

“Air Spirit, are there no other ways?’ Chu Qing-Yan’s eyes were full of worry, she was afraid if it continued like this, Big Block of Ice will really become ill.

Air Spirit shook his head. “If there was a way, this subordinate would have already done so.” And wouldn’t be here under pressure thinking of ways.

Chu Qing-Yan was so anxious she almost stamped her feet. After turning about making two circles, she suddenly thought of something. She turned her head toward Air Spirit and smiled craftily. “I have a way, only that I need a little bit of stuff, but I know you have it.”

Air Spirit was puzzled.

Very quickly, Chu Qing-Yan took the bowl of medicine from his hand. She made a scissors gesture toward him, then lifted her feet to walk into Big Block of Ice’s room.

Once Fire Spirit saw her enter as well as the medicinal soup in her hand, he immediately understood. Afterwards, he brought the aides and advisors in the room out.

Ever since they left Yang Xia county, several aids and advisors appeared by Big Block of Ice’s side. She had heard that this was the group of brains behind the scenes when he led a campaign onto the battlefield back then. Because Big Block of Ice needed them, they rushed over. Chu Qing-Yan always had an admiring attitude towards them, but these people didn’t seem to like her very much.

Only she and Xiao Xu remained in the room.

The thin figure was frowning and writing something under the candle light, Chu Qing-Yan held the bowl of medicine and walked to his side. “First rest a bit, Air Spirit said the condition of your injury has relapsed. He boiled some medicine for you, quickly drink it while it’s warm!”

“First leave it there!” Xiao Xu said without lifting up his head.

Chu Qing-Yan knew that if she really put it down, then he probably won’t even remember to drink the medicine. As a result, with one hand she took away his brush, then put the bowl of medicine in front of him. In an insistent tone she said. “You drink it first, you can handle the matters in a while, the body is the most important matter.”

“Qing-Yan! Don’t make trouble!” Xiao Xu’s face turned stern, giving signs that he was about to get angry.

Big Block of Ice very rarely got angry at her. This was the first time he bellowed at her so strictly. Her haughtiness receded somewhat. But when she saw the faint blue-green color under his eyes because he hadn’t rested well recently, she immediately raised her voice. “You are the one making trouble! Before when I fell ill or was injured, you said to me that nothing is more important than the body. You insisted that I must take the medicine on time, but look at you right now! Not even speaking of how you have almost made your body collapse yet you still won’t eat the medicine, you are acting like an official who set off a huge fire while not allowing the peasants to even light a lamp right? How can you be so despotic!”

Saying things toward the end, her voice already carried traces of sobbing. The anger that had just rose up in Xiao Xu because of his recent jittery mood was extinguished by the weeping sound in her voice and her beautiful face that was about to cry.

In the end he compromised, took the bowl of medicine from her hand and drank it all in one breath.

“Finished, now you can feel relieved. This king didn’t disallow you this peasant to light a lamp!” Xiao Xu returned the empty bowl to her.

Chu Qing-Yan seeing him so obedient, gave a breath of relief in her heart. She inspected the bowl, there really was not a single drop left behind.

“Now you can give the brush to this king.” Xiao Xu spread open his hand, there was some helplessness in the depth of his eyes.

A pity what was placed in his hand wasn’t a brush, rather it was a pair of chopsticks.

Xiao Xu frowned. “Qing-Yan, this king has already drunk the medicine. You ought to hand the brush over to me.”

“Just now, did I say after you drink the medicine I will give you back the brush?” Chu Qing-Yan blinked her eyes at him with an innocent expression.

“You——” Xiao Xu had his hand on his forehead, how could there be such a shameless person? But he really had no good way to deal with her as his hands were bound.

“Huang Yi, serve the food!” Chu Qing-Yan ignored the blame in his eyes, clapped her hands and directly called out.

One only saw Huang Yi bring a row of servants, each of them carrying very fine dishes. The dishes were spread over the entire table and afterwards, they withdrew in an orderly manner.

Chu Qing-Yan turned her head with a beaming smile in her eyes as she looked at him. “Big Block of Ice, all the things have been prepared, it only lacks the two of us.”

