Adorable Consort – Chapter 188

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Chapter 188 – Disguised as a pig to eat the tiger. Villain eat villain

Chu Qing-Yan quickly walked up the stairs, then opened the door to the room.

Xiao Xu heard the sound and lifted up his head. He saw her panting for breath and raised a brow to say. “What happened?”

Chu Qing-Yan’s three steps changed into two as she walked to him to say somewhat impatiently. “Big Block of Ice, I found that this inn is somewhat strange. Just now when I entered the back kitchen, I discovered that area has a rotten smell, really stings the nose.”

Xiao Xu put down the book in his hand and waved for her to come and sit down. “No hurry, you say it slowly.”

“En.” Chu Qing-Yan sat down on the chair in front of him. “Their chopping board is very big, much bigger than the chopping board in our manor. The cutting tools are normal sized cutting tools. The ordinary cutting tools have already rusted, it is obvious that they haven’t been used for a long time. But those huge cutting tools were incomparably sharp, clearly they are used frequently. But think about it, how could someone cooking use such huge cutting tools often?”

Xiao Xu nodded, hinting that she should continue.

Chu Qing-Yan recalled the scene from just now, picking the important points to tell. “I encountered that cook in the back kitchen. His hand was full of bloodstains that hasn’t been wiped clean. Even his apron was covered in bloodstains. He said he went to slaughter a sheep, but these two days the rain has been too heavy. Where could they have bought the sheep from? Moreover, Fire Spirit brought people to inspect the inn and didn’t discover any animals.”

“Therefore, what are your suspicions?” Xiao Xu’s tone was faint, so faint that no one could discover the patiently guiding tone in his voice.

Chu Qing-Yan hesitated, somewhat uncertain. But she lifted her head and directly looked at the person in front of her to slowly say. “I suspect this is a shady business, an illegal shop that does murder for money.”

She had just finished speaking when she saw the specks of smiling expression that appeared in Big Block of Ice’s eyes. Like the gleaming reflections of sunlight that broke everything into pieces, it formed a rippling sea in his eyes, beautiful beyond imagination. She became foolish from staring at him, this was the first time she saw a smile on Big Block of Ice’s face.

Xiao Xu lightly caressed her head, his tone had a trace of being gratified. “Your analysis is not bad, you have improved a step.”

Although she was very happy to get Big Block of Ice’s praise, now didn’t seem to be the right time to be discussing this. Only that listening to Big Block of Ice’s tone, Chu Qing-Yan’s mind suddenly gave birth to a thought. “Big Block of Ice, did you know about this since the beginning?”

Xiao Xu retracted his hand and looked at her with a gentle gaze. “Hand everything over to this king, you don’t need to worry.”

Once he said these words, she knew Big Block of Ice had his own plan, as a result she felt reassured and nodded her head.

Hey, feels like Big Block of Ice gives people more and more sense of security, okay?

Chu Qing-Yan laid on the table and carefully seized him up. Although Big Block of Ice was wearing a mask, she could still look at him a hundred times and not get tired of it. Don’t know what exactly she was looking at on him!

Xiao Xu picked up the book he hadn’t finished reading, and let the little fellow look at him. He was already used to some of the little fellow’s baffling actions.

While Chu Qing-Yan was upstairs, the cook with knife scars and others had already started to move.

The candle in the fat guy’s hand was given to him by the black clothed guy. Inside burned a high grade medicine that could make people lose consciousness, “Fantasy Incense”. He slowly walked into the lobby.

Fire Spirit saw him come out and inquired as usual. “Proprietor, what are you doing?”

The fat guy chuckled. “The candle in the lobby isn’t bright enough, if the rain gets heavier tonight, I’m afraid it won’t be enough to maintain the brightness inside the lobby. So I especially took out the tall candles I bought before.”

Fire Spirit nodded. “Proprietor is considerate.”

Air Spirit who was sitting in the lobby seeing this, also slowly strolled over. “I have never seen this kind of tall candle, let me have a look.”

“This is merely a common——” Fat guy hasn’t finished speaking when Air Spirit had already taken it and started to fiddle with it.

