Adorable Consort – Chapter 190

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Chapter 190 – Completely in deep danger. Danger, danger, danger

Shrewd woman approached step by step. She had an expression of temptation, as if trying to lure a little child. “Little young master, have you ever heard of Jianghu’s three killers?”

Jianghu’s three killers?

Chu Qing-Yan felt these three people’s image was rather suited to this name.

When Qing Yi heard this, she was startled. “Is it possible you guys were the cheats that everyone in the Jianghu was trying to put to death seven years ago? The three people in the world that would commit any crime, those three killers?”

“Oh, this little Miss’s knowledge is pretty wide. A pity ah, about to go to hell oh!” Both hands of the shrewd woman held a short spear and she didn’t explain before hacking toward Qing Yi.

Qing Yi’s hand still grasped the broken sword, so she lifted her hand and met with this weapon. Instead, that shrewd woman lifted her foot and kicked toward her stomach. Qing Yi was caught unprepared, and just like that she was sent flying to ruthlessly smash against the wall.

Qing Yi expended a great deal of effort struggling to stand up, but she still spat out another mouthful of blood. “Little young master, quickly run. Master is below! Cough, cough——”

“Qing Yi!” Chu Qing-Yan was just about to go up but her hand had already been grabbed by the fat guy, she didn’t notice when he had gotten so close. Her hands flipped as she rotated the dagger to stab toward him. Fat guy coldly humphed and extended a hand to hack toward her wrist. She couldn’t hold that dagger and it fell to the ground. Both of her hands were trussed behind her back. Very quickly, she was controlled by another person!

Chu Qing-Yan silently called “not good”. She was just about to shout out loud when a piece of cloth was stuffed into her mouth.

Seeing Chu Qing-Yan was subdued, the shrewd woman immediately glanced around, on alert. Hearing the battle downstairs was still intense, she consequently said. “Take advantage of this opportunity and quickly leave!”

“Yes!” The fat guy and the cook with knife scars immediately followed the shrewd woman to fly down from the window.

They did not have time to attend to the heavy rain that was pouring down. The three people brought Chu Qing-Yan along using airy martial arts to quickly travel through the forest.

Chu Qing-Yan’s eyes were narrowed, the wind and rain was too big. Already, she couldn’t see the road in front of her. She could only sense these three people’s airy martial arts were extraordinary. Not the slightest bit inferior to hers. At that time, her airy martial arts had even got Earth Spirit’s recognition.

It seemed outside of the capital, there were quite a lot of people that concealed their abilities.

“What direction should we go?” The cook with knife scars tossed aside a faceful of rain water and loudly asked.

“Go to the ferry crossing!” The shrewd woman blurted out.

“Are you crazy? Now the water has swollen up so high, the wind and rain is so huge. Are you planning on burying yourself in the water and letting those fishes take care of your corpse?” The cook with knife scars’ face was full of disapproval.

Shrewd woman howled back. “If you circle back, very quickly the people will catch up. Even if those servant guards don’t chase over, there are also those black clothed people. Now we can only use the most dangerous method. Also, don’t forget this old lady is an expert at crossing rivers.

The two people were silent. What the shrewd woman said wasn’t unreasonable, as a result, the three reached a unanimous agreement. They quickly went toward the ferry crossing.

Both of Chu Qing-Yan’s hands were tied tightly. She couldn’t struggle a bit. Originally, her heart wasn’t a bit worried, Big Block of Ice will certainly come to save her. But now looking at the circumstances, they planned to brave the rain to cross the river. If Big Block of Ice and the others chased over, crossing the river in this kind of weather would be very dangerous!

The rain became stronger and stronger. The visibility in front of her was very low. What entered the eyes was a curtain of rain that filled the sky. Chu Qing-Yan suddenly felt her heart was full of loss.

No, she couldn’t think of depending on other people for everything. She must think of a way to save herself!

Inside the inn.

Fire Spirit fought against two black clothed people by himself. Don’t know where these black clothed people came from, but suddenly so many of them appeared. Moreover, all of them had pretty good martial arts, it could be said they were medium level death soldiers!

Although in the beginning there were a lot of them, but with Earth Spirit group’s entry, the situation became one sided. A majority of the black clothed people were dispatched.

