Adorable Consort – Chapter 203

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Chapter 203 – Water submerged jade like bones and flesh

Staring at him, all of sudden Chu Qing-Yan became foolish. She couldn’t help but think in her heart that if at that time Big Block of Ice’s face wasn’t burned by that large fire, then what kind of gorgeous face would he have had?

His temperament was aloof. Top quality eyes spun, giving out the magnificence of the stars, as if gathering all the light on earth. Brewing the richest and most mellow wine of the heavenly bodies. It only took one glance to make people addicted. The wine wasn’t intoxicated, but the person herself became intoxicated.

Although Big Block of Ice seemed to be a cold, stiff, beautiful male who rarely smiled. But once he smiled, he could overturn a country. She never felt the mask on his face would cover his brilliance. On the contrary, this perfect coverup added a mysterious charm to him.

After waiting for a while, Xiao Xu still hadn’t gotten a reply from her. But he could feel her gaze on his face, it was hot and had a trace of light. He faintly slanted a glance at a certain someone who was still immersed in her thoughts and unwilling to free herself. He lightly coughed several times.

Chu Qing-Yan was immediately thrown back into reality and she promptly sat up. “Is your body feeling uncomfortable? Quickly sit down, I’ll give you a massage!”

Ever since she found out he received some internal injuries, every time this little fellow saw him, her spirits would perk up. There was a wind that blew the grass to move, her little eyes were full of worry.

Xiao Xu laughed in spite of himself. He wasn’t as in a fragile stage of health as she thought, only he was already pulled to sit by her bedside.

‘You wait, I’ll massage it for you.” Saying this, Chu Qing-Yan’s two little claws were already placed on his shoulder and started to press on his muscles. While massaging, she also said. “Before I minored in the Traditional Chinese medicine course. There they taught people how to help others unblock the meridians.”

At that time she was rather lazy, she didn’t even bother to listen to the basic fundamentals of the course. She only very seriously studied this part on how to unblock the meridians. Only because for final exams, the teacher used this to assess the student’s final grades. But in the dorm, only she was feverish enough to select that optional course. In order not to fail, she pulled all five of her roommates one after another to test and review for the exam. In the end she passed, but her five roommates were all pressed by her until they collapsed.

She couldn’t return to the past, but she was incomparably glad because if it was not for that time in the past when she didn’t rest for three days and two nights, then her technique today won’t be so skillful.

Xiao Xu originally wanted to say it was nothing, but when her little claws were placed on his shoulder, he stopped the words at the edge of his mouth. His eyes were closed slightly as he enjoyed this rare occasion where the little fellow was looking after him.

The skin under her hand felt cozy to the touch. It was in keeping with the fashion frontier’s assessment for handsome males. He was simply a model of wearing clothes, making him look lean and without clothes was muscular. He was the splitting image of a moving clothes hanger. No matter what he wears, he would always display the most beautiful side of those clothes.

Chu Qing-Yan’s little claws couldn’t help but poke at his shoulder. His muscles were flexible and elastic. Then she pressed a bit on his shoulder blades, the bones were extremely strong. Her naked hot gaze slipped down, following that slender neck to the rest concealed under the clothes. It seemed to be the snow- white like icy flesh and jade skin from the top of Heavenly Mountain, giving people the illusion that like a blast from a bullet, it would hit the target. She couldn’t help but suck in her saliva. “Borrowing from the strange flower that bloomed on the water, submerged jade like bones and flesh.”

All of suddenly, he heard the person behind him muttering this to herself, as well as that pair of restless claws that were poking his body here and there. Xiao Xu restrained his expression and grabbed those two claws. “Enough, there’s already nothing wrong with it.”

Chu Qing-Yan relunctantly took back her hand. Looking at the person that had stood up, a thought suddenly emerged from her head. “Big Block of Ice, tonight let’s stroll around the night market! I heard that this Ping Yang city is very lively at night. How about we go have a look?”