Fire Spirit smilingly explained on Air Spirit’s behalf. “This person has always been interested in face powder ah, rouge ah, candles etc. You just let him have a look. Once he finishes looking, he’ll return it to you!”

When the fat guy heard this, he disdainfully said this sentence in his heart. “Turned out he was a sissy!”

Air Spirit swept a glance at the fat guy and just knew what he was thinking in his heart. He slanted a glance at Fire Spirit, hinting for him to take it down a notch!

Fire Spirit unconcernedly swayed his head, pretending he didn’t see.

Air Spirit casually touched the tall candle then tossed it back into the fat guy’s hand with a face full of disdain. “Really is common.”

Fat guy’s face darkened, be careful else in a while, I’ll cut you into eight pieces!

Fire Spirit saw Air Spirit leave with hands behind his back. His gaze flashed and he immediately turned to say to the fat guy. “Then proprietor, you continue to be busy with your things, thank you for your trouble!”

The fat guy felt these words were simply a pardon, he immediately nodded and changed out the candles in the lobby.

Waiting until the tall candle was lit, the corner of the fat guy’s mouth revealed a savage smile. In a while, I’ll let you guys die without a burial site!

That black clothed person had said before that because these people were too alert, the tall candle will take effect after an hour. Then they’ll just wait a while to come and retrieve their corpses.

Gradually the guards in the lobby started to feel dizzy, then they slowly fell down.

After an hour, the people in the lobby laid on the ground in odd angles.

The shrewd woman’s three accomplices walked out behind the black clothed people. The leading black clothed person surveyed the lobby and nodded his head in satisfaction.

And the shrewd woman asked with some unease. “The people downstairs have been knocked out, then what to do with those people upstairs?”

“There isn’t a hole this Fantasy Incense can’t enter, now even upstairs will be like this.” The leader of the black clothed people disdainfully explained.

Shrewd woman’s group now felt assured, she rubbed her hand and nervously said. “Before you promised us that once we dispatch these people, you will leave these corpses to us. Does it still count?”

“Ha——have you guys ever heard of the saying “get rid of someone when they cease to be useful?” The leader of the black clothed people suddenly laughed sinisterly.

The shrewd woman’s group of three immediately opened their eyes wide and retreated several steps. The fat guy pointed at the black clothed person with a face full of anger to say. “You guys don’t follow the righteousness of the Jianghu(1), and go back on your words. If it weren’t for us, could you guys so easily put down these people?”

“The righteousness of the Jianghu? You guys have mingled among them for so long, yet still don’t understand what’s called “villain eating villains”? However, I indeed should thank you guys for the help. Rest assured, we will let you guys die straightforwardly!” The leader of the black clothed people took a step back and the black clothed people immediately rushed forward, planning to encircle the three people.

The cook with knife scars seeing the situation was not good, took out the broadsword at his waist and said to his two companions. “Let us go!”

“Want to go? Too late!” The leader of the black clothed people finished speaking and three black clothed people stabbed toward them.

The remaining black clothed people took the opportunity to head upstairs, planning to go upstairs and escort the people up there down.

The leader of the black clothed people turned and walked toward the center of the lobby. From the corner of his eyes, he saw the shrewd woman’s group of three suddenly avoid the swords of his subordinates. The three people were back to back fiercely glaring at him. Then they searched for a break through, planning to escape.

“Don’t let anyone of them go!” The leader of the black clothed people didn’t expect there would be an extra disturbance, so his tone was gloomy.

And just at this time, the leader of the black clothed people discovered that none of the black clothed people that went upstairs came back down. He suddenly realized that this wasn’t good.

He lifted his head, upstairs a tall figure dressed in black stood there with hands behind his back, as if looking down on everyone.

“Since you came, then none of you will leave!”

Finished speaking, the guards that were just now laying at odd angles suddenly sprang up.


1) Jianghu: Translated as rivers and lakes. Basically this is a group of people that are involved in the martial arts community. Society is divided into two the martial arts master in the government/military or Jianghu. The Jianghu martial artist are not part of government or military. Usually Jianghu doesn’t mix with anything related to the government.

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