The leader of the black clothed people was wrapped up in a battle with Xiao Xu.

Xiao Xu’s heart suddenly felt unsettled, he couldn’t help but lift his head to look toward the staircase. There wasn’t a bit of movement from above. He didn’t know how the little fellow was faring.

The black clothed person saw him being a bit distracted, the silver chain hook hidden in his sleeves flew out as it shot directly toward Xiao Xu’s shoulder. That tail had a sharp hook and was capable of penetrating very deeply. If it was a human body, it would directly pierce through.

Xiao Xu returned to his senses, his long sword draw a circle in midair. The hooked chain then wrapped around his long sword.

That black clothed person saw the situation and tugged fiercely. Xiao Xu took this opportunity to flip his body and rushed forward. When the two were three steps apart, their hands moved to strike, both people’s attacks were very powerful. Immediately the entire inn shook, and that air flow was like a shock wave that sent a lot of the people in the surroundings flying.

Xiao Xu floated down from midair, whereas that black clothed person took several steps backwards until one of his feet hit the pillar before he was able to stop. Only by then the black cloth that covered his face had already been dyed with blood. It could be seen his injury wasn’t light.

“His Highness Prince Ying’s martial arts really has reached perfection. This person really admires ah. I’ll come to fight another day!” The leader of the black clothed people left this sentence and turned to jump out the window. And the remaining black clothed people also followed behind him to leave.

Fire Spirit immediately brought people to chase after!

Standing unmoving in the center of the lobby, the corner of Xiao Xu‘s mouth slowly revealed a very thin wisp of blood. He pursed his lips and lifted his finger to wipe it away as if nothing happened.

“Master, master disappeared!” Xi Ning who was separated from her master downstairs had just opened the room now. The master inside had disappeared, so she immediately wailed.

Xiao Xu hearing this, stepped on the wooden staircase and jumped, as if flying to the second floor.

Just in the middle of inspecting the black clothed people, Earth Spirit heard this, looked toward the sound and saw that his master had already impatiently used his martial arts to go upstairs. This was the first time he saw master being so anxious. He immediately put down what he was doing and also rushed up to the second floor.

Xiao Xu entered the room and only saw an unconscious Qing Yi, the dagger laying flat on the ground and the window that was wide open.

Cold wind and torrential rain poured in, making the people that just entered the room feel chilled to the bone.

“Qing Yi, Qing Yi, wake up!” Air Spirit took a step forward and fed her a medicinal pill, then tried calling her awake.

After a short while Qing Yi slowly woke up. When she could see clearly who the person standing in front of her was, she immediately coughed lightly and with great effort said. “Master, little young master was taken by the Tian Di three killers. You should quickly go save her!”

And at this moment, a guard ran up making a report to say. “Master, just now when examining the footprints we discovered that the people that kidnapped the little young master are heading towards the ferry crossing.”

“Good, let’s go!” Xiao Xu turned around and was about to go downstairs.

Earth Spirit immediately blocked him and said. “Master, this time it is this subordinate’s negligence for actually letting those assassins infiltrate into the inn. This time, let this subordinate atone for the crime with a meritorious act by saving the little young master!”

Xiao Xu’s footstep halted and he looked toward him. “These assassins studied a type of skill called endure method, their ability to hide is equally matched to you guys. You weren’t able to discover them in time, so all the blame cannot be placed on you. It could only be said that skill is better than people!”

“Yes, following this, this subordinate will increase his training.” Earth Spirit lowered his head and said in shame.

“Only now the wind and rain is so big, this subordinate feels anxious about you. Please hand over the little young master’s matter to this subordinate. You should wait in the inn for news from this subordinate!” Earth Spirit felt his master’s body was more precious than gold, it was really not necessary for him to brave this danger.

Hearing this, Xiao Xu took a deep glance at the endless horizon. His tone was faint like a mist.

“Don’t need to say more! That person, this king will personally go to save!”

His subordinates, he believed in their strength.

Only, the little fellow was his people.

His own people, he wanted to protect himself!

Earth Spirit saw his family’s master’s intention had been decided, he sighed. He could only order people to prepare the horses and raincoats.

Lightning flashed and thunder rolled. The heavy rain was endless. One black horse took the lead, and behind followed a group of guards, like a sharp arrow moving quickly on the ground.

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