Subconsciously Xiao Xu wanted to refuse, but paused under her gaze that was full of anticipation. This period of time, she was injured and was almost always confined in either the horse carriage or inside a room. He rarely let her move about as she wished. It may be assumed that her energetic temper was already unable to be held back.

In the end he said. “It is possible but you must bring along some bodyguards.”

“Don’t need bodyguards. I’m bringing you. You bring the money and we’ll be fine!” Chu Qing-Yan blinked her eyes at him. “Don’t you know people that are injured or sick need to go out and stroll a bit to breath in the fresh air? Only this would let the body recover a bit faster, okay?”

Xiao Xu always felt that her head was full of false reasoning that made it hard for people to refute.


Seeing him agree readily, don’t mention how happy she was, her quick-witted eyes whirled around. “Big Block of Ice, I heard Air Spirit has a superb technique to change a person’s appearance. You could ask him to help you change your appearance. That way, you don’t need to wear a gauze hat all day long, as well as that mask that would allow people to see through your identity.”

Although the matter of their group of people going north to search for a mine was known by many people, in order to avoid trouble, they still stayed low-key along the way, just so they could conceal their identity. But the silver mask on Big Block of Ice’s face was too recognizable in nature. So along the way as long as the place had outsiders, he would always wear a gauzed hat. She had worn a gauzed hat before, and she felt this gauzed hat was really inconvenient. She felt distressed for Big Block of Ice, so she thought of this idea.

Xiao Xu carefully considered and seemed to feel this idea of hers wasn’t bad, so he nodded.

As a result, Xi Ning with quick steps immediately went to summon Air Spirit.

Hearing the summon, Air Spirit immediately rushed over, fearing it was because something else happened to their wounds. After entering the room and seeing the two were sitting there perfectly fine, his heart gave a breath of relief. Then he asked what matter they summoned him for. When he heard the little consort’s idea, Air Spirit also expressed his approval.

Immediately Chu Qing-Yan’s pair of eyes gave off light. “Air Spirit, quickly come and help your family’s Eldest master change his appearance. Xi Ning, quickly help me move a stool over. This young master wants to watch this mysterious technique.”

Air Spirit ruthlessly punctured her little thoughts. “Little young master, you must have an ulterior motive right! Only this subordinate knows this technique, it can not be revealed. Therefore, still ask the little young master to withdraw.”

Chu Qing-Yan immediately wilted. Can this Air Spirit not feel good if he doesn’t oppose her?

She merely wanted to seize the opportunity to glance at what Big Block of Ice looked like under that mask. Even if his appearance was destroyed, at least she should be able to see what his facial features were like okay!

Xiao Xu’s gaze passed over the “clearly about to blow her top” little fellow. His lips hooked up. He lifted his hand to stroke her little head and in a gentle voice, said. “In the evening I’ll come and pick you up to go out.”

It was a tone designed to entice and coax a little child, but Chu Qing-Yan really swallowed this act of his. She immediately waved her claws. “Okay, I’ll be obediently waiting for you.”

Seeing Big Block of Ice exit, Chu Qing-Yan immediately put away her smile and coldly humphed a sentence to Air Spirit. “Why haven’t you rushed out to help your master change his appearance? What are you doing here standing like a statue?”

Air Spirit had his eyes narrowed in a smile as he said. “Little young master, when you need to know, you will know. Sometimes forcefully insisting on it, it won’t come.”

Chu Qing-Yan slanted an eye roll at him. What kind of mystery was this person playing at? Does he need a spanking?

Finished speaking, Air Spirit nimbly and gracefully walked toward the door.

Chu Qing-Yan said to Xi Ning in bewilderment. “You say, in the future, the woman that likes Air Spirit, how unique must her eyesight be? To be able to interact with this weirdo, I simply can’t help but admire her courage!”

Air Spirit who had just walked out the door heard this and his foot step went askew as a cross appeared on his forehead. The little consort was simply too much. He was merely reminding her with good intentions, okay?

Chu Qing-Yan and Xi Ning were laughing, leaning left and right behind him.

Who knows about matters in the future? Everyone say, am I right?

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