“This king is not hungry.” Xiao Xu picked up another account book and start to audit it, as if he wasn’t angry anymore at the matter of her taking his brush away.

Chu Qing-Yan saw him refuse but didn’t get angry, she only shrugged her shoulders. “I still haven’t eaten dinner yet, however I’m also not hungry. A pity about these dishes.”

She hadn’t finished speaking when she felt a burst of wind by her side. She turned around and saw the person who just said he wasn’t hungry already sitting in front of the table of food.

After having gotten her way, a smile flashed through Chu Qing-Yan’s eyes. Then she took several large strides and sat down by his side.

“Come, come, I heard this perch is a speciality in this place. You can’t eat such plumb fish in other places oh. Big Block of Ice, quickly try it!” Chu Qing-Yan picked up a large piece of fish and put it in his bowl.

Then Chu Qing-Yan followed the same pattern and placed something from each dish on the table into his bowl. Very quickly, the bowl in front of Xiao Xu had already been piled into a mountain.

Xiao Xu was very much helpless against her way of doing things. But after eating a mouthful, he also felt the hollowness in his stomach. He no longer resisted the little fellow’s heartfelt thoughts and set his mind to eating.

Seeing Big Block of Ice concentrating on eating, Chu Qing-Yan felt she had finally reached her goal and suddenly, her heart relaxed.

Very quickly, they finished eating the meal.

Xiao Xu turned, planning on returning to the desk with the cases, but when he was just about to move, he had already been pulled to a stop.

“What ghostly idea do you have now?” No one heard that this tone had traces of pampering and helplessness.

“After a meal, walking a hundred steps will let you live a long life. Haven’t you, Big Block of Ice heard of this saying? You have just finished eating, how can you immediately sit down? Therefore——” A layer of smile appeared in Chu Qing-Yan’s water like and spirited eyes. “We should go for a walk!”

At last, Xiao Xu had thoroughly understood her thoughts. It seemed tonight, she wasn’t planning on letting him have some peace and quiet.

However, knowing perfectly well that her thoughts were like this, he still compromised for the first time.

After exiting the gate, Chu Qing-Yan let him take her to the mountain in the back.

Xiao Xu didn’t have any opinion, he held onto her waist, flying quickly within the forest. Very quickly, they arrived at the top of the mountain.

“Such a beautiful night scene.” Her pair of feet had just landed on the ground and Chu Qing-Yan couldn’t help but cry out in surprise.

Even though it could be said that the days had already entered winter and there were almost no traces of stars in the sky, but the night sky didn’t become dark because of this. The bent moon shone brightly, it was especially brilliant, covering the entire world in a layer of white gauze.

The mood that had always enveloped his heart, now because of the vast sky and earth, and the enchanting moonlight, it could be ignored for the time being.

“Big Block of Ice, it’s not that this world doesn’t have beautiful scenery, rather we rarely discover the beauty with our eyes.” Chu Qing-Yan turned around and said this somewhat seriously.

Xiao Xu rubbed her head, he knew that she wanted to express that she didn’t want him to be buried in public affairs all day long.

But little fellow, you don’t understand. There are too many things in this world that I don’t have the freedom to act independently in.

Chu Qing-Yan pulled him along and found a spot to sit down. “Big Block of Ice, let us look at the night scene. In the sealed room, our heart would often get moody. But when we walk out and merge with the world, we will find the mood that was bound, it is like having one’s pressure points released.”

“You have a lot of preposterous arguments.” But listening to it indeed made it impossible for him to refute.

“Big Block of Ice, how about I sing a song for you?” Chu Qing-Yan smilingly asked, carried away by a whim.

Xiao Xu glanced at her and knew even if he refused, she would still sing without delay.

“According to you.”

“Then you lie down.” Chu Qing-Yan jostled him to imitate her laying on the grass.

Xiao Xu had no choice and could only comply with her wishes.

The two people used the ground as a bed and used the sky as the scenery. A clear and spirited singing voice that didn’t have any bit of impurity sounded by Xiao Xu ‘s ear.

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